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How to Add your Alts (READ ME!)
05-23-2014, 08:30 PM (This post was last modified: 07-21-2014 03:46 AM by ShadowedSin.)
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How to Add your Alts (READ ME!)
Adding Alts to the Guild

Credits: Inspiration for some of this goes to NovaStar Coalition

BlackSky wants to include everyone as much as possible, so after much debate we created this set of rules for alts joining the guild.

Here are some quick ground rules:
  • You must have completed your OOC / IC interviews on your main character, and roleplayed that character for two weeks.
  • We currently have an alt limit of 4 characters.
  • Alts must go through a IC Interview before being joined like any character, they will be Interviewed second to new applicants.

To join your alt to the guild do the following.

1. Contact a guild Deputy, Officer, or the Guild Leader to discuss the idea with them.

2. Once you are given approval, post a completed Jacket for the character and put <Alt> in the subject title with the Character's name.

3. Contact a member of the Staff (Deputy, Officer or Guild Leader) to arrange an IC interview for the character, and to also glance at the Jacket for a once over approval!

A few things to remember:
  • Be open to ideas of change, as a character on paper does not always fit in execution.
  • Consider introducing the character at a guild event so that you can get more people to know them.
  • Always bring an idea to the table for the IC interview, and keep it simple.
  • Please be patient, alt characters will be interviewed and approved, after any active new member applications are processed.

My Characters
Cathal Reily / Human Spellslinger / Malverine Boss
Fahari / Draken Stalker / Sovereign Enforcer

[Image: tumblr_m8xl6hHTwf1qey9xxo1_500.gif]

"The Harbinger is coming, and the Judicator will judge us all!"
-Season 1 teaser

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