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[ MAIN ][ Vesryn Snowdrift ][ WIP ]
05-20-2014, 06:41 AM (This post was last modified: 07-29-2014 05:57 AM by Ryn.)
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[ MAIN ][ Vesryn Snowdrift ][ WIP ]
>Name: Vesryn Snowdrift

>Species: Aurin

>Gender: Male

>Age: Early 20s

>Class: Stalker

>Path: Explorer

>Overview: >> Still being worked out. <<

>Physical Description: Ryn is your average height, male Aurin, though he's a bit more solid and muscular than most. His skin is a dark blue when he's not covered in dirt or engine grease. His hair, ears, and tail are a snow-white color, and are most always seen clean and fluffy, with a couple flowers in his hair for scent. He has “ice cold” blue eyes to match his “ice cold” skin tone, and doesn't have very many scars or markings..

>Aesthetics: Ryn only has a couple "constants" in his wardrobe. He has been known to wear a special jacket, but other than that, most of what he wears is either weather or job decided. He wears a couple earings in each ear, and a thin rope around his neck with a family crest on it ( but the necklass stays hidden under his shirt ) No matter the mess he gets into, the one thing that's usually under control is his hair, it's a bad day when his hair is a mess.

>Personality Profile: Ryn is an adventurous, thrill seeking Aurin who is constantly being seduced by danger. He'd rather be in colder climates than warmer ones, but if it means an adventure or quest, he'll sweat it out for a bit just to nose around. He harbors some uneasy feelings in regards to what happened to his home, and being ripped from his family, but struggles with also being thankful for being saved by that Granok. He likes to be social, have a good time, and to those that he calls "friends" or "associates", he's very loyal, but wont hesitate to do what it takes to get what he wants. He's aquired a taste for Granok brew, and is always up for making some coin, and getting his name out there.

>History: >> Still being worked out. <<

>Talents and weaknesses:


-- Skilled hunter
-- Has a nose for survival
-- Mechanically inclined


-- Hotheaded, sometimes gets the best of him
-- Weakness due to his race ( short, not as strong as others ect )
-- Rusty when it comes to talking and meeting new people

>Motivations and goals:

-- Claim Nexus for the Exiles
-- Aquire as much fortune as this new world will allow

[Image: BSM-Test_zpsf11a4753.png]
Vesryn Snowdrift of the BlackSky Community

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