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[Closed Introduction] Sealing the deal [Jotuntor and Cathal] {completed}
05-18-2014, 03:06 PM
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[Closed Introduction] Sealing the deal [Jotuntor and Cathal] {completed}
The dust billowed behind Jotuntors hoverbike, the large rear wheel sending torrents of particulate out behind him. He knew a guy in Gallows that would be interested in his cargo. The journey didn't take long. Once in town, He asked around to some of the locals where to find the man he was looking for.

It was a dusty and billowing day in the algoroc. His mind was swirling all over the place with the worries of being Da Boss. He glanced over his shoulder as he was resting on his grinder when a wave of dust shot up along the road not far away. Looked like a Granok as the bike pulled into town and Cathal got a look at the rider, "Howdy stranger."

The Granok was average height for his species, a leafy moustache rested under his nose. "I'm lookin fer one a the Malverines...heard they might be interested in some stuff." He rumbled.

"That be my lot," Cathal said raising his eyebrow as he rubbed his clean shaven chin. "You look a bit familiar." The man then slowly stood up and glanced at the tall rocky figure.

"Names Jotuntor..." he said, extending his right arm to shake. As he did, a tattoo, more like a carving in his think rocky hide became visible a stylized malverine skull with the words "Malverine Original" above and below, in scrollwork. "I got some goodies ya might be interested in.."

"OH ye may know my da then," he slowly rose and looked at the tattoo. "So yer one of the old crew eh?" the man asked with a smile. He tossed his duster aside revealing the words OLD GRIN on his right arm with a grinning Malverine, and then the words BLACKSKY original on the other arm. "Good ta see ye mate, ye lookin to join back up?"

He stopped short his face split by a giant grin"Yer little Cathal?" He asked and grumble "Didn't think I'd been gone that long...." he continued. "Aye, I knew yer Pa. and yer grandad before him. Aye, I heard ye might be needed a little muscle. The Dommies've been kicking up right proper lately haven't they?"

"Ye I was big after a while eh?" he smiled and sighed, "I could use a bit, Sarak's still round these parts, but he took off after an issue with a Sovereign." The man said with a shrug, "Nymph killed a few of yer mates after we landed. She's real fucking pissy these days sent an entire branch of the Sovereigns here."

"Aye it'd be good ta see Sarak again.." a breif sadness crossed his eyes. But he stifled it with a grin. "WHere'd he get himself off ta? Stone knows I wouldn't mind another crack at that bunch...prissy little poppinjays."

"I dun know maybe Galeras, not sure he had some kind of beef wit some brat of a Draken," Cathal said lightly. "So ye looking for work again?"

He nodded. "If ya got room for an oldtimer like me." He said with a grin. "Not sure what I can do for ya, but I'm good with my hands and there's not too many people that want to mess with us Granok."

"Aye I could use a good strong arm, that'd be helpful. Teach these damn young settlers what for." He said with a smile and took out his e-cig and inhaled a bit of vapor.

He chuckled."Yer all young to me lad. But whatever needs doin' ya can count on me." He motioned his left thumb towards his bike. "I got some goodies ya might want to take a look at too. Found em...just laying around." He said with a twinkle in his eyes.

"OH then?" he said with curiousity, "By the way I ain't a kid." He chuckled as he stood up straight and poked his old floppy hat a bit to get a better look.

Jotun let out a loud guffaw." Oh aye, true enough." He opened up the package strapped to the back of his bike, inside, a bag of grenades, some small arms and a long gun, complete with infrared, digiscope were arrayed in protective covering. " I've already taken the liberty of filing down the Ident numbers for ya."

"Those could be useful, could always use some more toys for defense and killing dommies" The man replied with a smirk on his lips. "That be a lot too, we have been lookin into getting into gun runnin since I pay off a few of the local peacekeepers."

"Gotta be careful with them too. never know when one'll grow morals again." he said with a grin. "Well, I can see what else I can salvage. "

"Sounds good, glad to have ye back Jotun," the man said and offered his hand to the old crewmate.

Jotun nodded a grinned again, probably the most he's smiled in years. "Aye it's good t'be back. " He took the younger mans hand in his own giant three fingered grip, being careful not to squeeze.

Catha's grip was fairly strong for a man who had spent years fighting with his mag pistols. "I'll have the AI transfer the information fer the com system, an our private network. We got a saloon out here."

He nodded."A Saloon eh? who's yer brew-master?"

"Local fella could use a real one though." Cathal said as he started walking back towards his bike.

He nodded thoughtfully "it might take me a while to get some of our own brew made, but a still I can get going by this afternoon, and have some good old fashioned moonshine by the end of tomorrow, maybe the next day..."

"Sounds good, a good old fashion brew of slush would be good aye," the man replied as he gave Jotun the thumbs up. Cathal then slung himself over his bike and turn on the machine's engine.

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