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<ALT/MAIN> Xaeka (The Witch) [WIP]
05-22-2014, 12:05 PM
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<ALT/MAIN> Xaeka (The Witch) [WIP]
Xaeka (the Witch)

The Basics
Race: 6' 1" (2.1m)
Age: Unknown, appears as an adult of the species
Gender: Female
Class: Spellslinger
Path: Solider or Explorer
Job: Huntress and Seer

The Appearance
A dark, almost black skinned, draken female with lambent amber eyes. Her attire varies, but is always dusty and trailworn. She wears a necklace of gems and bones, taken from her trophies and carries a small pouch of finger bones that she uses for scrying.

The Personality
Xaeka at first blush is pretty typical for a drakken. She values honor and strength, she's vicious in battle and savage in victory. However, she is older than she appears (no one knows just how old) and much subtler in her actual dealings than most of her kin. Like any good predator, she's inclined to watch before she pounces and she can be extremely patient, maybe even waiting years for her prey to make their mistake and show their vulnerability.

Xaeka was born to the seers' line of her clan. She was initiated into the ways of Werza, Goddess of Wisdom, and carries the diety's marks, Werza's fangs, tattooed on her face. This upbringing supplied her with diverse knowledge of herb lore, natural medicines and well as oracular scrying using "the bones", trophies taken from dead enemies. Due to this "sight", Xaeka exhibits a preternatural sense of timing, putting herself in the right place to take advantage of the situation. Whether because of this uncanny ability or simply from extensive practice and effort, Xaeka's ability with her weapons, two custom crafted void pistols of her own manufacture, has gained some renown. Xaeka also exhibits something that is quite rare among her people... a sense of humor, though her wit is cutting and often cruel.

Xaeka's reliance on her "sixth sense" is total. She has complete confidence in the veracity of her "sight" and therefore has an immense blind spot should it ever lead her astray. Her faith in her vision is what caused her to leave Mikros in the first place, an act that cost her the enmity of her clan when she abandoned their traditions. A pariah, Xaeka's resentment bubbles just beneath the surface when dealing with others of her kind. Isolated for many years, Xaeka began to question many of the taboos of her people. Her lack of fear and her faith in her abilities has kept her alive, but her desire for more knowledge has led her down dark paths.

The BackStory

How did they Join the Gang?





RP History / Notes

[Image: scriptorium.png]

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