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<MAIN> "Gun" Zylla (Sovereign Scout)
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<MAIN> "Gun" Zylla (Sovereign Scout)
Zylla of Clan Shattersoul

[Image: tumblr_n33bzyqMUG1qkky4zo1_500.jpg]

The Basics
Race: Draken
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Class: Spellslinger
Path: Explorer
Job: Scout, Entertainer

The Appearance
Like all Draken females, Zylla is tall, lean and muscular. Her body scales are a deep terracotta color that helps her blend in badlands soils, with some darker patterns along her back. She keeps her hair short, and purple; very purple. Her glowing blue pupils contrast against her dark corneas, which looks downright creepy when she shows a pointed-toothy grin.

Her clothes are always unkempt and have the look that she's been sleeping on them for days, but they are as clean as she can manage during her travels. Her normal traveling attire is a trusty leather jacket and she wears nothing underneath except a combat harness. Under a long open skirt she wars tough canvas pants and hardened leather boots.

She bears the cybernetic attachments seen in Eldan-augmented creatures due to an exploration mishap, and is having a hard time finding clothes that fit over or under the implants and grafts, or doing something about them.

The Personality
Like many of her Clan, she is... odd. She is curious, eager, enthusiastic and sometimes even naive; she can be downright adorable, even while committing mass murder on local fauna and giggling as she stands in the eye of a storm of firepower. She follows orders and respects the chain of command, but sees little use in protocol and will act very familiar with officers, oblivious to demands that she be more formal.

Once in a while she gets very contemplative, especially when overlooking the land from a high rise, and can even wax philosophical and poetic. She will share any deep thought she has, but might soon snap back into her happy-go-lucky baseline.

Persistent: It's not that she's stubborn, or patient; she's just capable of being single-minded and is unable to give up, because she has as much fun during the journey as when reaching the destination.

"This is not working; maybe if I try this instead..."

Fast Thinker: It's really hard to catch her off-guard; if she doesn't know something, she'll either admit ignorance or improvise on the spot, regardless of whether she's correct or not.

"Forty two! What was the question?"

Shameless: To Zylla, propriety and protocol are simply two words that start with "pro". She'll strip down to wash her clothes in a common room or poke an officer in the ribs to call his attention. On the bright side, she doesn't shirk blame and has no qualms about admitting and owning up to her mistakes.

"I'm siiiinging in the raid! So siiiiinging in the raid!"


Fickle: Just as she can be extremely focused on things that interest her, she switches secondary tasks like dishes in an all-you-can-eat buffet, and that might include orders she doesn't consider interesting or fun.

"Sir, yes, sir, find the hidden cache on the crossroads between... SQUIRREL!!"

Oblivious: She strives to make any situation the most fun -for her-. In the name of doing interesting things, she could drag people into very dangerous situation, or reveal embarrassing secrets for the sake of a good joke. She doesn't lack empathy, because when she realizes she's hurt someone she apologizes and tries to make amends (if she likes the person), she just gets caught up in the moment and pays no mind to other people's needs.

"Oh, oh! And that time when you lost your grenade and the captain's favorite hoverbike exploded, and...! ...? What?"

Reckless: She'll try anything once; especially if someone else dares her.

"Oooh, that sounds fun, Mr. Chua-rodent-person! I'll try that!"

The BackStory
Affiliations: Clan Shattersoul
Quick Notes:
  • Raised by a clan known to produce troublemakers, barred by the other Clanlords from joining the Dominion forces.
  • Natural affinity for magitech.
  • Sneaked around Dominion bases in Mikros until she got the attention of a member of the Talyn family.
  • Joined the Sovereigns as a scout, officers quickly learned to keep her busy or suffer the consequences.

Draken warriors prefer not to speak about Clan Shattersoul. They are good in hunts, brave, and as fierce as any, and bring the Draken no shame. They are just... weird.

The Shattersoul rite of passage consists of the young adults-to-be to gaze into some sort of relic the Clan keeps, and the other Clans are sure this relic shatters the supplicant's soul and puts it back together, different, hence the clan's name. What makes the company of a Shattersoul uncomfortable to other Draken is that they are always questioning, always probing the limits of what is good and proper, and finding new ways of doing old things. And that means stepping on the tails of other proud Draken warriors more often than not.

And so it's not surprising that a clan of troublemakers gave birth to a little bundle of troublemaking energy.

Zylla's childhood and upbringing was no different from other Draken: she learned to hunt, to fight and survive in the unforgiving lands of Mikros. Shattersoul lands are in the zone that divides the dayside and nightside of the Draken homeworld, and little Zylla loved to sneak out and cross the liminal zone to gaze at the stars, wondering what secrets they held.

After her rite of passage, she was resolved to leave Mikros and find adventure elsewhere, but the stronger clans were always careful never to send Shattersouls to aid in the Dominion war effort, and thus Zylla knew that the warrior path was a dead end in the road to the stars, so she stayed free, sneaking around Dominion encampments in Mikros.

She had always had affinity for magic, and the thaumo-conductive circuitry of Dominion technology was simply a formalized extension of it. She scrounged discarded tech and put it together in new, frighteningly explosive ways.

How did they Join the Agency?

She was noticed by a Mellitus Talyn, a lesser cousin of the main Talyn household, who hired her as a guide on a hunting expedition, and was impressed by her ability to get the expedition into ludicrous amounts of trouble, yet also able to get them out of it, he approached her and made an offer she couldn't refuse: join the Sovereigns, and see the stars; the challenge was for her to get to one of the colonization ships on her own.

She managed to leave Mikros stowed away in a trader ship, and for the next couple of weeks part-timed her way into Cassus, where she hacked a terminal to forge a cryopod assignment and get onboard the Destiny, bound towards Nexus where she would seek out the Sovereigns to follow up on Mellitus' promise.

She wasn't hired right away, so she found more part-time work as a "troubleshooter" (she literally shoots at problems) for many Dominion parties on the planet. While gathering technology samples from an Eldan complex, she came upon an inactive Augmentor and, curious as she is, she fiddled with it, and brought it online unexpectedly. Before she could shoot it full of holes, the machine had already phased into her body the hardware required for augmentation, but shut down before it installed the software that would've erased her personality... and make the augmentation effective, so right now all the wires and cyberattachments on her are mostly cosmetic (she found a way to store candy in one of the tubes).


Associate Prospect



RP History / Notes

[Image: tumblr_n9isgnQSyh1qkky4zo1_500.jpg]
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