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[ALT] Tetsuko Connors
06-28-2014, 05:15 AM
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[ALT] Tetsuko Connors
Tetsuko Connors

[Image: tumblr_n7udahyLzO1qkky4zo1_1280.jpg]

The Basics
Race: Human, Asian-like ethnicity
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Class: Engineer
Path: Settler
Job: Bouncer, maintenance, mechanic

The Appearance
Short and wiry, prefers baggy clothing to hide a well-toned physique. Her light coppery skin and slanted, oval-shaped eyes reveal an uncommon ethnicity among Exiles. She keeps her straight, black hair tomboyishly short.

The Personality

Snarky, self-deprecating humor is one of her staples, which she ironically uses to both keep people away and to try to ingratiate herself to others. She's gruff and tough-as-nails, and fiercely protective of friends and family. She likes to whine and complain, but in the end she will do carry out her duties efficiently and to the best of her abilities, because excelling at her job brings her a lot of satisfaction.

She has no qualms in going after things she wants and indulge herself in earthly pleasures, having left a string of one-night stands throughout the Exile fleet and more than a few holes in her memory from drunken binges.

Talents/Strengths: Determined, fiercely loyal, responsible, and protective. As crewmember of a forward scout ship, she knows a lot about everything there is to know to keep a ship running, with planetside applications, and that includes combat training that specializes on throws and holds that exploit momentum and inertia, perfectly suited for zero-g combat and surprising acrobatics in a gravity well.

Weaknesses: Somewhat insecure and needy; despite her loner attitudes, she craves the company of others and may go to self-destructive extremes to not be alone. She suffers from muscular tissue and nerve damage due to oxygen deprivation and extended exposure to radiation; this doesn't weaken her, but may flare up as mildly as tingling to extreme and crippling pain. This condition is slowly developing into an addiction to painkillers. Silence freaks her out and may trigger a PTSD episode.

The BackStory

The first settlers of Cassus were diverse and with varied backgrounds, but the early history of the first Cassians is mired in legends and hearsay, with extremely few records having survived to this day. Tetsuko's Cassian ancestors were some of the people who chose to keep exploring once survival in Cassus was assured, and were the foremost explorers and settlers who expanded what would become the galaxy-spanning Dominion.

These early spacers retained their space-faring ways even after the Mechari found the Cassians on the Eldan's behalf, and lacked both Luminai and Highborn leaders.

It's no surprise most of them joined the Exiles when push came to shove, but by this point whatever culture or ethnic purity originated them had mingled into a collection of half-forgotten words, mixed traits and features, and cultural notions that supported their half-nomadic lifestyle, calling themselves ronin, one of those many terms with an ancient past that nobody really knows about.

Tetsuko was born in one of those ronin ships, the aptly named Ronin Pride. Her father was the ship's helmsman and her mother was the chronicler, and although Tetsuko learned from both of them, her passion lay elsewhere and she spent a lot of time with the ship's techies, eventually learning their trade and getting an apprenticeship.

She learned to operate and repair most of the equipment found on the ship, and her manual dexterity and plentiful stamina made her the Ronin's Pride chief of extravehicular activities (EVA), and top exo-suit operator.

During an extended scouting mission away from the main Exile fleet, the Ronin Pride was ambushed by a Dominion patrol fleet. The scout frigate put up a brave fight but was hopelessly outgunned and outnumbered. The damage was more than what the tech team could repair and after all the navigation records were purged from the system, the ship's captain gave the order to evacuate.

One of the images that frequently assault Tetsuko's nightmares is her mother pushing her into an escape pod seconds before being engulfed in a stream of fire. And things after that just went worse.

Tetsuko's pod jammed inside its tube and the jarring stop knocked her unconscious. She was woken up by dozen alarms. Wearing her EVA gear, Tetsuko left the pod and returned to the charred remains of the Ronin Pride. The once-proud spacer ship was just scattered debris now. The suit's instruments found the beacons for all of the frigate's escape pods floating not too far, but all she could find was more destruction. The dominion had apparently made an issue to shoot at the pods.

The next hours were spent in cold, detached efficiency as she salvaged the ship's surviving stores of breathable air, repaired a rescue beacon and set it to transmit along Exile frequencies.

Then she just set down to wait. And she waited. And waited. And waited.

She ran out of water, used up her CO2 filters, and slowly went insane, a single speck of nothing floating alone in the vastness of space, among the dead fragments of her life.

She woke up in the Gambler's Ruin's cryochamber. She was informed that another scout ship had found her unconscious and took her back to the main fleet, her condition extremely delicate, and put in hybernation to facilitate her treatment. She was suffering already from tissue and nerve damage, and she still needed rehabilitation, but all she had to her name was the exosuit she'd been wearing when they found her, as all salvage rights to the Ronin Pride's remains were given by a Judge to the crew that had found her.

And thus she arrived to Nexus nearly destitute, alone, and shell-shocked. The FCON recruiter she talked to deemed her unfit for military duty due to her injuries and untreated PTSD, and the only work she could find was with the new city's maintenance crews, until she heard some bikers talk about their crew in a bar, and she decided to apply to join the Malverines.

Affiliations: (What groups, factions or peoples have you dealt with?)
Quick Notes:
  • Tetsuko comes from a long line of spacers of varied ethnicities.
  • She's an expert space techie and pilot.
  • She spent several days alone floating in space as the only (known) survivor of her ship.
  • She suffers from PTSD, triggered by silence. She also suffers from occasional muscular pain, which is driving her to become addicted to painkillers.
  • She joined the Malverines as a multipurpose maintenance techie and bouncer for the Sassy.
  • She fights hand-to-hand in an acrobatic style of throws and holds ((Think The Avengers' Black Widow))


How did they Join the Gang?
--Asked Cathal for a job, and she got it.





RP History / Notes

[Image: tumblr_n9isgnQSyh1qkky4zo1_500.jpg]
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