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<Main> Zukanga
06-18-2014, 02:12 PM (This post was last modified: 07-14-2014 01:15 PM by Zukanga.)
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<Main> Zukanga
The Basics

[Image: Zukanga_140614.jpg]
Race: Draken
Age: 36
Gender: Male
Class: Spellslinger
Path: Soldier
Job: Security Officer

Patient file DS 1251: Draken Male
Imperial ID reads Zukanga
Subject has lived 36 cycles.
Ranked as a Corporal in Imperial Security
Subject has multiple injuries, scans indicate zero optic nerve response, and a 36% loss of total blood volume. Transporting to diagnosis bay for immediate scheduling of treatment and analysis of injuries.

The Appearance
Zukanga's dusky scales are cobwebbed with tiny white scars, evidence of a harsh upbringing and a violent work ethic. His horns are covered in tiny sharpened ridges, as is most of his headcrest. The horns themselves are chipped and nicked in much the same manner as his skin. His eyes are attentive, glowing dull blue and on closer inspection actually lighting up in a machine-like fashion. His face is long and thinly featured, his nose sharp and the fangs in his grinning mouth sharper. He keeps his teeth meticulously clean, for a carnivore, and can be seen frequently chewing on what appears to be a slim shard of metal. He regularly ties tight braids into his goatee, and weaves what looks to be spent handgun rounds into the ends of each braid. He has a lean body, heavy set shoulders sitting on a slender trunk. The scales on his torso, arms, and back are covered in an elaborate fresco showing The Great Hunter, Death as he chases a pack of Draken hunters across the stars. Each of his hands is also marked on the back with the blood drops of Hazak. He dresses in a utilitarian, military fashion when on duty, and when off duty.

Subject DS 1251 has suffered 44 energy and metallic projectile wounds, physical projectiles are currently being removed. Both of the patient's eyes are badly damaged, and the primary motor function in both of his arms has been lost. Scheduling surgical to begin immediate function retention implants.
Head Doctors note, when patient arrived, he was still conscious, and had the femur of one of the slain Auren clenched in his teeth. He had to be sedated as he was attempting to rise to return to the Brightstar to "protect the captain's brood"

The Personality

Talents/Strengths: Loyalty is the most defining characteristic of this Draken killer. He unquestioningly wades into any conflict which threatens the safety of those he is assigned to guard. Zukanga has spent his recent time in a Mechari research hospital learning to manipulate Void energy with his newly implanted cybernetics. Keeping his implants maintained echoed the small machine work he already knew from his experience with tattoo guns, which he has been using since his early childhood for both religious ceremony and financial benefit.

Weaknesses: Zukanga's Draken heritage burns in his blood, giving him a hot temper and causing him to occasionally make rash decisions. He also has recently had Mechari machinery implanted to allow his severely damaged nervous system in his arms to function. His eyes have also recieved surgical implants to continue functioning. Any EM interference will cause these implants to malfunction, and cause Zukanga intense pain.

Patient Zukanga discharged and set in a cryo-pod bound for Nexus. Patient has been given discharge orders to rejoin his previous outfit pending approval of the officer core on the Brightstar. Recommend careful monitoring to assure that implants are functioning adequately and ensute that his personal vendettas against the BlackSky crew does not interfere with his service.

The Backstory
Affiliations: Former crewman on the Brightstar. Worked the security detail under Commander Garg.

Quick Notes:
Zukanga is a disciplined, but for a Draken, easy going man. He forms bonds of trust slowly, studying those around him before making any attempt at friendship. He is deeply spiritual, and hides dynamics of his personal life for the most part. His temper is quick and hot, but he is careful to use it as a tool rather than be ruled by it. He draws in a large sketchpad in his den, and little drawings are littered about on the walls of his spartan bunk.


How did they Join the Gang?





RP History / Notes
Zukanga served on the Brightstar up until the raid by the Reilly's took the two Talyn children and sent many of the crew's path twisting apart. He arrived on Nexus having heard that some of the Talyn's were reassembling the crew to hunt down their old nemesis and root out the corruption in the Dominion that they represent.

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