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<MAIN> Doctor Ahlia Sqou
05-17-2014, 03:00 PM
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<MAIN> Doctor Ahlia Sqou
Doctor Ahlia Sqou

[Image: 41f2988e48775513c35376b9c56ceca9.png]

The Basics
Race: Cassian
Age: 32
Gender: Female
Class: Medic
Path: Explorer
Job: Doctor/Medic/Surgeon

The Appearance
Ahlia is 66 inches (168cm) tall. Her red eyes have long lost the glow of youthfulness from a combination of age and experience. She appears slightly older than she really is, her graying hair falling long and over her shoulders. She was slim, but not small. Her body was fairly tone, thanks in part to her diet and her lifestyle. When she had time, she would exercise to help keep her mind and body at their peak. She believed physical activity was a neural stimulant. It also helped her move her patients this way and that as needed, and gave her the ability to protect herself should the need arise.

The Personality

  • Intelligence – Her education has gifted her a wide array of knowledge, particularly in medicine and in a few fields of science.
  • Ambition – Ahlia is always wanting something bigger. Something more. She is never satisfied with something less than perfection, though she understands when perfection is out of reach.
  • Secrecy – As unwilling as she is to open up about herself and her own life, she is also capable of carrying the secrets of others. That doesn’t mean she wants to be everyone’s confidant, but she is not about to give away any intel about the Dominion to the enemy.
  • Experience – She isn’t the oldest doctor in the Dominion by any means, but she has plenty of experience in her time. She’s served in the battlefields as a combat medic, she’s been a physician, worked with diagnosticians, and has performed numerous surgeries. Her greatest asset is not her proficiency in any one of these medical specializations, but her versatility with all of them.
  • Professionalism – She’s a businesswoman. She carries herself like one and enjoys discussing work and money. She is well-spoken and does not like to beat around the bush when it comes to anything work-related. Crude, uncivilized behavior generally pushes her away.

  • Apathy – Ahlia doesn’t feel strong emotional ties to people very often. She doesn’t enjoy losing patients, but she rarely develops personal bonds with others. This often makes it difficult for her to build a sense of camaraderie in any military or paramilitary group.
  • Perfectionist – Screw-ups are unacceptable to her. Especially when it came to her work.
  • Untrusting – She doesn’t put her faith in others for most things. As such she rarely asks for help from those she doesn’t trust to get the job done. And earning that trust takes time.

The BackStory
Affiliations: BrightStar Sovereigns
Quick Notes: (Give some quick notes on your characters history and story here)
  • Born to a wealthy family, her father was a soldier for the Dominion (known by his comrades for his “savagery” as they would say. Ahlia always said he wasn’t a savage, but he was “brutally relentless”).
  • Her mother was a fairly wealthy doctor and came from a family of scientists who had amassed a small fortune with their research. Her mother was known for her hyper-active behavior despite being a doctor, and she was known to play jokes on co-workers and patients alike.
  • She was trained by some of the most respected doctors she knew, and they agreed to train her as a personal favor to her mother. And because they feared an irrational retaliation by her “savage” father (though Ahlia knew her father would never hurt them for refusing to teach her).
  • Her upbringing was very privileged. She often rolled her eyes at the fantasies of a person from a poor background finding the means to do great things. She planned on doing great things without adding the struggle of poverty to the list of obstacles she’d have to overcome.
  • She has had trouble with her superiors in the past, sometimes going over their heads in a show of ambition and determination to make decisions that were not hers to make. While they often were successful in their efforts, disrupting the chain of command in medicine was very risky. Too many screw ups and her reputation could be so tarnished that no hospital would hire her.


How did they Join the Gang?
After a series of jobs at a variety of clinics, medical facilities, and hospitals, Ahlia had begun to earn a reputation. Not for saving so many lives or for innovating her field into something bigger and better, but for her drive and her ambition. It earned her a few calls for different things: Interviews, angry patients, angry co-workers, but eventually it brought her under the scope of the BrightStar Sovereigns.





RP History / Notes

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