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Navigatrix Application
07-31-2014, 09:33 AM
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Navigatrix Application

About the Player
Enjin / WildStar Official Forum Name: TheFixer
Primary Play Times / Availability: 12PM till whenever until 18 August

Are you eighteen or older?
Yes. 27.

Did you read and do you agree to abide by our Rules and Policy?

Where did you find us and why do we stand out?
I found the Sovereigns on both the primary game forums and Wildstar RP. This group seemed among the largest, most organized, and active.

Other Forms of Contact? Would you like to join our Skype Group?:
I love Skype and Skype groups. I also almost always have Steam open when my PC is running.

Are you a member of any additional guilds, circles, warplots etc?
Not currently.

What are your primary playstyles?
Medium trending Hardcore RP depending on my enthusiasm for the setting. Prefer PvE content, dungeons in particular. I find they have a great combination of teamwork and tactics without being as unwieldy as raids. I do enjoy raid content though, just not something I've had a lot of experience with.

About Roleplay
What is your roleplaying experience?
I've been doing RP on and off since around 2007. City of Heroes/Villains, World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2, Age of Conan, Champions Online, Star Wars: The Old Republic.

What are your primary Roleplay Limits, and or Triggers?
My favorite RP actually happens to be between missions and general downtime. Those in-between times when a character is much more a person than their general vocation. That being said, I love tactical, problem solving RP. Strike forces, intelligence gathering, that kind of thing. Its nice to have a mix.

My absolute least favorite thing is bar/tavern RP, which can seem at odds with the above. I think people tend to congregate there because convenience, which I can understand, but I'd much rather be out in the world. On a ship, the barracks, the kitchen, the armory, the CIC, that sort of thing.

Are you okay receiving consequences? And, if your character leaves on bad terms or warrants a removal from the guild can you deal with consequences of that action?
Consequences are great. Our characters exist in a world, and worlds, even simulated ones, have consequences. They add to the immersion.

Are you okay with the content of our guild in character? (Adult Themes / R-Rated, Narcotics, Violence, Prejudice etc)

About the Character
NOTE: The following information will create the foundation of your IC Interview, and also let us know more about your character. Answers in character and you may use third, or first person. Answer respectively for your chosen Faction.

Why you here? Who you looking for, stranger?

Good evening. I am seeking the point of contact for the BrightStar Sovereigns for the purposes of possible recruitment. That organization is held in high regard by both the Dominion in general and the ICI and I wish to contribute my skills.

How you'd you hear of the outfit?

The BrightStar Sovereigns drew my attention during my work with the ICI's Exploration and Reconnaissance sub-contractor division. I had heard they were the best in the business at what they did and had first hand accounts of my fellow operatives and superiors indicating such.

Whats yer name stranger? What ye do to survive? What's yer home?

This is Mechari Engineer, designation: Navigatrix. Dominion serialization E-43893.

Fine then. What can you bring to the table? And where we suppose to put you?

Aside from my considerable engineering abilities, I specialize in getting into, on top of, or under places others do not wish me to be, with varying degrees of subtlety.

In addition, I am capable of a high degree of structured and tactical thinking. I like to solve problems. I enjoy creating problems for those who oppose the Dominion and any others whom I have allied with. I enjoy fixing, tinkering, hacking, sabotage and collecting unusual items.

What baggage are you caring?

I currently have an ongoing...feud with an Exile that is more or less my professional counterpart. I hesitate to say that we are engaged in a rivalry of "Spy Vs. Spy" as I doubt that either of us is a truly endorsed intelligence asset, however our encounters are often unnecessarily convoluted and excruciatingly painful.

I have, however, no outstanding skeletons in my closet.

Well then, finally, what do you think of the enemy?

Our enemies, that is to say, The Exiles, are fighting for a lost cause. However, that does not mean that I do not think they are worthy opponents, nor do I wish to see them deprived of their Humanity or alien equivalent. They demand a certain degree of respect, if only because as soon as you disrespect a thing, it kills you. And the Exiles are backed into a corner on Nexus, fighting for what they believe is their hearths and homes, making them exceptionally dangerous.

The Exiles will be dealt with. But it will be by the numbers. It will be exacting. It will be professional.

And it will be thorough.
07-31-2014, 10:26 PM
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RE: Navigatrix Application
1. Please take a moment to review our rules of roleplay / character standard. Then take a moment to consider themes of our two factions (Malverines being a Outlaw Hovercycle Club & The Pinkerton Detective Agency); and consider the roles for each faction versus BlackSky's idea of open-ended roleplay with limitations. Why is important to maintain a strong standard, roleplay themes, and yet allow open-ended characterization?

2. Consider the life your character will encounter in either faction, and the consequences of their actions. How do our guild values such as the Grey Line, the Adult factor, and Table-Top Feeling fit that mindset? Why is it important to the story we are hoping to tell? Especially in Criminal / Corporate or Outlaw Roleplay?

3. Why do you like the themes, and lore of BLackSKy, and the faction you are joining? How do a faction's preceptions add to roleplay such as their preception of history, or the Feud of BrightStar?

4. Our guild can be considered conservative in our lore stance even though we have our own elaborate mythos and guild fanon (as most guilds do). Why is it then important we maintain the limits, and guidelines set down by Carbine? Some details are small, but are important to racial dynamics (Cassian Highborn not having Noble Houses, Mordesh not tasting food without Vitalus), why are these important? And can you ignore people who push limits while remaining in character?

My Characters
Cathal Reily / Human Spellslinger / Malverine Boss
Fahari / Draken Stalker / Sovereign Enforcer

[Image: tumblr_m8xl6hHTwf1qey9xxo1_500.gif]

"The Harbinger is coming, and the Judicator will judge us all!"
-Season 1 teaser
08-01-2014, 03:36 AM
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RE: Navigatrix Application
1. Strong standards and roleplay themes are a focusing tool. They keep players and leadership pointed in the same general direction and theme restrictions help keep a sense of consistency and verisimilitude. On the other side of the token, open ended characterization gives players a degree of flexibility and an opportunity to let characters grow organically within the setting. People, and in this particular case our characters, are often the products of their environments, and structured character growth within a set of boundaries helps reinforce that.

2. The Grey Line and Adult Factor play into each other. The world, especially a criminal/corporate world, is full of grey areas. Whether in the spaces between rules and regulations to people doing the right things for the wrong reasons (or vice versa) you don't have to look far to see the world isn't black and white. The world is a complex thing, and doesn't fall neatly into the realms of light and dark. As for table-top, it brings a sense of structure and categorization to the above themes, which can help keep things from getting too out of hand.

3. I like the lore of BlackSky because feuds in general are a old as time, and a surefire way to keep things interesting. Its baked-in conflict, but slow burning enough not to explode and burn itself out. Furthermore, about the Sovereigns in particular, I've always had a thing for questionably legal organizations with amazing PR. The "whatever it takes" corporate mindset is a fun headspace to be in, and the Sovereigns back it up with an impressive record. Also, I've always had a thing for Pseudo-Military RP. Its what I cut my teeth on back in my earlier RP days.

4. Keeping in tune with in-game lore is something I've always thought was vital. It keeps characters and organizations believable within the setting, and lends a certain credibility to your dealings. I've always considered playing by the canon rules to be professional, insomuch as the term can be applied to online roleplaying. As for ignoring people that go against the grain: Personally, I've never had good experiences with outright ignoring people. I find it rude, particularly when we're (RPers in general, as a whole) all here to (allegedly) have fun. I find it better to humor people unless they are going out of their way to be disruptive, and handle oddballs as one-off cases. After all, Nexus is crazy place, who knows what we can be exposed to?

Also, my characters tend to take everything with a grain of salt anyway. So a vanilla Highborne says he or she has a House? I'm sure the ICI would love to hear about that, tell me a little more...?
08-01-2014, 10:26 PM
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RE: Navigatrix Application
1. Please reread our guild rules and consider the following: BlackSky discourages members from making blunt general statements on issues (political, religious, cultural etc), from bringing up complaints or problems in public, from trolling or antagonizing people. We then encourage a optimistic attitude, helping out guild members, solving issues personally or with the help of a guild officer. Why are these important to a healthy guild? And how do you feel our guild rules approach these factors?

That being said we have rules about respecting triggers, and also about choosing words carefully, why?

2. Our guild values identity, brotherhood, and longevity (retention of membership). We focus on the long game and the long view. In turn we value patience, understanding, and professionalism. Why are all of these aspects important to a strong healthy community?

3. What do you look for in guild Staff (Leaders, Officers, Deputies), and in the community in general? What can both (Staff and members) do to maintain a strong healthy community? Now, what can you as do, or bring to the table?

4. We ask members to participat in-game, and on our forums in OOC discussion and active roleplay. This includes members acting as pro-active pillars of roleplay, and taking their own stories back into the guild to enrich it and everyone in it. Why is important then to be pro-active on our website, and in-game equally?

My Characters
Cathal Reily / Human Spellslinger / Malverine Boss
Fahari / Draken Stalker / Sovereign Enforcer

[Image: tumblr_m8xl6hHTwf1qey9xxo1_500.gif]

"The Harbinger is coming, and the Judicator will judge us all!"
-Season 1 teaser
08-03-2014, 05:42 AM
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RE: Navigatrix Application
Crazy day. Incoming wall of text!

1.a. Keeping political, religious cultural discussion out of general guild chat and workings is generally advised as a matter of principal. Such discussions that arise are almost never constructive, circular and usually just serve to annoy people. It falls in line with the oldest of bar etiquette, never talk about politics or religion at the bar, it only causes trouble.

1.b. Respecting triggers is just a roundabout way of saying if you know something pisses someone off, don't bring it up, and definitely don't bring it up on purpose to antagonize them. On that same token, if something seriously irritates you, please know what it is and keep a handle on your behavior and give people the benefit of the doubt. No one likes spending all their time talking to you walking on eggshells because something might cause you to go nuclear.

2. Understanding, patience an and professionalism keep people working together instead of against each other or at cross purposes. Know your teammates, cut them some slack when things get tense, and keep a level head to focus on objectives even if things go a little pear shaped. That's what those things mean to me. Also, re: professionalism: people notice. And they definitely notice the group you're representing. So while you wear the guild tag, behave. It's not just your reputation on the line.

3.a. In my opinion, guild staff should fall into two categories: leaders and managers. Leaders are responsible for the overall theme and vision and the managers concern themselves more with enforcement and detailing. I feel it is unwise to mix these duties. I don't expect any guild staff to be baby-sitters though, and to encourage independent action. Those guys work hard enough and really shouldn't be at anyone's beck and call to provide constant stimulation and entertainment. We're all big girls and boys here.

3.b. I bring to the table several years of general RP experience from several different medias and genres. During this time I have played games, run games, participated in guild management and served as guild leader. While I am not looking to play any upper-level roles, I do have a strong objective-oriented and organizational mindset. I also spend a lot of time thinking about how fictional universes "tick", what drives conflict and RP, how characters are developed and what mechanics go into all these things in general. Its kind meta, but I find it a lot of fun.

And I go into all of this with the idea that we're all here for a good time, and that this stuff should be fun! I much prefer guidelines that straitjacketed rule sets, and try to frame my ideas accordingly.

4. Participation and activity makes a guild, and a game really, seem alive. You can have a guild of hundreds of members, but if guild chat is silent, it's going to make things seem dead. And when things seem dead, people get bored. And when people get bored, they either start trouble, or leave. Keeping people engaged and talking goes a long way to prevent this fail-spiral, but it really takes involvement from everyone.

Personally, I'm more apt to engage in-game rather than on forums. That's mostly because remote forum access is kind of a new thing for me, though. The other half of that is that a lot of things should be taken in moderation, and I really don't need to be super-saturated in game-related stuff all the time. I've been there before, watched a buddy of mine get kinda messed up with it, and really have no desire to repeat the experience. You know what I mean.
08-04-2014, 04:13 AM
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RE: Navigatrix Application
Hey Fixer, your app is up for consideration! Great answers!

My Characters
Cathal Reily / Human Spellslinger / Malverine Boss
Fahari / Draken Stalker / Sovereign Enforcer

[Image: tumblr_m8xl6hHTwf1qey9xxo1_500.gif]

"The Harbinger is coming, and the Judicator will judge us all!"
-Season 1 teaser
08-04-2014, 11:11 AM
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RE: Navigatrix Application
Wunderbar! I'll stay tuned, thank you for the consideration!

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