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07-08-2014, 05:59 AM (This post was last modified: 07-14-2014 04:50 PM by Zukanga.)
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Zukanga had been watching the Illium Cryo-prison since late the night before. He had waited until one of his payed off guardsman took his post, then slunk across the gaudy courtyard. He lit a cigarette, pulled out a small toolkit, and went to work on the board the prisoners kept track of their dead on. He pulled the memory disks out, then loaded one of his own, grinning as the same list appeared, plus an extra name.

He grunted and swore as he climb the wall above his bait, sharp claws gripping the stone. He sat at the top and stayed awake until the morning. As the sun rose, casting a ruddy orange hue over the city, he leaned back on the upper wall, leaned his head back, and started to breath.

He smelled sweat and expensive colognes, or perfumes. Cassians....or confused Chua. Clanking and the smell of metal and citrus told him when Mechari patrols passed underneath. The few Chua that waddled by smelled like they were made of always made him nervous. Then he smelled it, licking his lips and grinning. He had tasted no sweeter meat than the kind that smelled of the forest, and fear. He pulled out a pair of binoculars and looked down at the sign. Sure enough, phantom footprints and a brief distortion marked his quarry. He focused on the spot behind where the footprints stopped, and pulled the Void around himself.

"Stop your screaming runt, your end doesn't come today." he chucked the Aurin into a corner of the cave. The Hycrest graveyards were riddled with them, and this hole kept out prying eyes.

"Look at this!" he barked, grabbing the restrained Aurin by the ears. He held up a long, thin finger. It had been cleanly cut from a female Aurin's hand by the size of it.

"Do you know who's this is!?" he ungagged the shivering captive kicking him in the gut and throwing the grisly gift at his feet.

"My mother died! You've been lying this whole time you Dominion lapdog!" he spit the words out, then reeled back against a large, covered crate when Zukanga kicked him in the chest again.

"And who do you think wrote the list last night, you inbred little shit?" he reached down and picked up the finger, then uncovered the crate behind his captive. It was a cryopod, actually hanging from a higher chamber. The lovely Aurin woman inside was missing her right index finger. Her red hair was only frosted enough to have been re-suspended for a day.

*cCrunch* The Aurins hackles raised as the sound rang out through the sudden stillness.

"M-mother....," his face grew pale, then more pale when heard the sound, " sick, sadistic bastard!" Zukanga palmed the grisly prop while he chewed on a rowsdower bone, an interrogation tactic he had devised while serving on Arboria.

"Listen to me now, rodent. You will continue the operation I set you on when we made planetfall. But now, you will come back here each night, and report on the activities of the friends I told you to make. Got it?" the shorter man nodded, a few tears rolling down his face.

"You had better, or our next date will be over dinner, and I eat a lot," he loosed the Aurin's bonds, "your gear is in the spider filled woods south of here. Have a safe trip, and good hunting." He walked casually, and confidantly, toward the front of the cave. He hit a slider on his belt, and walked outside, leaving the weeping Aurin scratching at the pod as it rose out of reach.

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