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06-24-2014, 11:56 PM
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RE: Scout
1) I can bring a lot of experience in roleplaying from both sides of the table, as a player and a GM. I hope to gain a gaming family online, so that when I log in, I can kick back and RP or just hang out OOC and know there's going to be somebody I enjoy spending time with when I'm in game around. I like MMOs but without an engaging community and RP going on, I find them a bit boring and all mechanics after a while. I like the social aspects of the game and roleplaying. That's what keeps me logging in. I can bring a rich and multi-dimensional character to the table. One that can help further stories and probably have one of her own to tell (when the timing is appropriate) that will add to the rich weave of lore going on in the group.

2) almost every guild I've been part of has kept the guild channel IC and then created an OOC custom channel. Why do I mention this? Because it allowed us to always join that channel no matter which character we logged in with. We could just roll up a character and know that we could hop into the OOC chatter straight away...why? Because we were a community. I always liked that aspect of my previous affiliations in other games. I wanted to talk to the people I liked hanging out with, regardless of what game-face I was wearing at the time. I always *hated* quitting a group. I've only ever resorted to it as a last measure, when I feel I've exhausted all other avenues of resolution. Why? Because I spent all that time developing relationships, etc.

As for patience...well...I'm still here for this OOC interview. I'm prepared to wait and answer as many questions as you'd like to pose to me. I'm not in a rush. I realise that this process is actually of value for both of us. It gives me time to reflect if I feel I really belong and for you to decide if you think I'm the 'right stuff' as it were. I prefer to play the long game myself. I don't need to rush to a conclusion. This is a progressive sort of story, not a sit com. I don't need to get it all wrapped up in 30 minutes.

3) Because you can't make this all fun for me. I have to get off my butt and get involved. The more you put in, the more rewards you get out...for everybody, usually. However, timing is key. I can't just run in like a bull in a china shop and demand to be the centre of attention. You need to look for an opportunity and get involved. Don't be afraid to step up, but be mindful of not stepping on people's toes.

4) Because an antagonistic attitude is destructive to a sense of community. It's the antithesis of co-operation and a meeting of minds. Word choices matter very much in online communities because there's a lack of other cues we have in face to face communication. Misunderstandings do and will happen, but that's why you need to be prepared to climb down and be willing to either explain yourself more fully or just drop the damn topic. Trolling with generalities is bad manners, IMHO.

5) Because as an online community, communication is the method by which bonds are formed. By sharing your ideas or even just being willing to have a silly conversation with people in an OOC fashion while you grind a bit of levelling is the way to reach out and form camaraderie with your guildies. Sharing a laugh or even just commiserating while somebody moans about that terrible PUG they are in is the way these things build up over time.
06-25-2014, 02:31 AM
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RE: Scout
Approved and accepted!

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06-25-2014, 03:04 AM
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RE: Scout
Sweet! What happens next? Smile

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