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Contract Snatch that Shipment - Deadline August 18th
08-12-2014, 04:18 AM
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Snatch that Shipment - Deadline August 18th
Contract Name: Snatch!
Contract Type: Retrieval/Theft, PvE/RP
Deadline: August 18th
Target: Recover a cargo of illegal AI chips being smuggled through Illium's sewers.
Proof Required: Reply to this post IC announcing completion of the contract with a summary of what happened. Send any vendor trash (grey items) from the sewers' constructs to Zylla via in-game mail, or screenshot of the sewers' constructs attached to your completion reply.

Attention, Sovereigns! Your illustrious Ritesmaster got wind of a certain package leaving Illium. Certain bad guys stole a cargo of Eldan AI matrices and plan to sell them to the highest bidder. We want them. Get them for us. You will not only thwart the plans of the enemies of the Dominion, but you get us some invaluable resources. At this point we don't care about the identity of the buyer, but figuring out who the traitor is.

The chips are probably salvaged from many berserk Eldan constructs found throughout Nexus, but if any of them come from Caretaker nodes... I hope you realize how big of a no-no this is. Those chips must NOT leave Illium, so if you can't retrieve them, then destroy them.

The shipment will be left for pick-up in the Public Works tunnels. You can enter the tunnels through a building east of Fate's Landing in Illium. I already bribed the Public Works Supervisor to let you in. Be careful! The shipment will be guarded by hacked maintenance robots; defeat them, and get us that shipment!

OOC Notes: The Public Works instance appears once Settlers have built up enough structures around Illium (see here If it's not open, you can just write a short post describing your adventures in the tunnels and note that they weren't open when you tried it. You can do this alone or with other Sovereigns, in which case designate one among you to write the completion post and note everybody's contribution. You are advised to track your completion in your character's Jacket so we can all see how your character has contributed to the Sovereigns' cause!

Upon completion... you discover the following! (don't peek until after you post your completion post Smile )

[Image: tumblr_n9isgnQSyh1qkky4zo1_500.jpg]
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