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Vallorin "Crash" WindDancer
05-15-2014, 09:16 AM
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Photo Vallorin "Crash" WindDancer
Vallorin “Crash” WindDancer

[Image: 0aXRq6F.png]

The Basics
Race: Aurin
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Class: Spellslinger
Path: Explorer
Job: Troublemaker/Purveyor of Less than Legal Wares/Breaker of Fancy thingies.

The Appearance

Vallorin looks as if he hasn’t slept in weeks, possibly because he hasn’t. His hair is a strange mix of red with blonde tips, and years of passing out face first into a pillow has given his hair that highly desired “you look like someone took a leaf blower to your face” look. Though he eats as if he’s only just been introduced to food, he is a bit too skinny for his own good. His tail matches the color of his hair, and is finely combed and cared for (unlike the mop of hair on his head).

The Personality

Vallorin “Crash” WindDancer is the cracked out Aurin with a heart of gold. He’s cheery and energetic to a fault, even when he’s angry. He’s got a quick mind but an even quicker tongue, a trait that has gotten him into more trouble than it's gotten him out of. He doesn’t do well with authority figures, though he’ll quickly fall in line behind someone who he respects… As long as they let Crash be Crash of course. He has few cares in this world, (or any other for that matter) and lives a pretty carefree life. Material possessions come and go, but a good time or an epic smuggle? Those things last forever. Val has a lot of acquaintances but few real friends, but once you're on his friends list (an actual list he keeps on his person because remembering things is work) he’ll give you the shirt off his back before you even think to ask. This is sometimes a bit creepy.

While he’s slow to anger, he’s no stranger to blood, guns and death. Working as a smuggler, Crash views combat as a last call. That said, if he knows that he has to shoot they’ll be roasting marshmallows over the crackling fire that was their chest cavity before you can say, “I’m not payin’ that!”. Honor is for dead men, and fair fights are for those who aren’t quick enough to kick their opponent in the twig ‘n berries. While Val likes to cultivate this image of a ruthless smuggler, he’s not very good at it. Those who know him know he likes romantic comedies, and helps ducklings find their mommy. He has a big soft spot for those less fortunate than himself, and is prone to rash donations of all the money in his pocket to street urchins or mothers in need.

Oh, he’s also incredibly proud of his tail. He combs it and uses fancy soaps on it. WHY DOES NO ONE WANT TO TALK ABOUT HIS TAIL?!

Read’em and weep! Then tell me what they are: “Crash”, as he prefers (though no one calls him that), is a lucky little bastard. The only thing worse than a lucky bastard is one that knows it, and Crash if well aware of his long running lucky streak. This luck has helped him live long enough to gloat about it, and helps him keep a positive outlook on life. That and his alleged “heads or tails” high score of 326 correctly called coin flips. Don’t worry, he’ll tell you about it.
Dexterous? Damned near killed’em!: For a guy called Crash, Vallorin is one slippery son of a gun. Years of pickpocketing and street performing have turned Val into some sort of Dumpster Gymnast. It is not uncommon for him to flip about, catch things with his tail, or dash around like a cracked out rabbit.
Rainbows out the arse: Some people see the world glass half empty, some see it half full. Vallorin sees it as “Oh! Free glass a’ water!” He finds the positive in almost everything, to the point that some people find it irritating or insulting. If you get shot, Val’s the guy who will tell you how lucky you are that it happened.

Like I was sayi- Oh! Piece a’ candy!: When talking with Val, it quickly becomes aware that he’s a bit of a scatter brain. In fact, several doctors are almost positive that he has to have some raccoon in his lineage due to the speed in which shiny things can distract him. He often forgets what was in his hands, while he was holding it, so don’t hand him anything you aren’t willing to see hit the ground.
It’s called a’ impromptu retreat: Now no one’s calling ol’ Crash a coward or nothing, but when the going gets tough, the tough stay while Val gets going. Val is no stranger to fighting, but he is not above running away if that odds begin to seem even slightly out of his favor. He would never blame anyone else for doing the same, mainly because he’s pretty sure he can run faster than them.
Coffee? Coffee? Coffee?! Coffee! Coffee!!!: For the love of whatever gods you pray to, keep the caffeine out of this little dudes body. He is already a little ball of piss, vinegar and cartwheels, mix that with those human energy drinks and what do you get? Well some sort of acrobatic piss and vinegar energy drink, but for the sake of the metaphor you get an Aurin pumping out enough energy to fuel a small city. Trust me. He’s annoying.

The Back Story
Affiliations: None in game, but as a smuggler it would not be surprising for him to have interacted with anyone dealing in less than legal activities.
Quick Notes: (Give some quick notes on your characters history and story here)
  • Spent many years as a street urchin/orphan.
  • Incredibly proud of his tail.
  • Hesitant to discuss how he got into the field of smuggling.
  • Remembers little about the ages of 7-13
  • Spent a lot of time onboard makeshift frigates bouncing around for the last few years.

[Image: xERefdA.gif]

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