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<MAIN> Marci
07-17-2014, 09:55 AM
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<MAIN> Marci
Marci (Mar Mar)

[Image: marcisign.png]

The Basics
Race: Aurin
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Class: Esper
Path: Explorer
Job: Relic and Freelance Treasure Hunter

The Appearance
- Long jabbit ears
- Eldan green eyes
- Above average bust size (for a aurin)
- Prison tail band with prisoner ID
- Short
- Pale skin
- Military earrings

The Personality

Being her size, she can fit into very small spaces when shes exploring. She seems to have a connection to animals as well, and can even tame the most ferocious beast. She also seems to have a talent to make anyone smile.

Her giggly and hyper attitude however, can get her into trouble. She might not take things seriously and end up losing site of whats important. She also gets hissy when people pull her tail.

The BackStory
Affiliations: Dominion Galactic Interpol, Blastranawts Squadron
Quick Notes:
  • Note 1 - Born and raised on Arboria
  • Note 2 - Rescued by a female human exile during the ravaging.
  • Note 3 - Not fully in control of her esper powers, but is still practicing
  • Note 4 - Too flirty for her own good sometimes
  • Note 5 - Can be surprisingly lethal despite her appearance


How did they Join the Gang?
--After seeing a poster on a community board for the Malverines in Thyad, Marci decided shed give them a look over and see what they're like. She followed the directions to the Sassy and found a human inside by the name of Cathal. Little did she realize this was the leader of the so called group. Marci presented her case, that she had been on this planet by herself for far too long and thought she could find safety in the group. She described herself to him and with some tough work and convincing, she was able to work her way in. Now working as a dancer for the time being, she yearns to make her mark in the group.





RP History / Notes

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