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Cathal Reily, BlackSky Boss <MAIN>
05-11-2013, 04:39 PM (This post was last modified: 05-18-2014 10:53 PM by ShadowedSin.)
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Cathal Reily, BlackSky Boss <MAIN>
Cathal "Shady Sin" Reily

[Image: cathal.jpg]

The Basics
Race: Exile Human
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Class: Spellslinger
Path: Settler
Job: Malverines Club Boss, Businessman, Owner of the Saloon

The The Appearance
Cathal is a slightly aging man with a decent sense of youth in his smile and the spring in his step. He has a strong jawline that is usually either clean shaven or covered in stubble. This in general has a slightly roguish appearance which some may find attractive or in other cases simply unclean. His hair is generally cut short and has a slight curl to it. He prefers long sideburns for some reason and mixed with his slightly green eyes he has a bit of boyish charm to a few. Overall his face isn't outright attractive, but it does have a bit of magnetism to it.

Mister Riely's general body build is a bit stocky with a muscular build, fairly tall height and . He's got a few scars from scrapes on his arms and legs, and he's not a body build. However the one thing he is is decently wiry and ready to spring forth if needed. Over the years he has accumulated a few scars and marks from his life fighting the Dominion not just as a ships captain, but as the commander of the marines found aboard his gunship. During one fight a few years back against a Seeker ship the enemy was boarded to save a captured crewman, and Cathal was shot by a Draken Warrior. The creature was killed by a quick bit of return fire, but the shot nearly hit his heart and the man was in recover for a while. Even to this day there stands a bullet scar on his chest from the weapon.

The Personality
Cathal by definition a businessmen. Historically he was once the Skipper of the Exile gunship, the BlackSky. His experiences as Skipper have lent him a fairly straightforward way of thinking, and a general no nonsense attitude when it comes to problem solving. Cathal does not like to "beat-around-the-bush" when he can simply state what he thinks. Cathal however is not necessarily a tactless person, he is one a gentleman of sorts and does respect a good set of manners. In this regard the man's preferred form of communication is to be friendly and jovial in conversation, and inquiring when needed.

One of Catha's weaknesses is some times he can be a bit too altruistic. When someone comes across the man and they need help he offers it within reason. In the past when he was young this had led him to be manipulated by others, and over time a level of self doubt was instilled in the man. Now he is decent at reading people and is guarded against letting people getting close to him. Those he calls family are often the most trusted members of the Club, his ring of friends, or his blood family. To be counted as family to Cathal is to have gained a level trust that any form of loss is generally received badly.

Cathal's anger is not explosive as much as it is hard to gauge. Cathal has been known to smash someones face in after kindly offering them a drink. He has shot people when they insult him after a smile. The man is not a psychopath, but he does seem to present himself most of the time as an easy going individual. In many cases this out shell holds in the calculating and bloodless businessman that Cathal. The truth is that anyone who gets in his way is not likely to live long. Cathal was once called "the Jackal" for his unscrupulous tactics against the enemy and his cunning. Combined with his self-doubt, his almost explosive protective nature of those who claims as family some might say it is not good to cross the Head of the Reily family.

Another aspect of Cathal is a wry dark sense of humor. Cathal does not play pranks, but he will let things go on as a means of teaching lessons. The man comes from the school of thought that one best learns through experience even if that means you have to stick a hand on the frying pan. "What did ye learn?" is a question often proffered by the man after he can be found laughing at the foolish misfortune of another. Some have come to consider him a patronizing figure, but he is not one to let others get hurt without reason. Extremely dangerous actions are likely to have him willing to harm the individual to prevent them from causing greater harm, or in other cases even drugging them to prevent them from doing some exceptionally stupid. This can in some ways be presented as a hypocrisy, though it generally applies to his "family" of sorts.

Cathal Reily's goals in life are to see his Club succeed and prosper. From years on the Gunship he has grown a rough exterior that was born from a desire to make something of his own fate. Cathal has fought so long against the Dominion that now all he seeks is a good frosty bear, a bit of tits and ass, and some freedom for his brothers and sisters.

Evolving aspects of personality
Cathal's experiences on Nexus have taught him patience in dealing with people he considers to either be dramatic, or simply emotional. Though he does not extend his patience to people he considers to be wastes of his time, he holds more for those within his family and the Club greater. The evolution of his patience has also noted his experiences in learning to be more perception of his actions and understand that he cannot always win the day.

Talents/Strengths: Skilled gunfighter, acrobatic, calculating, cunning, intuitive, charming

Weaknesses: Angry and is prone to violence, can be very patronizing, beliefs in teaching by action (bluntly letting people hurt themselves to learn), impatient with foolish people, self doubt

The BackStory
Affiliations: Reily Family, and supposedly some sort of Society
Quick Notes:
  • Cathal's Mag Pistols were created by some old Mystic from a dead world.
  • Cathal has Cassian friends and he utterly does not speak with them.
  • Cathal was taught how to shoot by his father, who gave him his first Mag Pistol.
  • Cathal served with Honors in the Dominion military and spent time on the Gambler's Ruin as a Soldier.

Cathal Reily was born to Seamus and Nymphadora Reily nee Talyn. A rowdy young boy, Cathal was the eldest of several children who lived on the large Gun Frigate, the BlackSky. Having served the Exile Fleet, the BlackSky had been captained by the Reily Clan since Sean Reily (the first Skipper / Captain) had sided with Serick Brightland during the Cassian Civil War. Centuries afterward Cathal was raised in the third generation of the original ship which had been rebuilt twice on careful periods during the Exile wandering of the Fringe. As a child Cathal would be known for his love of mechanics, being the apple of his father's eye, and acting as the quiet grumbly force in keeping his siblings in line.

Cathal's training in combt and schooling would be done first by his mother and later by an old Granok mercenary named Sarak. Many of these training sessions included training in the usage of mag pistols and the understanding of basic squad tactics. By the time he was in his late teens Cathal was a marine (combat soldier) trained in boarding and fighting on other vessels.

How did they Join the Gang?
Cathal is the Gang founder. (WIP)





RP History / Notes
05-11-2013, 04:50 PM
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RE: Cathal Reily, BlackSky Boss
Black, Red, Indigo, & Green.
06-29-2013, 05:56 PM
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RE: Cathal Reily, BlackSky Boss
Fully updated Big Grin New Art by Samf up OO

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