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The White [07 / 07-08, 1668 | Whitevale | Zylla and Kytex, CLOSED]
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The White [07 / 07-08, 1668 | Whitevale | Zylla and Kytex, CLOSED]
Zylla thanked the Blood Gods for air travel. She made the trip from Illium to Whitevale in a few hours, and from Palerock Post to the Exile base of Thermock hold in the remainder of the day. Her uniblade had been stashed and hidden a few miles to the west, as she was perched on a hill where she could see the traffic.

Patience was hard for her, but she could do it. One did not survive the Shattersoul Rites of Passage without patience. She was carrying the fruits of an all-nighter: a set of small landmines containing a very special payload, and a very special delivery system. All she needed was a target.

She had liked Abbigal; for all her oh-so-very-strictness, the Talyn woman had not shouted at Zylla's antics, only advised her to keep a rein on them. And the Malverines had killed her, and taken her guns.

She might have understood if they took her head, or a hand, or something else as a trophy, but taking the pistols was an insult. Her soul needed her weapons in the way to that which lay beyond, and the Reilly person had taken that away from her. Zylla was not going to stand for it.

She was disobeying orders by coming here alone, but she knew Zukanga was out patrolling in the region, and if she needed backup, she'd ask for it.

But this game she was playing was a game for one. One-on-one, to be precise.

Her patience paid off. Through her binoculars caught the symbol she'd committed to memory from the Sovereign files. The angry bestial face of the Blacksky Malverines. An Aurin on a Grinder. Perfect.

She knew Whitevale like the palm of her hand and she had studied all the best spots to spring her trap. The next step was to follow the Malverine from a distance.

And then, boom, baby... boom.

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07-08-2014, 09:48 AM
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RE: The White [07 / 07, 1668 | Whitevale | Zylla and Kytex, CLOSED]
Making a trip down to Whitevale...Kytex thought it would be pleasant. He couldn't have been more wrong. Much like his home, it was a freezing wasteland of snow...nothing but white for miles out here. But he wanted to see more of Nexus, and he had his camo-fluff jacket, made from dye and various hides, mostly Roan, and winter gear he had purchased from the local CX. He was about as white snow, he even managed to make a cover for his tail and ears.

The only problem was that now he'd have less mobility. However, he quickly shook himself of those thoughts while traveling southbound. He would need to keep his wits about himself and the road.

His tail curled from fear. Anyone could be watching him. Following him. He might not even know it. This was new territory, but he needed to learn it, master it, conquer it. That was what it meant to him to be a survivalist and a settler.

...And so he road on, digging deeper into Whitevale, taking in the sight that could be seen on his grinder...
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RE: The White [07 / 07, 1668 | Whitevale | Zylla and Kytex, CLOSED]

Zylla was singing in her head. Not that anyone could hide the tracks of that beast of a vehicle that where hoverbikes, but the Aurin was making absolutely no effort, and the snowy terrain was only helping her.

Dun-dun, dun-dun!

She grinned as the tracks veered off the lakeside road, heading West. Skeetch territory. Only a few miles more, so she pushed on the pedals of her Eldan-teched hoverboard, a much better vehicle for this terrain and her purpose: light, maneuverable... and completely silent.

And of course, cold as all heck, but she was using her augmentation cyber-parts to generate some heat, so it wasn't all that uncomfortable. Besides, she had traveled on Mikros' Nightside. THAT was cold.


The Aurin was about to turn a bend on the path, and Zylla knew where the path lead. She hopped and cut corners over a hill, balancing her body to dodge trees and jump over an unsuspecting pumera.

She shed her coat, and extracted two of her babies from her pack. Sheer balance and agility kept her on her board as she slid beside the grinder, keeping its speed.

All that Kytex saw was white to his right, replaced by dark-tan scales and orange-glowing Eldan augmentation cables. The Draken female beamed a really big and toothy smile at him as she held an oblong disc on each hand, one with blue blinking lights, the other with green. She used the slope beside the road to make an impossible sommersault over the grinder, releasing the devices as she landed along his left, her hoverboard kicking a bank of snow.

He heard two metallic thuds on the back of his grinder as the magnetic clamps on the devices secured them on the body, and then the Draken gave him a friendly wave and disappeared through a golden magic circle that appeared in front of her.

And boom!

Everything electric and electronic on the Grinder died as the EMP mine fried every circuit around it in normalspace, and the other mine tore a hole into the engine, releasing a stream of malignant omniplasm that proceeded to turn every mechanism into mulch.

Zylla returned from the Void among the trees, hopping off her hoverboard and instantly going invisible as she activated a mesh of short-term nanofield distortion. Good for a few seconds, but enough for a trained Draken Huntress to completely lose herself into the wild.

The game was afoot...

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07-08-2014, 10:32 AM
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RE: The White [07 / 07, 1668 | Whitevale | Zylla and Kytex, CLOSED]

...White. White and fire. Kytex threw himself up, wiggling the snow off of himself. Holding his head, he looked to his grinder.

Absolutely boned.

Getting up, he shakes the rest of the snow off of himself, investigating the wreckage. From what he can tell, after taking it apart for any possible repairs, anything relying on battery power is fried to shit, engine has been royally screwed what with the fucking hole in it, and the rest of the parts have been completely liquified.


...Draken. It was a Draken who did this...a Draken with a rather cute nose, stunning smile and...Weave those a blue star in the middle of space, radiant and radioactive...


Satisfied that pretty much everything had been rendered useless, Kytex ran towards the ocean of trees, knowing that his comm was most likely dead. Whoever this Draken was, they want this to be personal. Private. Whoever she is most likely about as dangerous as she extremely cute and- god DAMN it!

Shaking his head of the mental image of the smug Draken, he took out his saw and began setting about cutting down trees and producing, listening to the sounds about himself, ready to drop the laser saw at any moment and draw his pistols. If he was going to make it out here alive, he would need to build shelter, hunt, and produce fire.

This would be no different from how he lived a few years ago up to last month. On his own. No help. Little resources-...

...The saw isn't starting up. God damnit!

Throwing the saw down he picks up a rather sharp looking rock and begins whacking it into the tree, determined to get lumber and make a shelter before nightfall...yet keeping his ears about himself.

He doubted she would simply up and leave. No...he's being hunted, no doubt.

...In the back of his mind though, he really, REALLY hope he gets to meet this draken in person. He is simply unable to not think about that mindblowing smile of her's...
07-08-2014, 10:50 AM
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RE: The White [07 / 07, 1668 | Whitevale | Zylla and Kytex, CLOSED]
Zylla looked on dumbfounded as the Aurin banged on a tree. She'd heard they were tree-huggers who loved nature as long as "nature" meant "forest"... so... did this count as domestic violence?

Well, at least he had the sense to not try to repair the Grinder, but whatever it was he was doing now was a mystery to the young Huntress.

She had been expecting a chase, but... she thanked the Blood Gods for this chance, as it looked like the Aurin was going to be here for a while.

She slipped through the trees, retrieving her coat and then off into the woods to start planting surprises. She wasn't worried about spending the night. Unlike the Aurin, she was prepared with her camping gear, and a general knowledge of the land. She knew where she could sleep and be safe, not that she was planning on sleeping tonight. The real fun would happen after nightfall...

For now, she returned to the crash site to see the Aurin hard at work building some sort of shelter. She arced an eyebrow and shrugged, then placed a little device on a leather sling. Primitive, but effective and, once more... silent.

Kytex was hard at work when he hear something land on the snow a few paces away from him. It was something metallic. A small holo-projector.

It was a few seconds before it activated and projected the phoenix-head emblem of the BrightStar Sovereigns, with the Dominion Anthem playing softly before three words sounded that Zylla had recorded herself, in a sing-a-long tone.

"Blood for buh-lo-oh-od!"

And then a mag-pistol round fired from the trees, vaporizing the snow beside Kytex.

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07-08-2014, 11:06 AM
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RE: The White [07 / 07, 1668 | Whitevale | Zylla and Kytex, CLOSED]
Whipping around, he drew his pistols and-


...Oh. Right. The EMP.

Rushing out, in a madness, barely known to him, he grabbed up the holo and replayed it.


And again.


....Oh for god sake, what is he doing?

What he was doing was rolling his brain around the voice, how insanely adorable it was, and the fact that he couldn't even understand what the last word she was saying at the end of the song.

But it was clear that she was working for the Sovereigns, which made Kytex feel horribly conflicted.

...He continued hitting the replay button on the projecter, just imagining how mind numbling cute she must be in person. It was clear that she knew about his weakness for Draken. Why else would she sing in such a fashion? Well it was working, before long, the camosuit covered, winter mask wearing kitten was chopping down the tree with a rock in cadence, humming the song.



07-08-2014, 11:22 AM
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RE: The White [07 / 07, 1668 | Whitevale | Zylla and Kytex, CLOSED]
Zylla blinked, her confusion growing. Any sane person would be running into the woods to escape getting shot at, but he had just returned to hitting the tree with a rock, and singing along her threatening holo. Maybe she'd met her match in unorthodox, out-of-the-box thinking.

Well, she was not going to be out-weirded by an Aurin!

There was the unmistakeable sound of magic poking a hole in space-time, and Zylla materialized, hanging upside down from a nearby branch.

"So... how many years do you think it will take you to cut down that tree?"

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07-08-2014, 11:37 AM
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RE: The White [07 / 07, 1668 | Whitevale | Zylla and Kytex, CLOSED]
He perked up, looking over to her as she materialized. Angels sang, and he simply stood. And stared.

And stared.

And stared.

...There might be something wrong with him.

"Madame, I must simply ask that you back away." Kytex spoke in his ususal Cassian Highborn accent. "For you see, I harbor a rather...unusual soft spot for your kind, and you in particular are a most staggeringly beautiful woman, a lady of the highest echelon, no doubt. Though you may be my enemy, I feel the increasing desire to lose myself in the starry jewels that be your eyes, the cerulean hued void that doth enchant me so. Ergo, I must ask that you simply leave or back away."

He catches a falling stick, a rather large stick at that and one that had probably been in the process of getting ready to fall for years now, and unpockets a bit of sewing thread from the utility pockets on his jacket, and ties the rock to the stick in an attempt to make a makeshift axe.

"...For I may attempt to unceremoniously jump up and kiss you on the lips, Siren of Whitevale."

Keeping a careful eye on her, he begins whacking away at the tree with the shitty axe, hoping neither blade nor handle breaks before he gets his lumber.

"...Also I'm chopping this tree down, so you might want to move."
07-08-2014, 12:00 PM
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RE: The White [07 / 07, 1668 | Whitevale | Zylla and Kytex, CLOSED]
Zylla stared back as the Aurin spoke like a fussy poet, then began laughing.

She kept laughing even as her legs lost grip on the branch and she fell down on the snow.

She sprung on her feet, still laughing.

"Aha! Haha! Aaah!" She guffawed at last and grinned. "Very well, oh-so-fine-gentlefurry."

She made a ludicrous courtsey, a playful glint on her eyes. She threw her coat away, revealing her lean and athletic figure.

"Let me explain the situation now." She continued even as she undid the clasp in her leggings, gauging the Aurin's reactions.

"You see... your boss. The Reilly, he killed my boss." She continued as she tossed her pants next to her coat

"He took her pistols too." She then began loosening the wraps around her chest, about the only clothing that fit well around the Eldan augmentations barring some extraordinary effort.

"So, you see, among my people, that is grounds for a blood feud." And there she stood, in her skimpy underwear and the wrappings around her ankles and forearms. And of course, the tubes, wiring and plating of the augmentation. "So, I'm here to kill you."

A small sigil flashed in front of her pistol's muzzle and a flaming rock destroyed the tree Kytex had been working on.

"But, as is also the way of my people, I'm giving you a running start." She smiled sweetly, aiming both pistols at him.

She fired again, a normal round that flew near Kytex's head.

"Or you can take a bullet for each remaining piece of clothing on me, hm?" She swayed her hips side to side, leveraging the weakness the Aurin had oh-so-candidly confessed. "Make your choice in 5... 4... 3..."

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07-08-2014, 12:35 PM
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RE: The White [07 / 07, 1668 | Whitevale | Zylla and Kytex, CLOSED]
Faster than a blur, lighter than the snow flake upon the air, our Aurin, blushing madly (though it could not be seen behind his mask), took flight...straight at the draken.

[Image: beAOXuy.png]

Brandishing his new weapon, Kytex swings and expertly knocks the pistols out of her hand, delivering a powerful kick to her diaphragm.

"Do not underestimate me. You are not the ONLY hunter here!" He shouts amidst their struggle. "Though I may hunger for you, the hunger for SURVIVAL is more than enough to keep me on my feet!"

Moving back, he steps on the pistol and hooks his toes into the trigger-guards, tightening his grip on the handle of his axe.

"Now, fight me for real. Quit fucking around. It does but bore me. I'm here, and now."

He feels his blood boil as the adrenaline takes him into its grip, overwhelming him with a rising fury.

"COME AND TAKE ME!" He shouts, delivering a swift kick to her beautiful face, sending her stumbling away from him, possibly even knocking her off her feet with a surprising amount of force.

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