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Coldfluff [6/25, 1668 | Serenity | Kytex and Jane and CLOSED] [Mature][FIN]
06-26-2014, 11:30 AM
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Coldfluff [6/25, 1668 | Serenity | Kytex and Jane and CLOSED] [Mature][FIN]
Scrambling inside, forgetting to lock the hatch as he scurried to a fro, Kytex threw himself (with a little violent assistance from our friendly neighborhood Chua armloader, Dom) into the wall adjacent to the Lopp fireplace, scattering large chunks of snow and logs of wood everywhere as he practically embedded himself into it.

It had been quite a few days since he had signed the 'quasi-legal lease agreement' for his little slice of Nexus. Apparently, in the terms and agreements, his house would automatically move itself to the closest frozen hellhole on Nexus. Now having to deal with 45 mph blizzards and snow that pretty much buried his ship every morning, he had to make constant dives for the thicket and his fireplace to keep his house warm and toasty, and to prevent his own limbs from falling off. Eventually, when his extranet connection comes back on, he's going to buy the shit out of some hardcore snow removal devices and antihypothermic winter gear. Because having to survive this new kind of life was bullshit.

May the Weave abosrb Phineas T. Rotostar and his colossal cone headed existence some time soon.

But for the moment, our bounty hunter would do nothing save for frantically tossing logs of wood into the fire and sighing gratefully as the heat flowed fiercely from the fireplace.
06-26-2014, 11:34 PM
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RE: Coldfluff [6/25, 1668 | Serenity | Kytex and Jane and CLOSED]
Jane sprawled across the rough wood plank flooring of her tree house fortress. The glow of the datapad screen gave her features an eerie blue glow. She tapped furiously on the pad, coordinates danced across the screen, lighting up the different quadrant of the map. Locations pinged and blinked out again, blue, green, red. She marked every known location, color coded to match the specifics of each find. When she had the diagram complete, she sat bolt upright and shoved the mop of red hair out of her eyes, "Shit!" No time to change out of the itchy 'casual wear' Dee had forced on her. This was important! She grabbed what she needed and bolted for the teleporter.

She materialized and her feet went out from under her. "Fuck!" Her butt hit the compacted snow first and pretty much froze in place. The datapad flew out of her hands and embedded in a snow drift. A steady stream of curses followed Jane as she regained her footing and yanked the datapad free. Through the haze of falling snow, she saw the ship or house or .... whatever. "Damnittohell," she ran for it, shivering every step of the way. She was slowly turning from a healthy shade of suntan and freckles to a sickly blue as she banged both fists on the door. "Let me the fuck in before I freeze to death! Kytex! Open up!"
06-27-2014, 11:58 AM
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RE: Coldfluff [6/25, 1668 | Serenity | Kytex and Jane and CLOSED]
His ears perked up and he immediately threw himself from his safe haven of warmth and comfort, dashing to the door and opening it quickly, grabbing his commander with one arm and wrenching her from the cold hands of this freezing wind, pulling her inside, smacking the keypad next to the door with his other arm and rushing back to the fireplace with his partner in his arms as the door closed and the hatch sealed, trapping the warmth that had been leaking through the door.

Once more holding her, princess style, he brought her over to the fireplace, yanking the blankets off of his bed and quickly wrapping them around her. "Good WEAVE, Commander! What in heavens are you even doing here?! If I'd known you would be dropping by, I would have told you about the new life threatening conditions I live under. How long have you been out there?"
06-27-2014, 01:43 PM
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RE: Coldfluff [6/25, 1668 | Serenity | Kytex and Jane and CLOSED]
Jane's teeth chattered and her limbs were stiff with cold. She managed to lift one hand and point towards the bar, "Bourbon." Kytex, being the gentleman he is, would of course bring back a healthy dose of the elixir of life for Jane. She sat curled up in the blankets, close enough to the fire to make the ends of her hair smolder, and sipped greedily at the liquor. "Ahhhh, burns so good." She thumped her fist against the center of her chest and let out a belch. Returned to a more normal hue, she threw back the blanket and plunked the empty shot glass on the coffee table. She leaned toward Kytex, grinning wide.

"I figured it out!" She wrangled the datapad from her pocket and set it on the table next to the empty. She activated the pad, swiped her finger across the glowing screen and selected the three dimensional map. "See?" She showed him the colored pinpoints blinking in unison. "They aren't just mineral deposits or what not. It's a network!" She spun her finger around the top of the display and the map started to rotate. "See these blue points? Those are settlements. And the green, those are trade ports." As the map spun, the points started to align when viewed from the right angle. "I betcha this red points at the entrances." She looked at him, eyes beaming with excitement. "They got tunnels, Kid, all over the place!"
06-28-2014, 10:07 AM
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RE: Coldfluff [6/25, 1668 | Serenity | Kytex and Jane and CLOSED]
"Uh, wuh..." Kytex was promptly assaulted and overwhelmed with the flow of information that Jane had thrown at him. Unfortunately, without much of a premise to go off of, the information soared and took flight over his head, never to return again.

"...Come again? What exactly is all of this?" He continued to hold her, unaware of this fact as he sat befuddled on the couch, staring at the very distracting, blinking lights as the gears in his mind grinded and whirred away. Yet, no matter how long her stared at these lights, there was simply nary a hope of him debunking and breaking the code, solving the puzzle she had just battered his brain with.

"And...why me? I mean, I don't mind, but surely this information would better use to the Boss or one of the higher ups..." He scratched his head, smiling a little as he began to realize that she probably skipped directly over to him first with this breakthrough, judging from the way she was talking.
06-29-2014, 02:18 AM
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RE: Coldfluff [6/25, 1668 | Serenity | Kytex and Jane and CLOSED]
Jane abruptly shot up off the couch and pointed to the datapad. "It's from that datacube you seduced, remember?" She pranced around, wiggling her hips and doing a few pelvic thrusts to help jog his memory. "She finally gave up the goods." She plopped back down on the couch and flicked at Kytex's ear. "Pay attention."

The datapad display continued to rotate, and Jane pointed out the pertinent information. "If they have a tunnel system they are using to smuggle, it means /we/, " she motioned between the two of them with a flapping hand, "can pick them off as they come out and steal whatever it is they stole in the first place. It's the perfect plan, I just need a partner." She fell back on the couch, sly grin on her face and tucked her hands behind her head. Her boots tapped against each other propped on the edge of the coffee table. "Well? Whadda ya think?"
06-29-2014, 02:42 AM
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RE: Coldfluff [6/25, 1668 | Serenity | Kytex and Jane and CLOSED]
"I can't pay attention when you're putting on a nice dance for me." The bounty hunter chuckled.

He listened intently, nodding as he poured her another bourbon, handing her the glass. "I think you know well enough what I'm going to say. Of course I'm game, but...the weather would have it otherwise. I'm surprised you weren't 'ported into a mound of snow when you came in, the teleporter at the landing is probably buried out there. That, and I doubt either of us has the necessary gear to last any amount of time out there save running from point A to point B."

Kytex lounged back against the couch, rubbing his forehead. "Suffice to say, since we would have to shovel the snow off of the teleporter, we are essentially stuck here until the weather lets up. Shooting the snow isn't an option either at the risk of damaging the teleporter."

He sighs, "I suppose we could simply move the ship to our destination, but I'd really enjoy my house not getting stolen."
06-29-2014, 02:59 AM
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RE: Coldfluff [6/25, 1668 | Serenity | Kytex and Jane and CLOSED]
"Yeah, yeah, yeah," she waved away the comment about dancing and took the bourbon. She sipped as she listened. "Why ya set up camp in the middle of the snow anyway?" Another sip and a scratch under her chin, she leaned up and set the glass down on the table, elbows resting on her knees. Her head turned to the side to look at him through the mop of damp red tendrils. "Seems to me you would want something warmer and tree-ish."

She squirmed, sitting up so her back bowed, and scrunching up her face. One hand reached back to tug the hem of her snow soaked shirt away from her body. "Ya got anything dry on hand?" The itchy fabric was even worse when wet and Jane was quick with the complaints. "Fuckin' casual wear." She scratched at the wet collar choking around her neck. She grumped and tugged until she managed to stretch the front hem of her shirt over her knees and the back hem over the arm of the couch. Sitting in her tent, she looked at Kytex again, "So, what's the plan?"
06-29-2014, 03:14 AM
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RE: Coldfluff [6/25, 1668 | Serenity | Kytex and Jane and CLOSED]
"Well, I would prefer some thing nicer in climate, yes, but Phineas Fucking-T Blowstar and his fucking contracts had me move here under legal obligations."

He grabbed a towel and a shirt that he had made out of an experiment in tailoring, no collar or tag to be found, made out of high quality fabric that was soft to the touch and form-fitting. "Here, this should be human sized, roughly. Let me know what you think. If you like it, I can make more for you." The Aurin handed both of them to her, smiling as he sat back down.

"As for the plan, well...near as I can tell, hang out until the snow stop falling long enough for us to get off the plot alive. That might be a while so I guess we can drink, bum some Dominion entertainment or talk. Or all three." He shrugged
06-29-2014, 03:31 AM
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RE: Coldfluff [6/25, 1668 | Serenity | Kytex and Jane and CLOSED]
Jane stood, her wet smock billowing out around her. She yanked it off and dangled it over the back of the couch to dry. "I was thinkin,' " she wiggled the fresh shirt over her head, "We could set up surveillance first," arms through the sleeves, one of which was slightly longer than the other but she wasn't about to say anything. "See what they are carrying in and out, get a feel for the source, too." She smoothed the fabric down, and down, and down, the hem finally stopping right above her knees. She looked at Kytex, one eyebrow cocked up and a smirk on her face, "You sure you didn't mean Granok size?" She chuckled and flipped her hair over, hanging upside down from her waist, she wrapped the towel around her hair and tucked the tail under then stood back up.

She sat on the edge of the couch next to Kytex, all attention on the floating projection of Nexus. "I think they are smuggling weapons, supplying their outposts. Shit, if we can break up even just one of their channels..." She looked over at him again, "We'd be set." With a sigh, she hit the power button to kill the display and grabbed her drink. Toeing off her boots, she curled her legs under herself on the couch and sipped the smooth, smoky bourbon. "But until then, tell me more about this cannibalism of yours."

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