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Dondario Bartram
07-07-2014, 07:00 AM
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Dondario Bartram
Dondario Bartram

<[Image: vaas-far-cry-3.jpg]>

The Basics
Race: Cassian
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Class: Medic
Path: Soldier
Job: Private security, Planet striping

The Appearance
Standing at 5'9", Dondario is handsome by Cassian standards. He has skin the color of caramel and a close cut mohawk on the top of his head, He has a scar that runs over his left eyebrow, a souvenir from an angry Aurin that was not too pleased with his unit cutting down trees in Arboria.

The Personality
Dondario is friendly by default, but has a undertone of seriousness to everything he says. His family upbringing taught him how to be a prim and proper Cassian, but he ignores those lessons on almost a constant basis. He may not salute when he is supposed to, or have the sharpest uniform at inspection, but he is someone you definitely want on your side when the shit is about to hit the fan. To Dondario, business is business, and he is not above following horribile orders if that is what is required of him. But after the business is done, Dondario is all about having a good time, joking and laughing with the same people he may have been chewing out moments before.

Multi tasking- Running his own business has taught Dondario to work with several balls in the air at once without losing sight of his objectives.
Charismatic-Dondario can usually talk his way out of most situations, and makes allies quickly.
Roughneck-Working long hours in hostile environments has made Dondario tougher than your average Dominion soldier. He does not shy away from using heavy handed tactics to get the results he requires.

Reckless-Dondario can get himself into trouble when it comes to having the sense to get out of a losing fight. This issue also extends to drinking contests, and any other situation that involves showing off bravado.
Stim abuse-Dondario has been known to use stims to stay awake for days at a time to keep on schedule during a job. That use can follow him on his off time as well on occasion.

The BackStory
As a child, Dondario was given all the benefits a highborn child could ever ask for. Even with endless funds and resources at his disposal, Dondario preferred running around with the lowborn in kids the dilapidated areas of the Arkship instead of attending family functions and business meetings. He knew his history, the Bertram family were cousins to the Talyns, so when it was time to choose a ship to board, they naturally chose to embark on the BrightStar leading to a hatred of the Exiles out of pure convenience. After the passing of his father, Dondario was put in charge of the family's planet stripping corporation, a fleet of men dedicated to stripping the resources of planets annexed by the Dominion on its path to discovering Nexus. After the corporations assignment to Arboria, Dondario rose sharply in standing with the Bartram family, sending millions of credits worth of minerals and lumber back to the Arkship for the Dominion war effort.

Affiliations: Black Jabbit Mining Corp, 701st Dominion Corps of Engineers
Quick Notes:
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RP History / Notes

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