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Unsupervised Aurin [6 / 3, 1668 | Unfinished Sassy | Desiraela, Seele, Honeyfurr]
06-04-2014, 11:32 PM
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Unsupervised Aurin [6 / 3, 1668 | Unfinished Sassy | Desiraela, Seele, Honeyfurr]
((To Note: The following is rp logs from the game. Contents have not been altered aside from formatting and minor editing Content warnings: Prostitution, terming a pregnancy violently))

The blue Aurin had a habbit of getting lost but this was rediculous! Dee walked around, peering to the grassy area. Was it the right color grass? She sighs, typing into her comm. The automated voice would call our to the channel: "This is the last time I go trying to get to Celestion by myself. I'm lost. I have no idea where I am."

Seele was quiet as he replied, "That's a new voice. D'ya need help?"

Breathing in relieved, she'd coninue to type. The voice would once again echo: "Seele. It's nice to hear you. It's Desiraela. I'm lost. I don't know where I'm at."

"Ah. Ok. I'll see if I can rig up my communicator to find ya Desiraela. Hopefully you aren't too far away." There was a noise of nails clacking on the communicator. A shrill electronic beeping and the faint sound of Seele swearing.

Dee holds the comm off to the side closing her eyes as she'd cringe away from the com, shhe's refusing to drop.

"Okay, so it looks like you're out in Galeras. I'll head out there for you, the Bees out there are killers." Seele talks low, a reassuring tone to his voice as there's a few other swoft clanks.

"I am? I thought I heard buzzing. There's some flower trees off in the distance. I'll hide there."

"Jus be careful, some of the trees ain't trees." He replied, "I'll be headin' out of Thayd here soon."

The voice's steady tone doesn't match the words: Oh the weave. That wasn't a tree. That wasn't a tree. That wasn't a tree."

"I'm five minutes out, ok?" Seele states as there's the faint sound of a grinder reving.

The comm wouldn't respond with anything but: 'That wasn't a tree.' Someone hitting the repeat button.

The smaller than normal grinder bounced over a hill as the small aurin on it gunned it trying to find a blue puff ball. The first clue he was heading in the right was was a giant tree beast moving

As Seele would roll upon the scene, he'd find the woman would be against a flower tree visible from the road. Panting, two pistols would be in her hands as she'd shiver against the green stalk. Her hair would be in her face and her arms and tail would be rather twitchy, pointing frantically at each stalk. There would be a fe w wither beasts on the ground, two more lurking between the stalks to close in on the panicking woman.

Seele pulled up, braking hard to stop and rolling to pull out his pistols. He shot at one of the lurking beasts. Aiming to stop it with a flash freeze. "Git on the bike." He called out to her as he shot at beasts to try and scare them away

He didn't have to tell her twice. The blue one was on her feet and dashing for the Grinder as fast as she could. Slipping behind him, she'd curl her tail against her legs as she'd move to bury her face between them in her hands.

Seele shot one last parting gift at the beasts as he turned the bike and sped back towards Thayd. "They didn't gitcha did they?" He asked as he slipped the pistol back in the holster

The girl would shake her head holding onto the hump behind her as she'd look to Seele. She'd go to speak pausing to sigh as a hand slipped into her shirt. She ruffles around her large mmellons before pulling her comm. It'd echo: 'I don't think it did. Thank you.

"No problem." He replied as they sped along. "If you like I can take ya back to the Sassy or to where you were going

She'd look to him and then to her comm. Dee's eyes would close tightly for a moment, before she'd type to the pad. 'I was suppose to be in Celestion. Anyway we could go there?'

"Yessum." He replied as he reached an arm back to pat her leg. "You got a specific place in mind over there" He asked as they started to zip through Thayd.

She'd lean more towards him, nodding as she'd type. 'Yes. The south ridge near the mountain side.'

"Kay." He replied as he tapped at the gps on the bike's dash. "Shouldn't take more than a shake of a Rowsdower tail."

Dee smiles to him, grasping her hold onto the bike as they sped away. She'd remain quiet as they'd pull into the city, through the gruff and out again. They'd pull into Celestion with no issue. As the grinder's low growl kept rolling, a hand would curl from behind him and begin to point towards a thick of woods.

He noticed her hand pointing the way and turned to follow it. Speaking was something he could do if he wanted bugs in his teeth. He opted to pass on the bugs.

Her directions would land them in the middle of the forest, trees thick in every direction. Her hand would pull back, the girl looking around as she hold a confused look to her face.

Seele slowed to a stop, looking back over her shoulder, "What's up?' He asked her curiously, ears flicking try8ing to listen for anything that might be wrong.

She'd slip from behind him on his bike, coing to the grass as she'd wandering around the wood in view of the bike. Looking left and then right, her finger would be brought up to hher teeth as she'd nibble down on it. Dee turns to him, sheepishly smiling. 'I'm lost.' Her comm would beep.

Seele laughed softly at that. "Well luckily this time you're not out by Buzzbings or those three thingies. Lemme see if I can pull up a map an we can figure out where we are." He told her as he started to tap at the gps on the bike.

She'd chew on her lower lip, turning away as she'd let him look. Her fingers rolled over her comm. 'My ship landed somewhere near here. I just know it.' His gps would hold a flickering signal, the pair being rather far from most other things. When it did bit in, he'd read tha they were just south of Sylvan Glades.
(( ...ok. Far south. Against the borders...but Sylvan Glades would be the closest.))

"So... uh, we're by the Sylvan Glades." He looked over at her as he tapped at the gps with his claws. "Didja happen to get coordinates for your ship?"

Dee would shake her head, typing once more, 'We were being shot at when we ran from it. I never got the time.'

"Well that's roan takkey." He replied. with a sigh. "They... Dommies, blew up the one we... I got here on on the evacuation." He rubbed the back of his neck. "What we oughta do is print out a map and start crossing off where we looked."

Spinning back to him, the woman would hold a look of suprise before leaping forward to hug the man if he'd allow.

At the hug, he hugged her tightly back. "Figured a grid search would work better than going in blind." He chuckled.

Dee would just squeeze him a moment, leaning back to look around them at the forest. She'd pull her tablet and begin to type. It'd read: 'I'll get some stuf ready for it tomorrow. Could I ask you to start with me first thing in the morning?'

"Sure can." He replied as he smiled. "It'd give me something better to do than getting into trouble." He nodded to her. "Besides, we both went ta join up with the Malverines right? And that's like a family ain't it?"

The quiet woman seems to stare through him for a moment, nodding to his words as she'd type once more. 'So. Back to the Sassy for the night?''

"Yea. I think that sounds good. I don't really want to be out here at night. There's things that go bump." he moved back onto the bike to start it. "And I'm snack sized, it's a bad combination." he joked as he looked back at her.

Her laughter would sputter quickly, the girl hoping on the back of his grinder as she'd hug against his back and move to hold onto him. She'd give one more type of 'Thank you' before slipping the screen into her chest.'

Seele revved the engine zipping back towards the Sassy thanks to the gps in the screen. "You're welcome Friend." he replied as he tried to avoid inhaling a bug. "D'you mind if I call you Dee?"

A hand would slip around him for her to place a very excited thumbs up.

"Thank the Weave, coz no offense, Desiraela is a very long name." he replied. Soon the landscape was changing. "I think I might wind up dancing with you for the Saloon.' he added trying to think of some kind of conversation

She smiles, leaning on him for Seele to feel her nod in a yes motion against his back.

((Back at the Bar))

" Welp we made it."

Desiraela: doesn't pull from hugging him, waiting until he got out of the bike to relent and let go. She'd peer at the half open saloon. Going to speak, she'd stop herself, nodding with a smile as her reply.

Seele: grins at her as he starts to walk to the saloon. "Let's grab a bite."

Desiraela: nods, with one thing in mind: Coffee.
Desiraela: slips right behind the bag, snagging a mug and a glass from under the counter. She'd stand, filling both respectively with coffee and beer.

Seele: scrables around to make a couple of sandwiches. Peanut butter and crunchy tuber. Yum. "Want one?"

Desiraela: nods estaticly, pulling their drinks free of the spicket. She'd hold up the beer and nod his way before turning and sitting at the bar. She'd set the beer infront of the spot beside her.

Seele: moved to sit passing over a plate with sandwich. He'd cut both in half. Yummy.

Desiraela: smile, taking a bit swing of her coffee. Breathing out as if a set of relief had hit her, the mug would go down as she'd clap happily over her sandwich.

Honeyfurr: Honeyfurr sits down.

Desiraela: turns her head, a brow coming up as she'd watch honey just jump onto where she had set Seele's beer and where his sandwich was. She wonders if both went flying.

Seele: had saved the beer, he wasn't sure where the pb and tuber sandwich went.

Honeyfurr: *Honeyfurr Bounces in spinning past Seele and snaches the sandwitch as she spins, hops on the bar top and beams holding the sandwitch out of reach*
Honeyfurr: HI Hi ya miss me?

Seele shrugs.

Desiraela: sighs, picking up her sandwich. She'd smile to Seele, holding it out to him close enough for him to bite. "Here, you can share mine if she eats yours. The least I can do for you saving my tail back there."

" Nah I'll just make another."

Honeyfurr: humphs and taks a big bight of the food then makes a face and sniffs it, shrugs and continues eating

Desiraela: shakes her head. "Nope!" She'd press to hand him the sandwich once more. "You should just eat this one then. That or at least let me make you a sandwich or something else if you'd like."

Honeyfurr: peanut paste? intresting, Seele remember when we made that one table top rally slik with tis stuff?" Honeyfurr giggles

"yea" Seele: takes the sandwich with a smile. "I really like the tubers they crunch. An' they wanted oil wrasslin'" Seele: starts to crunch on the sandwich. he'd pick out slices to gnaw on happily.

Honeyfurr: giggleing and eats more waveing to dee and beaming a smile not showing food

Desiraela: chippers to him, looking between the two as she'd circle back around for more food. "Ah, you two are partners. Been traveling together long?"

Seele: like a few months. Ran into her and figured better to travel with someone than go solo.

Honeyfurr: *she shrugs* " It's been a litle while, we met totally by acedent, "

Desiraela: places a dalop of peanut paste on a slab while putting the tubbers on the side. She'd lay down a few different stalky vegetables and would forgo herself the bread.

Desiraela: "Sometimes accidents end up to be...interesting. I'm suprised though, figured you two were mating with seem to work with each other."

Honeyfurr: "He's sweet and i liek to try to help him , he won't let me totally help him but I try"

Seele: ..... uh.

Honeyfurr: giggleing

Seele: turns red.

Desiraela: settles back to her spot, picking up her coffee to take another drink. She'd look at Honey while she spoke, dragging a tubber through the paste before popping it in her mouth to chew on one end of it.

Honeyfurr: he's not my mate just a fun play freind, you knwo how it is, consorts without being consorts

Seele: has conveniently hidden his face in his beer mug.

Desiraela: "Sounds frustrating...and.."

Honeyfurr: "Sides th Weave adors him"

Desiraela: cuts her words short, looking over to Seele. She giggles lightly, picking up a tubber to poke him with. "You okay over there? If sexing your blonde friend's something you rather me not talk about, let me know and I won't bring it up again."

Seele: shakes his head. "Just been around humans too much. That church of the light shit is contageous."

Seele: I miss being around my people

Honeyfurr: *pats him with her tail* " hello, what are we? Humans?"

Seele: Y'know what I mean.

Desiraela: pulls back to her plate, biting down on the tubber she had poked him with. After chewing a few minutes, she'd nodding. "I...I can understand that. Other than one other, I haven't seen any Aurins for...about ten years."

Desiraela: "I wasn't allowed Aurin customers for obvious reasons."

Seele: Customers?

Honeyfurr: tilts her head confuzzled

Desiraela: nods, stirring a stalk in her peanut paste. "I use to work on the Berlou Saloon and Brothel."

Honeyfurr: count on her fingers

Desiraela: "I danced, sang and consorted for them...the place is no more though. That's fine with me. The working conditions here are better."

Seele: OH. But why no aurin customers?

Honeyfurr: " was that one ofthe fleet ships?"

Desiraela: "It was a floating privateer ship. She was big enough to have our shows but floated with the fleet time to time."

Honeyfurr: Honeyfurr sits down.

Desiraela: looks to Seele, her ears flattening a bit. She'd redden but the source would be hidden in her eyes. "Children, Seele. Children."

Honeyfurr: * Pipes up* " OH because we can't interbreed, I get it Now"

Seele: tapped nails on his glass with a frown. "Right, sorry." He looked over to her then to Honey

Desiraela: 's gaze would already be back to her paste stiring, leaving the piece sticking up off the plate as she'd drink more coffee down.

Desiraela: "Don't...don't worry about it. But yes, there was only one other Aurin on the ship I saw often. That's about it. I guess I'm not use to my own yet either."

Honeyfurr: mm I'm still hungy let me at that cubbard

Honeyfurr: starts rummageing through looking for foods .

Seele: sips beer

Desiraela: 's tail sways, the purplish blue ribbon tying its end dancing along behind her. "So what do you make of them so far?"

Seele: I haven't met a lot of them. The boss Cathal seems like a decent human if ya don't piss him off. Miss Coil is scary.

Seele: picks out the tubers from what's left of the sandwich. he'd devoured almost all of it.

Desiraela: turns towards him, leaning her side against the counter. "I've actually never seen her like that when she was so...well, cruel the other day. She was back to being fine this morning."

Seele: shrugged, "I just don't know what they want."

Desiraela: shakes her head, looking back to the pole. "From me? I know but I'm guessing it's different for each person."

Honeyfurr: turns around with a plateof food as if she hasen't eating for days and just beams placeing it on the bar top

Seele: turns to look at the pole. "If they want me to strip I can strip, I can dance. I can wait tables. "

Honeyfurr: Honeyfurr sits down.

Seele: Dang Honey you seem like you're starvin'

Desiraela: looks back to Honey and the pile she's having. She'd stare and then look to Seele. "Are you -positive- you didn't knock her up?"

Honeyfurr: * has a mouth full but manages to still talk* "I can too "

Desiraela: "It could have happened in your sleep or something."

Seele: gives Dee a look.

Desiraela: "It happens. Just feeling it and not being totally concious...and one thing leads to a...okay okay..."

Desiraela: holds up her hands, looking back to the food Honey's eating

Honeyfurr: *waves a hand of food* " Nah I'm always liek this I eat alot but it's all energy, I'm blessed that way"

Desiraela: "'re that type that only gets fat when your old and your system's slowed down. Got it." Desiraela: taps her chin, "I wonder if I could get away with that too..."

Honeyfurr: giggles and nods

Seele: looks to both of the woman with his hands up. "I will swear off ladies forever and just stick to dicks if that's how you wanna play it."

Desiraela: shrugs, "Best not test it. I don't like eating too much." She looks back to him, "Play what?" Her head cants to the side.

Honeyfurr: nearlly launches over her food at Seele a panmiced look on her face

Seele: please no pregnancy scares.

Honeyfurr: " YU Can't do that "

Desiraela: murmurs to herself, knew it. She'd shrug, "I was just asking. If she's not, she's not. We could always push her down the stairs to make sure if you feel that against it."

Seele: Well there's been a couple of guys that made really generous offers when I was dancin'

Seele: buries his face in his hands

Desiraela: turns back, looking to the stage as she'd mill something over. She'd walk away from the two to approach and lean against the stag.

Honeyfurr: calms down sets herself back infront of her food and points smileing. " Yey dinner and a show"

Desiraela: grasps the side, staring for a moment as she'd seem a bit distant. "Hey...thanks for bringing me back. I think...I'm gonna walk around for a bit. Seems you two have things to talk about anyway."

Honeyfurr: * tilts her head food half in her mouth* " we do?"

Desiraela: smiles to them, giving them a wave. "Be sure to put a note down that the cupboard got consumed."

Seele: I ain't in a talking mood.

Seele: nods to her, "I'll leave a note an coin."

Desiraela: 's left arm snakes behind him, grasping her right. "Okay." Bowing out, she'd head for the stairs.

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