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07-21-2014, 07:57 AM
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...Once more, the bar rung hollow as the footsteps of a certain Aurin sounds into the establishment that was the Sassy and Wild. The bar that was supposed to be open and helping customers to drinks was once more without a soul in the room. Not even the private rooms sounded with delighted shouts of hot lust and scandalous passion.

Only the sound of his own breath was heard.

Kytex sat upon the lonely, tiny barstool that resided in the middle of the line of other seats. He wondered what had happened to all of the people who had suddenly stopped showing up. What happened to all the missions, the glory and riches, and battles to be had and won?

The cook off that, no matter how many times was moved, would be missed. The picture that he had been dragged away from by Protostar associates informing him his plot had been seized, the picture taken without him as he learned that his business had also been stolen out from him. And as he rushed back over, horrified and emotionally distraught, he was struck worse by the fact that everyone had left. No retakes, no re-do's, no one and nobody. Forgotten by Protostar, and forgotten by the Malverines...

He could not take it any longer.

With only an hour until Protostar would eventually tilt the plot and let the rest of his belongings and his ship plummet to the surface of Nexus, he slowly began to slide his gloves off, his throat welling up with sorrow as he tugged at the fabric. He remembered the dreams he had, the excitement he felt when he received these Malverine gloves. He was going to fight on the frontlines, kill a few Sovs and maybe even the Siren herself in an honorable duel. But the Malverines remained idle. Idle to the point where most of his days now...were spent being as alone as he was before he joined the Malverines.

He bit his lip, simply willing himself to not tear up as he yanked the gloves the rest of the way off. He didn't want to be forgotten. He had fallen in love with everyone here at the Sassy, they were his family...and without them...

Kytex slammed the gloves onto the bar counter, wiping his face as he was unable to catch the flood of emotions streaking down his cheek and dropping onto his Malverine-dyed jacket that he wore religiously, no matter the occasion. He whipped around and left the bar, misery and heartbreak at his very footsteps as they dropped from his chin.

Perhaps he would move to Jane's plot...but until then, without his family, without Cathal, Dee, Seele, Zee, Scout, Cael, Mel, Codex, Raban, Kaistiel, Korse, Bessa, and everyone else that he had let into his life...

He was...
07-21-2014, 08:10 AM
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HE was gone, the kid was gone. Cath, noticed his disappearance he was returning once again from Thayd. Another day, dealing with the Judge, and dealing with that Mysterious damn attacker that had come upon Galeras. The man crossed out a name along with the name Grixx, and then remember Abbigail.

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