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Sylene Barcroft
06-20-2014, 02:34 PM
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Sylene Barcroft
About the Character
NOTE: The following information will create the foundation of your IC Interview, and also let us know more about your character. Answers in character and you may use third, or first person. Answer respectively for your chosen Faction.

Why you here? Who you looking for, stranger?
" Hi. So I'm Sylene Barcroft from Barcroft industries. I know, that trading company and all. Well, you see. Things got, like, so weird after that huge fiasco which...sorry messed up our running with the Empire and all. So I'm looking for a job with some up and comers to help me help Daddy. I've heard you guys were needing Technicians. The Barcrofts -are- known for our gadgets."

How you'd you hear of the outfit?
A laugh and a sigh would come from the woman, "Funny you should ask~ There was this customer my Daddy...and Granddaddy had. He is so dreamy. Like, if Artimus was born a male...and a Mechari. So yeah! Morrigon is an old customer of ours and I totally took it up on my own to seek him out and know...if he wanted some gadgets." The woman sighs, "Daddy set the whole thing up and we had a wonderful time. I got to thinking if I was going to actually...get a job, why not with someone I trust, right? Mechanics are so awesome."

Didn't get your name stranger, what is it? What class you again?

She looks over the piece she's speaking into. "Wow. You guys really -do- need good techs. Okay. Okay. So, I'm Sylene Barcroft. My Granddaddy was a brilliant man but not all that business minded. He built a name for our family by producing some serious goods for the Empire. He was the give it all for the Empire. Daddy took that and evolved it into a major Corporation deal. Things were great growing up."

Sylene leans forward, "Don't believe a -word- of that nasty rumor that we were back dealing to some independents that went Exile. They -stole- our shipment and messed with the inventory."

"Now me? I kinda...know how to defend myself. I have had some hand to hand combat simulations." (Stalker)

Fine then. What can you bring to the table? And where we suppose to put you?
"Well! Being a Barcroft, I have been working on some of the latest tech since I was in diapers. I know all sorts of technological things and have worked in the labs. I could totally help you guys out! Of course, I my family friend Morrigon could use some...hardware checking."

What baggage you caring?

"Baggage? I have to carry my own baggage? Oh..okay. Different." She'd nervously laugh, "I haven't had to do like, this whole independent thing is totally new. Daddy will be so proud! It's awesome. I kind of prefer working with electronics more than anything so...if that's okay...but wait! Wait. I totally do get along with people."

"...really? I've got to carry my bags?"
06-20-2014, 08:42 PM
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RE: Sylene Barcroft
Character approved, we'll schedule an interview for them!

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09-23-2019, 10:17 PM
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RE: Sylene Barcroft
Information provided in this brief interview has helped me in choosing a suitable character to play well this charming game. These writemypaper4me reviews are very informative and there are many good characters to play but I think Malverine Boss is the best.

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