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The Radiance
06-23-2014, 12:17 PM
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The Radiance
A place for Agency members to relax and socialize, here is a short list of our servings and our staff.


From Cassus With Love - Gin, Vodka, a hint of Cassian White and a slice of a lemon peel, shaken, not stirred

Empire - A floated cocktail featuring liquor in red, gold and white, our Dominion's colours.

House Specials:

Dawngrazer Steak : a 200 grams steak prepared with flamefrond, garlic, and grilled to perfection.

Our staff:

Bartender: Kaydin 'The Red Reaper'

Entertainer: Zylla, our musician.

Cook: Xaeka 'The Witch'
08-01-2014, 11:25 PM
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RE: The Radiance
From the corners of Nexus and beyond, using arts just slightly forbidden but nobody will notice, Zylla has gathered the best of the best in puff-puff flavors! Now available for the hooka booths at The Radiance!

The Harmless Ones
These mixes just taste good in your palate.


The Strange Ones
These mixes provide additional, fun effects, the product of careful and responsible alchemy.

Glowmelon Glowmist: Puff the vapors of this mix under black light and color the night with glowy iridescence.
Faerybloom Glamour: The sweet nectar of a forgotten world, your skin will sparkle under soft light.
Eldan Incense: Made from rare Eldan timber, this elegant taste will let you feel the flow of Primal Patterns with the tip of your fingers. (Note: given the rarity of the ingredients, this mix is extremely expensive and may not be available every night).

The Risque
While not outlawed by Dominion law, these mixes have side-effects that you might not want to have while you fight a pack of hungry chompacabras.

Octopod Brain Grabber: Do we make this out of octopod leaves or Squirg tentacles? Find out and feel like your brain is too small for you skull!
Bloody Smokes: Party like a Draken! This bloodbriar mix will make you feel invincible! (Note; you aren't. Don't actually challenge any Draken).
Misty Nostalgia: Let this Mourningstar and Logicleaf extract help you recall moments of glory, revered ancestors, and departed loved ones. Perfect if you want to write mopey poetry!

Off The Record
If you ask our staff if we serve this, we will deny it.
(Password: "I'm afraid your bathroom is locked. May I have the key?")

Mindwarp: Logicleaf extract treated with Eldan omniplasm to produce heavy synesthetic effects, euphoria and hallucinations (Caution: addictive).
Churn: Made with a Bloodbriar base and Exanite shavings, induces increased stamina and vigor; a powerful aphrodisiac (Caution: addictive).

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