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Coldfluff [6/25, 1668 | Serenity | Kytex and Jane and CLOSED] [Mature][FIN]
07-05-2014, 04:17 AM
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RE: Coldfluff [6/25, 1668 | Serenity | Kytex and Jane and CLOSED] [Mature]
"A weakness, hm? Well...I'd say wrath is a weakness of mine, courtesy of the arenas. My temper can be meddled with to an extent, but its coming down off the high of pure rage that is my biggest of worries."

Kytex frowned a little, ears folding back against his head as his heart fell a little.

"That was part of my hesitation into coming into this guild, or to coming back into the arms of society in general. Above all else, I don't want to hurt any of you. Not my friends, comrades..."

He looked off to the side, letting out a sigh.

"...Weave knows what I'd do to myself if I ever turned a hand to you..."

Silently, he picked up the dice, gave it a good shake, and threw them back onto the coffee table.

[Image: ITwwS0q.png]

"...Truth. Alright, Commander, what about you? What is your hubris?"

He coughed little, "That means weakness, by the way."
07-05-2014, 10:28 AM
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RE: Coldfluff [6/25, 1668 | Serenity | Kytex and Jane and CLOSED] [Mature]
Jane listened to his confession, and gave him a sympathetic pat on the knee. "Ya know, Kid. The reason I ask 'cause if ya can name yer weakness then you can control it instead of lettin' it control you." She even ruffled the hair between his floppy ears.

"Now as for me, well, lemme see." She pondered, "I gotta weakness fer a good game o' cards and the ladies with big racks. I got a weakness fer quality machines." Her hand pointed to the contraption suspended from the ceiling, "I'd love ta get m'hands on that sometime." She looked around the ship, "Got a weakness fer speakin' my mind whether it's the time and place or not, and I reckon I got a weakness for learnin' the truth of things. Sometimes I can't let somethin' go til I know the ins and outs of it, even if it ain't my business."

Her head hair twisted to lay over her shoulder as she turned to look at the Aurin. The smile she gave him was one of respect, not pity. "Yer a good soldier, Kid, good friend, too." She picked up the dice and let it roll out of her palm onto the table.

[Image: OV7lWwJ.jpg]

"Looks like another secret, Sunshine." She tweaked the tip of his ear, "I letcha pick this time."
07-05-2014, 12:54 PM
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RE: Coldfluff [6/25, 1668 | Serenity | Kytex and Jane and CLOSED] [Mature]
"E-er, well..." At this point, he could barely focus, what with her toying with his ever so delicate ears, sending a flush across his face at this display of affection.

"...I have a bit of a fondness for your eyes. They're awful..."

Well he certainly couldn't half ass it and say 'pretty', now could he?


Fairly flustered at this point, now that he was plenty more sober and realizing that he was smooshing himself against the practically bare back of his commander, he took up the dice and quickly rolled them once more as his heart practically pounded itself out of his chest and into the muscles in her back.

[Image: rUJCSit.png]

"Oh good heavens, another dare..." His heart began to race even faster. But he wasn't going to back out of this yet, and if this next maneuver won't put an end to the game, then this was going to get awkward real fast.

"...I-I dare you to t-take off the bra." Kytex stammered, clearly flustered now.

This had to be it. This had to be the game winner...
07-05-2014, 10:50 PM
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RE: Coldfluff [6/25, 1668 | Serenity | Kytex and Jane and CLOSED] [Mature]
Jane laughed so hard she snorted. "Damn, Kid, if you wanna fuck just say so." One hand reached back to unclasp the hook holding her bra in place. She wasn't a stripper, there was no teasing or feigned modesty. She slid the straps down her arms all business-like and leaned around Kytex to drape it over the couch next to her drying shirt.

"So, you wanna keep playin' games or move this to the bed?"
07-06-2014, 05:24 AM
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RE: Coldfluff [6/25, 1668 | Serenity | Kytex and Jane and CLOSED] [Mature]
"W-...I-I was just interested in winning the game but...I suppose I can't refuse an offer like that, now can I?" He gave her a bashful smile, carefully lifting her from his lap the same way he did when her leg was injured during their mission together.

Setting her upon his bed, he hopped up and straddled her legs, trailing kisses up her abdomen to just above where her heart lay, disrobing between every few kisses until he was in nothing but his black briefs.

"...Lights on, or off?" He whispered, letting his hands explore her body as he awaited her answer.

[Several Hours Later]

Panting for dear life after a rather exceedingly wild sex romp, lit with nothing by the rather amusing Hoogle lamp attached to the headboard above, he layed beside his commander in the now sweat soaked sheets of his bed, shivering as the sheets begin to cool down and lose their warmth, huddling into his partner's body to escape their cool touch.

"...I think we might need to move to another bed." He chuckled, resting his head upon Jane's shoulder, still panting like crazy.
07-06-2014, 07:24 AM
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RE: Coldfluff [6/25, 1668 | Serenity | Kytex and Jane and CLOSED] [Mature]
Jane threw her head back and laughed, "Come on, Kid! Beds are for beginners!" She pointed to the crane arm suspended from the ceiling. "Ya think that thing can hold one or both of us?"

She ruffled the tuft of hair between his ears and leaned over to nip the tip of one of the blue fuzzies. "Maybe next go 'round, aye?" She scooted to the edge of the bed and planted her feet on the floor. "I bet my shirt's dry by now." She wandered around picking up one piece of discarded clothing after another and sorted them into his and hers piles on the foot of the bed. "Snow or not, I got work needs doin'." She shimmied into her jeans and pulled the sweater over her head. Undergarments got shoved into pockets and feet into boots.

"Ranged practice behind the Sassy at o-eight hundred. Be there." She blew him a kiss and headed for the front door.
07-06-2014, 07:33 AM
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RE: Coldfluff [6/25, 1668 | Serenity | Kytex and Jane and CLOSED] [Mature][FIN]
He sighed happily, saluting her goodbye and watching smittenly as she moved to leave. "...Yes ma'am~..."

After she left, he got up, stumbling around, when he came across her abnormally long shirt. He looked at it, and proceeded to bury his face into in, taking in the scent and purring loudly as he drags it to the marauder's bed upstairs with him, curling up into the sheets with the shirt and falling asleep with it in his arms.


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