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<MAIN> Korse
05-18-2014, 11:16 AM (This post was last modified: 06-07-2014 02:04 AM by Korse.)
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<MAIN> Korse
Korse Stonebridge
[Image: ClayStonebridge01.jpg]
The Basics

Name: Korse Stonebridge
Race: Granok
Age: 389
Gender: Male
Class: Medic
Path: Scientist
Job: TBD

The Appearance

Skin: Dark Purple
Eyes: Purple
Height: almost 10 feet tall
Weight: 680 lbs

Korse is a large and physically imposing being. If you compare him to other Granoks though, he is of average height and weight. He is a dark rock skinned Granok standing at almost 10 feet tall and weighing close to 700 pounds. He tends to wear either combat-tech suits on missions or loose fighting clothing.

The Personality

Strength: Level headed, loves combat, seems upbeat and cheerful
Weaknesses: Untrusting of others, mercenary attitude (money over everything), calculating

Korse is a reasonable and level headed being when doing business. As a merc, he tends to be quiet and pensive when dealing with a mission briefing and the like. In the field, he may not be the one to spot traps, or ambushes and the like, but he is quick to figure out ways to turn the tide on the enemy or die trying. Like seemingly all Granok, Korse seems to enjoy battle, as he grins throughout it and yells out words of encouragement or the occasional banter.

An initial meeting with Korse may give someone the impression that Korse is an upbeat, cheerful Granok. But in reality Korse is more of a realist. While he may joke around in bad situations, his mind is always trying to find a way out, or a way to fight his way out. He can be serious at times, but tries to hide that side from others. He prefers that opponents underestimate his cleverness and his abilities. At least until he either swindles them, or they see him fight.

Other skills/talents:
Korse loves a good fight. While technology is his job, combat is an art. He loves jumping into a fight and figuring out the rhythm of two opponents giving their all in a contest of strength and skill.

His weapons of choice are the Resonators. He loves these weapons because they may be mid-range weapons, but he likes to be up close and personal. He uses these weapons as an extension of his close, hand to hand style combat.

Medical Investigator:
While Korse is a technologist and has a working knowledge of science and technology, he is not a scientist or doctor nor does he want to be one. When it comes to technology, he is more of an investigator and a user. He knows how to research and collect the data, but the real work is done by those more knowledgeable than he is.

Solo operative:
After his original crew was killed, he has a tendency to operate solo. The reason for this is that he tends to underestimate his teammates. This is part of his mechanism to cope with past failure. If something bad happens, he would have no one but himself to blame.

The BackStory

"Granoks usually have two reasons to be a mercenary. When they ask me why I'm a mercenary, is it to fight, or is it to make money. My answer is yes." -Korse

[Image: Clayinthefield.jpg]
Affiliations: The Exiles Free Companies (strained), Creed's Commandos (defunct)
Quick notes
- Former member of the now defunct Creed's Commandos
- With the commandos, acquired technology and information to sale
- Helped free the trapped Mordesh from their home planet for a price
- Learned to weaponize medical technology for combat
- Captured by the Dominion and imprisoned for 8 years
- New solo career has him continuing the pursuit for technology, not just for money, but to improve his combat prowess.

Early in his career, Korse joined a elite Granok mercenary crew headed by the mercenary Creed. A break-off of one of the Granok Free Companies, this allowed the crew to be brought on by the military whenever a dangerous job was needed at a premium, but the military wouldn't have to support them. This was an impressionable time for the young warrior. And all his mercenary habits, combat skills and tactical abilities were created, formed and honed during this time period.

It was a few years after Korse joined this crew that the Exiles called out for help on extracting the Mordesh from their home planet. Creed saw this as a great opportunity to appropiate as much tech, knowledge and weapons from the planet in the guise of helping the Mordesh.

Eagerly, the crew made several trips trying to get as much tech as they could from the planet, while at the same time, saving what Mordesh they could. One Mordesh in particular saw the greed in Creed's eyes and agreed to stay with the crew for a bit. Louis Barolli thought this could be a way to pay back these Granoks for saving his life and allowed him to keep his research. He would teach whichever of them wanted to learn how to use the new found technology they acquired.

Korse became fascinated by this more advanced technology and began to study everything he could. The Mordesh scientist taught Korse how to use it, though he was disappointed that Korse only cared about the military applications of what he was learning. It was from this training that Korse began apply tech into his combat style. He was particularly impressed by how the Mordesh would use resonators for both combat and healing others. He had heard of other Granoks using this tech before, but it wasn't too widespread yet. And Korse saw the benefits of being able to make his teammates fight faster, for longer periods of time.

Fascinated by this, Korse demonstrated to Creed the benefits of this new knowledge for the team. Impressed, Creed began planning how to include this tech and its benefits to improve his team. However, a few months later, the crew was involved in a skirmish with between the Exiles and the Dominions. Korse believes that the Exiles Free Companies abandoned his crew allowing them to be captured.

Korse was imprisoned for eight years, not knowing what happened to the rest of his crew. One day, an attack on the prison led to a mass prison break. Korse knew that there was a good chance to get recaptured during the mass exodus. He instead ran through the large Dominion base to get to the scientific wing. There, he hid in the supply depot of one of the ships for the next few days until the ship was ordered off planet. A few days later, Korse escaped his depot confinement and he was in his element. With all the scientific tech around him, he quickly created weapons and proceeded to slowly and methodically take out each member of the ship.

[Image: ClaysEscape-1.jpg]
Korse's Escape

Once done and his escape complete, Korse returned back to Exile space. He vowed not to rejoin the Free Companies because he believes that they left him and his team out to die. So he decided to become a freelancer. He would end up taking jobs that met a certain criteria. His goal, to join mercenary jobs that had a scientific or technological bent. This would be anything from corporate raiding, weapon testing, scientific expeditions, attacking research facilities, weapon dealing and anything else along those lines.

By taking on this role, Korse was exposing himself to advanced technology and methodologies. He always wants to strive to improve himself. For years, Korse finds any opportunity to make money, pick up unusual skills and gain as much information and technology as possible. His appearance on Nexus is just another job for him. After all, this is the Eldan's home world. The amount of information, technology, exotic weapons, exotic biology and more would be astronomical.

How did they Join the Gang?
While investigating an Eldan site, several freelancers began fighting a group of Eldan constructs. During the fighting, Korse ran into the Malverine’s leader Cathal. The two would back each other up while fighting at the excavation site. Afterward, the two talked and Korse walked away with an invitation to visit a salon and read a book. And that was all she wrote.





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