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[Main] Rachel "Scout" Hallows - WIP
06-25-2014, 07:10 AM (This post was last modified: 07-23-2014 10:51 PM by Scout.)
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[Main] Rachel "Scout" Hallows - WIP
Rachel "Scout" Hallows

[Image: Scout.png]

The Basics
Race: Human
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Class: Spellslinger
Path: Explorer
Job: Provisioner, part time cook

The Appearance

One man's scrawny is another man's willowy, but the truth is Rachel "Scout" Hallows has never had a whole lot of meat on her frame. She's never really sat still long enough to get any. Really the only thing saving her from the damnation of being 'perky' is the habitual scowl that crosses her face when she talks to folks.

What's visible of her light skin tends to be lightly tanned from her time outdoors and her pale blonde hair tends to be yanked up into practical, but haphazard ponytails when she hasn't hidden it under something to keep the sun off her head. Her eyes are a bright, lucid and deep blue -- like clear skies, but she squints too much at people for that to be the first thing they ever notice about her.

There's the suspicion that Scout'd scrub up pretty well if she'd ever stop looking like she'd just got pitched backwards through a hedge and gave a damn about how she looked. However, the odds of that happening seem on par with getting a longhorn to dance a waltz.

The Personality

Scout is, in a word, energetic. Full of a boundless curiosity that seems to spur her need to see what's over the next hill, or what's in that box over there, Scout demonstrates keen observational skills in the wilds that never really translate into her interactions with people.

She prefers to keep people at arm's length and on the back foot around her, using her quick wits to full advantage. In business situations, she's very comfortable and professional; but when it comes to her personal life, she's doesn't want to let anybody in. Why is hard to explain and Scout usually dances around the topic well enough that nobody's managed to put the whole picture together yet, to date. Whatever has happened has left her a very driven individual though, honing her into something wild, precise and dangerous.


Highly observant, clever, graceful and acrobatic -- full of finesse rather than brutal strength. Knowledgeable about odd things due to her curious nature, but not overly 'book smart'. An uncanny sense of aim.


Her cold, hard, almost brutal demeanour, defensive nature and acerbic tongue. Physically weak. Her own curiosity. Reckless and careless of her own physical safety, almost a 'flirting with death' complex.

The BackStory
Affiliations: (What groups, factions or peoples have you dealt with?) To date, Scout hasn't really stepped up about any of her previous affiliations.
Quick Notes: (Give some quick notes on your characters history and story here)
  • Scout seems to be highly trained in tracking
  • Scout clearly has some practical knowledge of Eldan technology and artifacts
  • Scout has admitted her father was a Judge and that he was murdered
  • Scout has sworn to get revenge on the Marauder gang that killed her father.


How did they Join the Gang?
Scout arrived at the Sassy with a delivery of drinking glasses and asked Seele for a job, which he obliged. She's now charged with resourcing goods (and perhaps services) for the Quartermaster of the club and acting as a back up cook for the Sassy n' Wilds' kitchen.





RP History / Notes

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