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<MAIN> Dominitia Demetrias
05-22-2014, 10:08 PM (This post was last modified: 07-31-2014 07:47 AM by noanetal.)
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<MAIN> Dominitia Demetrias
Dominitia Demetrias

The Basics
Race: Draken
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Class: Stalker
Path: Scientist
Job: Diamond Doll

The Appearance
Dominitia is rather attractive, and not even just by Draken standards. With strong, regal features and a body that has been hardened by years of the hunt, she is the very picture of the softer side of Draken grace and power. Her vibrant red hair is kept short and manageable, and is often worn in whatever style is popular with Dominion trends. The green tint of her skin is a fair contrast to her bright red locks, and is tended to meticulously with various fragrant oils to ensure that she looks and smells pleasant whenever possible. She clearly takes great pride in her appearances, and spares no expense to ensure that her clothing is fashionable and tailored to fit every curve of her body perfectly.

The Personality
Dominitia has two very distinct demeanors that she shows others, depending on the situation. When she is working at the Radiance, she is a flirtatious, bubbly bundle of energy that spends most of her time bouncing from conversation to conversation like a social butterfly. When on the hunt however, she turns into a completely different person entirely. She is cold, somber, and has a tendancy to distance herself from the others that she is working with when engaged in group operations. It's hard to tell which of the two of these demeanors is the 'real' her, as she commits to both of them equally. But whatever the case may be, dealing with her can be a bit of a coin flip.

  • Consummate Lover: When it comes to consorts, Dominitia has a reputation of never leaving a client unsatisfied. Especially those that seek to find themselves under her heel.
  • Contract Killer: Likewise, she has a budding reputation as a stalker, with a solid record of successful assassinations under her belt. Though many of these have been of low ranking officials and minor targets of interest.
  • More than just a pretty face: Though she works as a consort, Dominitia is actually quite brilliant in the field of nanotechnology, and has made several of the modifications to her nanosuit herself.
  • Too sexy for her shirt: Dominitia is sexy and she knows it, and she tends to make sure that everyone else does as well. This often leads her to dressing provocatively in places where it is not appropriate, and refusing to cover herself properly unless ordered by her superiors.
  • Vain as the day is long: It takes a lot of work to look as good as she does, and she's not about to waste that effort. So when it comes to getting down and dirty in the most literal sense, she will go to great lengths to avoid it. And in the event that she does get messy, she will pitch a most legendary bitch fit until she can rectify it.
  • Hedonism, Bought: The high life isn't cheap, and Dominitia isn't exactly thrifty. The result of this combination is that 80% of the time, she is broke...or on her way to being broke. This can put her in some very compromising positions, in more ways than even she might be willing to admit.

The BackStory

Born with the name Vakira under the clan Bladebreaker, Vakira was never quite like the others of her clan. While growing up amongst them, she participated in the hunts, and trained among the finest huntresses. However, she would often lock horns with some of the other huntresses that expounded to her the virtue of slaying ones prey with dignity. Vakira on the other hand preferred to play with her quarry, and would drag out hunts far longer than necessary, working her prey into a fit of desperation before finally striking the final blow.

This would eventually lead to further fighting between her and the others, culminating finally into a drag out fight between her and one of the Clanlord's favored huntresses. Though equally matched, the fight was brutal and decisive, and when the dust finally cleared it was Vakira that lay under the foot of her opponent. Refusing to bend a knee to the victor, Vakira was shamefully banished from her clan and forced to fend for herself.

Bitter and broken, she cast off the name Vakira and adopted a more Cassian name instead, choosing Dominitia Demetria as her new identity. With this change in identity came a change in her purpose as well. She no longer sought the hunt in the traditional Draken sense, but in a more subtle way. She learned to hunt with words and gestures, to lead prey away from the pack with they sway of her hips and the curl of her tail, and rather than striking a killing blow...she instead chose to play with her prey.

Now the roams the world of Nexus, a huntress in her own right that is living her life as she sees fit.

Affiliations: Currently none, formerly of the Clan Bladebreaker.
Quick Notes:
  • Dominitia lives up to her name, at least in the bedroom.
  • Dominitia has a subtle hatred for traditional Draken culture that she keeps buried deep inside. Though she doesn't act on any of the more violent impulses that she has regarding it, knowing that doing so would only earn her another humiliating defeat.
  • Dominitia has a solid understanding of nanotechnology and its uses, often working nanites into her drugs to create effects that standard chemicals would be unable to produce.


How did they Join the Gang?





RP History / Notes

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