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Sov Numbers
06-14-2014, 04:42 AM
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Sov Numbers
Last night I took a look at the Guild tab in-game, and realized a few things:

a) We are still painfully few.
b) With the exception of a couple of deputies, we're all Prospects.
c) Our only reliable tank left the guild (for reasons I don't know, won't speculate, and not the issue right now).
d) zbug had not logged in for 2 days. I'm not demanding his time, but not having our IC leader with us certainly fosters a feeling of abandonment (see below about Deputy authority).
e) Fahari logged in for a few seconds to promote Jack, and left instantly. We can't visit the Radiance if we're not Neighbors, and Fahari needs to be online to accept Neighbor requests. Admittedly, I didn't check if it was public, will do so tonight when I log, but I don't know what name to look for.

Related to the questions from earlier in the week, I want to reiterate that if we want our ranks to grow so we can have a higher level of activity (both PvE and RP), we must either relax or expedite the admission procedure. Not the standards, but just take out some of the hoops potential prospects need to jump: merge the OOC and IC interviews to happen at the same time in-game.

The Deputies need more authority to use their judgment to invite and promote new members; we are less than 20 bodies in there, and I haven't seen more than five logged at the same time. We need people, badly, and we need to promote Prospects to Members a lot faster; it's kind of anomalous to have only officers and no full members at the second week of playing the game.

I have other thoughts, but they are not as urgent as the need to increase our ranks.

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06-14-2014, 06:06 AM (This post was last modified: 06-14-2014 06:12 AM by scriptorium.)
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RE: Sov Numbers
Last couple nights I've only been on sporadically because I'm working on a coding issue with Killroy, trying to incorporate some fixes to ChatLog in it. That said, I acknowledge pretty much everything you've said here.

Recruitment wise, we have some problems Sovereign side. Specifically, the exclusivity of our app process is a huge hurdle for incoming members. We ask folks to jump through a lot of hoops for a past time that folks just want to have some fun with. They have to app and interview and then past muster to get patched. In addition, we're throttling (wait listing) the prospects to keep the numbers small and maintain an intimate population level.

The problem with that of course is activity. It would be fine if we were all on at the same time every night of the week, but that's simply not going to be the case. Folks play when they can and those times don't line up terribly well when you only have a dozen or so folks across a continent. No one likes hanging about in a quiet guild hall, they play MMO's to be social and interact with folks and so low activity begets attrition and you start a vicious downward spiral. You need a basic critical mass of folks to maintain a healthy guild and without that, the guild asphyxiates.

However, if you promote folks for OOC reasons, you rob them of the experience of roleplaying becoming a member of the club. You also don't have time to vet personalities and if you give the wrong person "power" you can drive off good players because of acerbic personality conflicts. If you're indiscriminate in your recruitment of players, you end up with folks who cause as many problems as they alleviate from their presence. All the things Sin devised that slow down the app process do so for good reasons.

Doing the dual faction guild thing is a hard road to hoe. Sin knew this going in and most of us who've tried or seen it tried before knew it was going to be tough. When there's a population imbalance, like there appears to be in Wildstar, that makes it all the worse. So the question is how are we going to compromise on our ideals to make the Soverigns work as a guild? What does it mean to work as a guild? What I think is required would be as follows:

1. Activity: a dozen people online at any time folks log in. The only way you get this is by substantial recruitment. I'd estimate you'd need 100+ players, not characters, signed up to pull this off. To do that, the current app system has to be scrapped/pared back to the bare essentials. IC interviews need to be conducted immediately on recruitment, in game, and be done in thirty minutes tops. Forum app should be a few multiple choice and maybe an essay or two, one paragraph each. Time from prospect to member needs to be set to a real life period of two weeks to at most a month and we need to reward folks who are present and being active first and foremost.

2. Outings, we need regular outings for RP, PvP and PvE activities. Whether there's an IC or an OOC structure to it, we need several outings leads who will act in game and out to recruit guild members to engage in these activities. They need to organize OOC'ly into regular teams who will have scheduled times and dates set so that folks will know who to talk to and when to make time for.

3. Dual faction required, to join the guild you have to have two characters, one dom, one exile. This way we're pulling from one population of players. This way every member is committed to the health of both sides of the guild. You could reinforce the equity with scheduled faction play dates to push up your populations on those days, but you need to get folks attached to the guild as a whole and the whole is both sides. Each is pointless without the other, guild storywise, so folks need to commit to be as cross faction as their management if they want it to work.

4. Patience. Folks need to understand that building a cross faction guild, without an existing group of ooc connections in a new game is a slow process. It requires commitment not just on the part of the management, but the player base as well. If you're looking to other pastures on week 2, you're part of the problem, not the solution. Which leads me to #5

5. Commitment. Players and leadership both need to commit to making the dual faction guild work. This means having two mains. It means scheduling your time to line up with other players, it means taking on a deputy role so you can recruit, even when you're rather just be out roleplaying. It means standing up and doing your part instead of expecting someone to supply you with the activity and opportunities you desire. It means not griping when there's something you can do about a problem that's active and engaging. Don't have a tank to run dungeons with? Set aside your main and roll a tank. No RP going on? Brainstorm a new venue or scene? No folks on when you're on? Talk to Sin about becoming an officer so you can recruit. Take the reins, build the guild. Own it.

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06-14-2014, 10:21 AM
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RE: Sov Numbers
Hello Coyotzin, apologies for not responding earlier, but today is my usual weekend from working graveyard so I see movies. I saw your thread after coming out of How to Tame Your Dragon 2 while commuting back to the Island where I live :3

So let me get responding right away.

I will respond to your points in kind.

A) Yes I agree, the Sovereigns are painfully few. Now that being said before the recent situation you numbered roughly the same number of actives as the Malverines. The issue here seems to not be numbers necessarily, but also communication.

B) Khalithar left because the guild in general because he wanted to compete in Elder game progression.

C) Understandable, but he's working. You have two active Deputies currently, and I am going to be creating a new position which will in the future focus on acclimating new members. (More on that however below).

D) The Radiance, literally. I dislike this messy system of neighborhoods, but until Guild Neighborhoods release or we get whatever Guild Housing is its what we're stuck with. I'll try to coordinate this, but in the middle of the week I have restrictive schedule.

1) Let us discuss admissions. Recent events have expedited the previous plan to wait till the dust had fallen on the first month. Honestly, I was waiting to see who was investing into the game after launch instead of chancing on a pile of people who might just shift back to WoW, GW2 or other MMOs. However, with recent events I will be lifting the Moratorium on Alts (which will remain secondary to new applications, aka be patient on you alts), and then I will be conducting a recruitment drive for the Sovereigns. Once we reach a nice level we'll close to let them acclimate.

As a current prospect and a veteran of the time, we need people like yourself to act as the next step and welcome them. As we'll be introducing two gradients to Prospecting. One reason the Sovs have had a problem is as someone once pointed out you guys lack an established player group. We can only create that with veteran players. So hence our earlier warning of patience.

Also, I will be screening for introverts as I've had people complain to me several times about people not talking. I'm going to be reminding everyone that socializing and talking are kind of part of being here. So lets make this part of who we are!

On the merging of OOC and IC interviews. I will consider this down the road, for now they will remain separate. If people would like to move further they I suggest they open up availability and communicate when they are online. We will then try to pair them with a Staff member, if they want a specific scenario they will likely have to use the forum. I do not have the resources to do custom events to join a new member. I would suggest in general keep itself, and focus on using that as your springboard to join.

2) At the moment are promotion is based upon picking people who will in the end be part of our community. This means scrutinizing them over a period of time, and looking to see if they are truly motivated to be here. To illustrated here are the hard requirements in the upcoming info to becoming a member:
    1. You must be a standing Associate Prospect.
    2, You must of course have accomplished everything that is required to be an Associate.
    3. You must have attended at least two active meetings for your faction.
    4. Your character needs to have established themselves as a participant and a source of roleplay for other members (basically create and offer storylines to through promoting roleplay).
    5. You need to be an active voice in guild discussion (this includes the forums).
    6. You need to assist members in the mentoring of Associates and Probate Prospects.

Members will be in the future encouraged and nudged to mentor new members. However, we realize this would burn them out over time, just as if the Officers and Deputies were doing all the same they too would be strained. Hence our gradient set up.

1. Probational new person - You just joined as a Prospect. Get Rping and established yourself!
2. Associate, they survived the first month or so (ROUGHLY) - You basically are around, you have acted well, and you've started established yourself.
3. Cadet - You've been nominated (the above list of requires are part of becoming a cadet then a member) to become a full member.

Those gradients will let us constantly have a stream of new people, and also track who is on what means of moving on up.

Note after you become a member we have a horizontal system of progression where members track Rp, and get reward with achievements.

On Deputies: They are assistant officers they effectively cover one area of expertise and focus on that. In the long run we will have set number of Officers and Deputies running content autonomously so you'll have at least some random little event to do each week if we can (dungeon runs, adventures, biker races, parties at the bar etc). While then this frees me up to develop our Episodes, and run the ongoing storyline.

New Officer / Deputy Focuses down the line will include a GM position, and also a new member wrangler like position. Basically a guild cheerleader of sorts.

New Officers: As I said last week, the Sovereigns have had the lowest turn out of Officer Applications. I got three after the meeting, and at the moment we can only really maintain two deputies, per faction. I say this as we don't have the population.

-We are keeping the recruitment process as is, but we are opening up for select drives to increase membership.
-WE are updating and providing hard milestones to becoming a member as people seemed confuse.
-We are going to actively expand the staff as population rises.
-WE again remind people to be active, to talk with each other, to be patient, and if you really are alone, seriously alts are open roll and alt. I told the Malvs that they could roll a Sov to help out.

-Thank you for your time.
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06-14-2014, 02:00 PM
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RE: Sov Numbers
I'd be willing to place an alt within the Sovs if needed. Someone please contact me about such if it is so.
07-16-2014, 10:00 AM
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RE: Sov Numbers
Id like to get an alt in the SOV's and for some reason I cant find what I need to do other than wait(?). If anyone is interested, I have a Mechari Warrior who sees his duty as serving a Cassian Highborn in moving their own agenda forward. He is a support type character, but he also has his own agenda of expanding the Empire by promoting an up and coming cassian with a drive to push the empire.
If anyone is interested let me know.
07-18-2014, 07:01 AM
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RE: Sov Numbers
I'm also thinking of making an alt on the Dom side, but not sure if the direction of the Sovs fit the type of character I want to create on that side.

So in otherwords, waiting until the Sov direction is finalized before creating an alt on the Dominion side.
07-18-2014, 01:44 PM
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RE: Sov Numbers
The direction has been pretty much finalized the only thing holding it all up is that people need to start roleplaying in that direction :3 They'll be more info given out tomorrow at the guild meeting.

My Characters
Cathal Reily / Human Spellslinger / Malverine Boss
Fahari / Draken Stalker / Sovereign Enforcer

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"The Harbinger is coming, and the Judicator will judge us all!"
-Season 1 teaser

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