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<MAIN> Vexxera
07-22-2014, 11:01 PM
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<MAIN> Vexxera

The Basics
Race: Draken
Age: 26
Gender: female
Class: Warrior
Path: Soldier
Job: unassigned within the Sovereigns; conscript for the Dominion military

The Appearance
Vexxera is a typically slender and muscularly built Draken, with a petite bust, generous backside and powerful legs. Her body is clearly doted upon, maintained to a smooth and careful appearance. Her eyes are a fierce, piercing green. Her voice carries a light hint of Cassian influence, as she has the trace of a Highborn accent to her speech.

The Personality

Talents/Strengths: Vexxera displays a level of breeding and class that defies traditional Draken behavior. Years of handmaiden service for a house Lord has instilled in her a sense of politeness, formality and unquestioning service to the many changing whims of a Highborn Cassian. Her martial skill is also formidable, with her combat movements tying the ferocity and power of her heritage with the elegance of her former profession.

Weaknesses: Despite her years of training, with effort Vexxera can be brought to the famous Draken fury, particularly during protracted battles, stressful engagements or mention of the disgrace of House Vaerys. She also has been known to lose herself in her desires when allowed indulgence. Though her martial abilities are strong, she is hardly in the upper echelon of the Dominion war machine and barely registers amongst the Draken. As such, she can be overpowered if not careful.

The BackStory
Affiliations: Current affiliations are with the Dominion military as a conscript/free blade. She holds no other direct ties to a Draken clan or Cassian noble house.
Quick Notes:
  • Vexxera was born within House Vaerys on planet Cassus, approximately 1639AE, where she was raised by the servants and later introduced into Lord Vaerys' service as a handmaiden, consort and bodyguard through the years.
  • The house was rumored recently to be sympathizers to the Exiles, and just last year the Lord liquidated the entire family's assets and disappeared without a trace, leaving all those within his service suddenly homeless, Vexxera included.
  • As a result of the rumors surrounding House Vaerys, and the subsequent disappearance of its lord, the House was stricken completely from the record, and those who would attempt to reference association with the house are generally met with derision or distrust.
  • She is a very new recruit to the Dominion military, and has been listed as competent enough to operate as a conscript on Nexus for the military's interests, running minor ops on the planet as a sort of free agent.


Vexxera had heard vague whispers about the Sovereigns, and the Radiance in specific. Intrigued, she did some digging before finding some information to put her in touch with a man referred to as "Jackson".





RP History / Notes

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