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[Open] A New Face in Algorac - Saloon
05-12-2013, 11:16 PM
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[Open] A New Face in Algorac - Saloon
[Double Checking-If we're not planetside yet lemme know!]
Time: 20:00
Date: TBA, Post Train
Weather: Warm
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The efforts of the journey had taken his toll, and upon seeing the saloon it certainly was helpful to his mind.

Finally, a place to be resting my poor feet. He smiled within his helmet, the signs telling him about the general area about the bar. He pulled it off as he went for the door; no need to be shot for looking at any chance of a Dominion-based trooper. His armor glowed briefly as the inserts disconnected from the HUD, switching to a general stabilized energy pulse. The cyan glow was subtle as he stepped in through the door, tapping on his armor with one hand while the helmet folded inwards and 'sheathed' on his backside.

He looked around at first, looking to a chair close to the bar and sitting down, leaning back in the chair. His blade was turned off, but the tech-energy pathways along the blade was a hint of it's design. Beyond that, if he has a ranged weapon, it wasn't visible at the moment.
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RE: [Open] A New Face in Deradune - Saloon
It was late, but the shows were only about to get started. Patrons were filing in to get settled in their seats for the entertainment that would begin shortly enough- and it was Taru's job to make sure that everyone was situated, drinking, and had everything they needed. When the suited man entered the saloon, she had her back turned to him, wiping down a table that belonged to patrons who had no desire to stick around to see the dancers perform. Once she was done, she turned around and noticed the cyan-glow out of the corner of her vision. The waitress grabbed a small menu and then sauntered over to his table, one stiletto-heeled foot in front of the other, until she got closed enough to lean forward and placing one of her palms on the surface.

A friendly and welcoming smile spread across her moistened lips as she gave his suit a good once-over. "Welcome to the Sassy Saloon, traveler." She cooed lightly and stood with her feet close together, sticking her rear out for any and all to see. That tube top and those micro shorts really weren't hiding much.. but if Mister Reily said that was how she was going to get tips then.. so be it. She placed the menu in front of him- it was just one piece of paper. "Here's our drink menu." Her right hand lifted and pointed to each section of the menu as she referred to it. "We've got drinks from Galerus and the North, though most of them are brewed right here in Algoroc! Or, if you prefer wine, we've got some lovely selections sent down from the fleet." As she explained, she inched a bit closer to him.

"The grub we serve is listed on the other side, in case you're hungry." She stood up straight and smiled kindly at him still. "And if you stick around for a bit, you'll get to see the dancers perform! Right on time, too! Ooh- unless you knew that already?" She placed a finger on her lips and giggled.
05-15-2013, 03:32 PM
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RE: [Open] A New Face in Deradune - Saloon
Sydira walked through the saloon, she found a vacant spot up by the bar and seated herself down ordering a drink before turning her attention to the stage. She was a woman of varied taste and never minded a good show, whether it was for the women or men is to be decided. Though her attention was on the stage of a milosecond when she noticed the strangely armored man. The armor was nothing new but he was clearly a new face in the town and saloon, and Syd decided that she might just introduce herself after the show of course. She never liked to interrupt people's enjoyment.
05-15-2013, 10:29 PM
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RE: [Open] A New Face in Deradune - Saloon
Ushlin blinked as the woman approached as if from a different set of thoughts, his eyes glancing up and down. His expression was a military face, though as she welcomed him in and explained the drinks, he glanced down at them briefly; it wouldn't be too bad to be enjoying a drink or two and some food. "I'm not quite familiar with some of the items here, mind if I were to get some breaded meat of sorts and something sweet but with a kick?" He Rubbed the back of his head. "And also might I ask of the girls performing tonight?" His eyes had lingered some upon her outfit, her little subtle and obvious movements alike distracting him before he pulled his attention back to her eyes.
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RE: [Open] A New Face in Deradune - Saloon
The lights in the room dimmed around the stage and in the seating area around it- with the light remaining brighter near the bar, of course. That signaled that the show was just about ready to begin. Taru kept her focus on the patron in front of her, though an ear swiveled towards the woman that had just entered. She listened to his food order and nodded politely. "Of course! I know just the thing that will fill your tummy up and give you a tooth sweeter than Granok Taffy blended with Sweet Aurin Wine! Actually..." she clasped her hands together and bent forward slightly, long aqua blue hair falling around her shoulders. Jiggle."... that sounds like a good idea! Want to try it?" Her tone was cheerful, and her movements- energetic, to say the least. As he asked her about the performance, she stood up straight again and look up and off to the side in a thoughtful manner. Her yellow eyes caught the light coming from the bar nearby, and when she looked back at him, she wrapped her tail partway over her hips. "There are boys -and- girls performing tonight. Might want to cover your eyes if you prefer one over the other, hm?" The girl blinked at him, and kept her smile broad.
05-16-2013, 06:28 AM
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RE: [Open] A New Face in Deradune - Saloon
Shiori took the time to walk in, and seeing the dimming light he quickly closed to door to prevent distractions. Wandering over to the bar he patted Sydira on the head as a way of saying hello before sitting down next to her with a stylus and a pad in hand. If anyone looked at it, it would be showing a design of some kind that looked somewhat like a bike. Chewing on the end of the stylus a moment he hummed quietly in thought. What could be improved... The man wondered to himself before jotting down some notes next to the blueprints and 3D model of a braking system. "I suppose this could work..." Looking up at at Taru after making his annotations he waved. "Hey you. Think you could get me something with some meat and pasta with some aurin wine? I'm feeling a little creative today." He grinned.
05-16-2013, 07:06 AM
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RE: [Open] A New Face in Deradune - Saloon
Sydira tilts her head at Shiori as she sipped on her juice, she had gotten used to him patting her head, though she wondered if that was simply a human custom or if he was just a weird person. She nudged his arm as she looked at his data pad. "Wat are ya workin' on?" she asked quietly.
05-16-2013, 07:47 AM
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RE: [Open] A New Face in Deradune - Saloon
Looking over to Sydira, Shiori grins and answers. "These are the schematics for the bike I'm building. Currently I have the braking system here but I'd like to tie it into the balancing system. Perhaps for quick turns or being able to turn on a dime." He blinks and nudges her shoulder playful. "What are you working on?"
05-16-2013, 10:20 AM
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RE: [Open] A New Face in Deradune - Saloon
Jiggle. He felt always a bit hot under the collar in such places, and there was a small part of him that asked why was it he tormented himself running through and visiting. But it was a good place to relax and being able to show his face, not such a luxury in higher end bars where pictures are taken of just about everyone.

"Not too sweet mine you, but would be much appreciated." He offered a small smile and looked appreciative of her movements. "As to the males and females-I've a preference over the latter but both have their advantages." He rolled a shoulder briefly and squeezed it, pressing down the flesh that lay underneath in a minor self-massage. Looks like he was still stiff from his last job at least, providing security for the area while more 'trusted' forces had gone to investigating and repairing the train from it's little heist.
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RE: [Open] A New Face in Deradune - Saloon
The girl listened to him attentively and gave him a cheerful two-fingered salute, following by a playful wink. "You got it, traveller! That'll just take me a moment to get. Taru will be -right- back!" She hopped on her platforms and clapped her hands once. "Oh, that's my name- Taru!" She shifted her weight as she was about to mumble something to herself, but then a man spoke clearly in her direction.

An ear swiveled to the side and she looked to the familiar face she knew as Shiori. Next to him was the woman, Sydira. The waitress smiled at the suited man and wagged her finger at him, "Don't go anywhere now~" she giggled softly and energetically trotted over to Shiori and Sydira, kicking her legs up behind her a bit higher than necessary. "Good evening, you two! Nice to see such pleasant, beautiful (see looked to Syd) and handsome (to Shiori) faces as yours~" She put a hand on her hip as stood between them. Her attention turned to Shio for the moment. "Now what did you say? Something about... whiney pasta and meat?" Taru placed a finger on her lower lip in though, tapping it gently.

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