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<Main> Irae Daes (WIP)
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<Main> Irae Daes (WIP)
Irae Daes

<Character Picture or Screen Shot if Applicable>

The Basics
Race: Cassian
Age: 47
Gender: Male
Class: Esper
Path: Soldier
Job: Strategist.

The Appearance
Tall and gaunt, Irae is a well toned adult. Though aged, he is hardly fragile. There are chunks of meat lacking along his body, scars along his body. At the small of his back, there is a spinal augment, to help with his paralysis, from the waist down. He shaves his head, smooth, but keeps a dark black goatee trimmed and taken care of.

The Personality
He is harsh, quick, and practical. That said, he does follow his own sort of code-of-honor, in which if he is defeated in combat, his respect for the individual is earned, though he will, likely, not stop attempting to kill you, if that is his mission. Just a more respectful death. He is very religious, despite his sociopathy, taking the time to pray unto the 6 Scions, daily.
Talents/Strengths: Powerful Esper, extremely intelligent, and practices cut-throat efficiency. He is physically fit, with small hobbies of zen gardening, and bird watching. He likes birds.

Weaknesses: He cannot last long in battle, and exerting all of his strength at once, is the best way to make sure he is defeated. If he can't land those psionic powers upon some poor fool, then he'll be out of energy, very quickly.

The BackStory
Affiliations: The Vigilant Church, the Vigilant Legion, Dominion.
Quick Notes: A former-General of the Vigilant Legion, Irae plans to return to his physical prime, by surviving Nexus.
  • Note 1: He has an odd distrust, dislike, and out right loathing ,at the worst, for Mechari.

Born and raised in the Vigilant Church, Irae was bound to be a pure loyalist to the religion. The fervor he put behind his innate Esper abilities, however, drafted him, quickly, from simply a priest-to-be, into a soldier in the Legion of the Church. Working his way through the ranks, quickly, Irae's superiors noted his skill. So much, that he was a General within the Legion. After a campaign, under the False Emperor's rule, Irae found himself paralyzed, and offered an early retirement. Once fitted with the proper augment to repair his spinal connection, the General began his new life....and found it boring. He'd grown soft, under his time in peace. With the announcement of the Nexus Initiative, though, he quickly returned to active duty...well, attempted to. They would not let him rejoin, finding his wrath, whilst effective, a hard message to preach the Scions through. Irae, however, would come to gain permission to partake in the Nexus Initiative, sent to the planet, where he would "Live the rest of his retirement", and where Irae would work to return to his prime.

How did they Join the Gang?
-- After hunting down a bit of info upon the "business", Irae had sent in his application to the Sovereigns. He was greeted by Clara, whom spoke of what was expected of him. Before it was all said, and done, she had actually set Irae up as a Strategist, hoping to put his mind for battle-strategy to use.





RP History / Notes

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