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<MAIN> Kaydin "The Red Reaper" (Sovereign Soldier/Hunter)
06-18-2014, 06:06 PM (This post was last modified: 06-18-2014 06:07 PM by Kaydin.)
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<MAIN> Kaydin "The Red Reaper" (Sovereign Soldier/Hunter)
Kaydin the Red Reaper

[Image: MugShot.png]

The Basics
Race: Draken
Age: Venerable, especially by Draken standards.
Gender: Male
Class: Stalker
Path: Soldier
Job: Soldier, Hunter, Technologist

The Appearance

Kaydin is a hulking mass of nano-stimmed leather-clad flesh and scales. Augmented combat stims constantly pump through his veins, the vials and tubes protruding from his shoulders and along his spine. Aside from being a chem-fiend the first thing most notice about Kaydin would of course be his horns: while one still stands tall and proud- curved slightly- the other is broken with half of the horn missing.

His crimson scales are cracked and scarred all over, dented with wear and tear from the Draken’s long, violent life. His hair is pulled back in tight dreadlocks over the back of his head and the side of his face, over his ears. The orange-red tint to his locks, reminiscent of a savannah sunset is a natural compliment to his scales; as is the thick goatee on his wizened face. He dons the colors of the Dominion Military: navy, near black-blue, red and gold.

The Personality

Kaydin carries himself with a more cool and collected air about him than most Draken. Such an air is most noticeable in his usual demeanor and tone of voice: which is far more eloquent than the majority of his kind. His word choice, like his voice itself is still rather harsh and throaty however; likely more of a result of his age and the number of times his lungs have been crushed more than anything else.

That being said his temperament could most be alluded to that of a flowing river. Most times it is calm and with a natural flow, however when the tides turn they become violent and overwhelming surges. Such surges most occur when he flies into a bloodlust at the prospect of a thrilling hunt or worthy combatant, or the few times he loses his temper.


Raw combat prowess: Kaydin is a born and bred killer, through and through. Not only that but he’s a killer with decades of experience under his belt, a repertoire of stims and gadgets to adapt to almost any situation, and shows little to no fear of death or pain. This combines to form a deadly package to maximize his lethality.

Experience: Kaydin is a Draken who has seen plenty, killed plenty, and even saved many. This gives him an edge over many others not only when it comes to combat, but to situations which require diplomacy or greater discretion.

Adherence to the Chain of Command: Always being a calmer and more respectful Draken, Kaydin is no stranger to following orders even by those he dislikes. His service in the Dominion Military shows a clean record without any of the usual hot-headed Draken incidents.

Challenges Self: Kaydin can’t just settle for culling lesser Exiles and enemies of the Dominion; he likes his targets big and nasty. He thrives on a challenge and overcoming it.


Reckless to the point of suicidal: Despite his calmer demeanor, when in the heat of combat Kaydin has earned much of his accolades in the Dominion Military for his cunning bravery. However there are some who say there is a fine line between bravery and stupidity, Kaydin is a paragon of such a saying. He has been known to throw himself into overwhelming odds, as if seeking death on the battlefield.

Stim-reliant: As noted before, it’s easy to see that Kaydin is a chem-fiend. Mainly due to his old age and extensive long-term injuries he has come to rely on powerful combat stims and technology to remain at peak performance. Of course such technology takes a toll on its user, particularly on raising tolerance levels. As such Kaydin is an addict, but he is at least able to keep a steady and reliant supply at the ready both for himself and others.

Old Man Syndrome: Deny it he may, but Kaydin often suffers from the typical ailments that the elderly do. He can use stims to cover up the physical ones, but the mental ones not so much. This translates to his often being a closed book, to be slow to grasp new ideas or trust them, and to mistrust younger generations. He also hates it when younger people tell him what to do, which, let’s face it: in this day and age and on Nexus no less is almost everyone.

The BackStory
Affiliations: Dominion Military: Special Forces, the ICI.
Quick Notes:
  • Kaydin is clanless. The reasons for why and/or how are off the records. What records do show is a commendable history of service to the Dominion Military starting in his thirties. He is a zealous hunter of Exiles in particular, something which has come of great use to the Dominion on Nexus.
  • He calls himself a “Head-Hunter” and as the moniker would suggest: his favorite past time is hunting down high-priority targets and returning with their preserved heads in tow. Even if that detail is something that often frankly creeps out Command, especially when Kaydin requests that he may keep the head or a piece of the victim, the results cannot be argued with.
  • He has not had direct contact with the BSIA before. But he has seen them at work and vice-versa during the Ravaging of Arboria. It was on Arboria that Kaydin first showed his true zeal for ravaging enemies of the Empire. His efforts in razing everything the Aurin had rivaled that of the Planet Reapers themselves. Where he walked, nothing but blood, sinew and ashes were left. Thus it was on that day where he earned the moniker: “Red Reaper” amongst his peers.


How did they Join the Gang?
Kaydin was referred to the BSIA as Command deemed it to be a good fit for his skill set and mentality.





RP History / Notes

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