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<MAIN> Jackson 'Jack' Serpens
05-21-2014, 07:56 AM (This post was last modified: 08-13-2014 12:07 PM by OneEye.)
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<MAIN> Jackson 'Jack' Serpens
Jackson 'Jack' Serpens

[Image: sc5C6bX.png?1]

The Basics
Race: Cassian
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Class: Spellslinger
Path: Explorer

The Appearance
Jack stands around 5'12" and has a white complexion with medium length brown hair, blue eyes and a short stubble. Due to a discipline training regimen he maintains a strong, athletic built.

The Personality

Jack is a bit of a perfectionist, working relentlessly to achieve the best outcome possible, either on an assignment or on a piece of his self-tailored outfit, sometimes he isn't able to meet with his personal goal, which causes him to have a temper and a hot-head, often clouding his judgement when handling stressful situations. Apart from the anger-related issues, a hint of arrogance here and there and a natural love for conflict, nothing really bad stands out in his personality.

  • Proficient marksman due to early experience with ranged weaponry in his teenage years / early adulthood.
  • Skilled tailor, can produce his own gear designed after his requirements.
  • Survivalist, has enough knowledge of the "wild frontier" to live off the environment in case of a shortage of supplies or prolonged amounts of time out in the field.

  • Enjoys conflict, will sometimes go out of his way to keep a struggle or a conflict going for a while longer, allowing him to remain in the battlefield and do more work.
  • Easy to anger, causing him to sometimes act on impulse, overlooking a situation and usually getting his face smashed.
  • Old fashioned, slow to adapt to new methods or ideas, even if they seem more effective than the previous ones.
The BackStory
Affiliations: The Dominion. The BrightStar Sovereigns.
Quick Notes:
  • Disinherited from an already small inheritance due to an irresponsible family member.
  • Not having any family ties or reason to remain in Cassus, but not lacking the ability and the combat experience to handle himself in a fight, he decided to join in on The Dominion's attempt to reclaim Nexus.
  • Showed enough prowess to be appointed Quartermaster of the Radiance by the Talyn.
  • Was replaced by Zukanga as Quartermaster shortly before being appointed as Armsmaster for the Sovereigns


How did they Join the Gang?
Showed enough skill and ability during a training exercise to catch the current company's recruiter, Clara Fitzroy's attention and have him selected as a prospect after observing his skills in a real combat situation.




RP History / Notes

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