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Reflections on the Road (closed) - Some when soon - way out there in the yonder.
07-02-2014, 04:46 AM
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Reflections on the Road (closed) - Some when soon - way out there in the yonder.
Rachel'd scouted the crevasse that she'd set camp up in thoroughly. There was more than one route out of it, even if it had nearly scraped the skin off her to get through it. The outcropping of rock that neatly hid the opening served to stop the low light of the tiny scrub fire she'd started from showing out into the valley below. This was crucial considering she probably had a small squad of Dommies out hunting her skinny ass. Well, if they were, she reckoned she'd left them half a day behind her -- even with the haul she was carting.

Scout eyed the crate of liquor that had been pretty much the reason she'd been spotted. She'd made off with the soda syrup just fine out the back of the supply depot. It'd been the heavy box of booze that had made her graceless enough to set off the proximity sensors that had tripped the alarms and the whole thing had lit up like Bingo.

She'd hightailed it back to the grinder and took off like somebody'd set her ass on fire (which she privately felt might be likely if the Dommies did get their hands on her).

However, as she dug into the crate and yanked a bottle out of the stasis impact packing she grinned. All the hassle and the several days she'd spend shaking those bastards off her trail would be very much worth it for the look on Seele's face when she came strutting in with this haul. Dommies always did insist on drinking the good stuff. Hell, Scout would bet this stuff might have been distilled on Cassius.

Only one way to be sure though.

She looked around, as if the pitch black around her would sprout any condemning figures, and then broke the seal around the cork stopper on the bottle. A soft sigh that was part relief, part pleasure and part appreciation slipped past her lips as the burn of the bona fide Cassian bonded bourbon roared down her throat and lit a warmth in her belly.

She paused to stare up at the stars she could see through the narrow opening of her hidden camp.

Thoughts tumbled around inside her head. This club she'd joined sounded pretty good on the surface; but she'd seen one of the uglier sides of it already. One of the guys had gone off on a jealous rampage over one of the girls (well, let's face it, not just any girl but THE girl that seemed to preside over all of the dancers), because she'd slept with the boss. Scout chewed her lower lip as she mulled it over. She reached for the comfortable reactions, the ones that kept her safe -- a certain sense of rightness about her chosen path, the one that kept her alone, kept anybody from getting too close. She slammed the lid down on a few she didn't care to examine any further, just like she always did.

That's how you survived. You reached for what kept you going, what put you on the path to your goals. Everything else could be dumped in a lead-lined box and dumped like toxic waste into the morass of your soul.

Cathal had banished Grixx. Scout wasn't sure if she was relieved the Mordesh hadn't been killed outright, or if she felt that it had been a dangerous indulgence on Cathal's part. One brought on by maybe a sense of guilt for what had happened? She squinted. It didn't quite sound right, but she didn't think she was really far wrong. Cathal'd hate to turn on one of the club because of their actions; but at the same time he'd never let any of them break the rules. His actions had been part of what had spurred the Mordesh to lose his sense of reason and turn on other members.

Now that was a fairly big pile of How-do-you-fucking-do.

Any decent leader that cared about the people under them would feel a pinch of guilt over that; but a good one would do what was best for the club overall despite that.

Scout took another pull off the bottle, letting the alcohol sink into her. She'd be careful. Not too much tonight. Just enough to take off the edge. Yeah. Just enough to make sure she wouldn't wake up with the echoes of those screams in her ear and the sickly-sweet smell of charred flesh in her nostrils again.

Everything that had happened just slammed home to her exactly why you did *not* get personal with folks. It got in the way of everything. It got in the way of the one thing that mattered.

Rachel spat out into the darkness.

The only thing that mattered was revenge. One day it would be hers.

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