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<MAIN> Melody Viridia
06-28-2014, 04:25 AM (This post was last modified: 07-03-2014 07:00 PM by Melody.)
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<MAIN> Melody Viridia
Melody Viridia

[align=center]The Basics
Race: Human
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Class: Spellslinger
Path: Explorer
Job: Tattoo Artist/Dancer

The Appearance
Melody walks with a quiet, thoughtful gait. Various sigils and runes have been tattooed in black ink across her body.

"Signature" Tattoos: (She's got oodles more that may be mentioned in RP, but these are her main defining projects.)

Two Spellslinger runes, symbols of trickery and manipulative magics are inked into either side of her neck

Wreathed around her collarbone is an intricate lei of Ancient Eldan sigils

Various Human texts and tribal markings run down both of her arms, the text being her favorite quotes from ancient fables weaved in with specific incantations for various spells.

The front of each shoulder has twin Runes of Power, one the inverse of the other, inked into her skin.

On the back of her hands are Spellslinger Runes of Power identical to the ones on her shoulders, these serve as the primary focal points for most of her spells.

On each hip resides two Spellslinger sigils for Fire Magics

Her largest and most intricate tattoo is the sigil for Frost Magics, spanning across the middle of her back, from shoulderblade to shoulderblade.
The Personality

Talents/Strengths: Gifted artist, less gifted musician. An adaptive, strong mind and solid reflexes.

Weaknesses: Perpetually melancholic. Reclusive tendencies. Hot-headed in combat, a tendency to turn to sedatives when the going gets rough

The BackStory
Quick Notes:
[*] She learned her trade through her mother.

    Melody was born and raised by her single mother, and picked up her love for tattooing and body modification through spending most of the days she was not at school with her mother at her small tatto shop. Spellslinging was a natural outlet for her fidgity form and sharp mind, and those days that her mother did not work, they together poured over Spellslinger texts and practiced the artform diligently. Melody's mother died when she was barely a teenager, caught in an explosion aboard a sabotaged shuttle, and from that day on Mel was on her own. Using what her mother taught her, Mel used her wits and her talents to bounce from working various bars to running a moderately successful mobile tattoo parlor, when she arrived on Nexus, she knew it was the right time to open a B&M shop.

    How did they Join the Gang?
    -- Mel first heard about the gang through Hattie, who mentioned them while getting some work done. The rest remains to be seen.





    RP History / Notes

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