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Contract Deadly Trace
08-20-2014, 04:28 AM
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Deadly Trace
Contract Name: Deadly Trace
Contract Type: Investigation, PvE/RP
Deadline: August 26th
Target: Find out what the Mordesh are up to in Ellevar.
Proof Required: Reply to this post IC announcing completion of the contract with a summary of what happened. Bonus Mission: Complete the Necrobloomin' Fun challenge and provide a screenshot!

Good day, comrades, partisans and assorted super-homeys. Reports have reached my ears about the Mordesh plotting to poison the land east of Lightreach in Ellevar, targeting innocent civilians and wildlife in order to mildly inconvenience the Dominion forces sent to contain the Ikthian threat.

While this must be stopped, what most interests us is the poison they are using, as it might be related to a substance used by rogue elements on prisoners in violation of the Legions Code of Conduct. Send the Mordesh to the grave they should have embraced years ago, and secure a sample of their poison or, better yet, their research notes. A successful trace may allow us to find corruption within the Legions, and stamp it out before it infects the rest of the Emperor's Own.

OOC Notes: The Mordesh camp is located in the Darkspire Wilds, east of Lightreach Mission in Ellevar. There are a number of datapads and equipment available for IC hacking and stealing.

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08-25-2014, 11:58 AM
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RE: Deadly Trace

Objective cleared. The camp will bother us no longer and currently exits as only a series of craters.

As you know, a detachment of Mordesh (designation: Darkpool) had dug into the river head near the Darkspire Wilds in Ellevar and had set up a research outpost (designation: Grimwatch). In typical Mordesh fashion, and Exile in general, the camp was of shoddy construction and regularly vented hazardous byproducts of its research into the surrounding biome, thus poisoning the surrounding area, most notably the water. Hallmarks of this poisoning were a marked increase in wildlife hostility, greatly rising above the background violence already noted in the area.

Upon investigation involving observation, terminal cracking and light interrogation, it was deduced that the purpose of the camp was to investigate the uses of the local flora and fauna in treating the Mordesh Contagion. Allowing the Mordesh to cure the Contagion would free considerable research time and space for other Exile use, and this is deemed sub-optimal. It should also be noted that instances of contamination consistent with the poisoning had been observed a considerable distance down-river and into Lake Larallen. Widespread contamination could jeopardize Dominion holdings throughout the entire region, including Lightreach Mission.

Due to the hazardous nature of the area and build up and enemy forces, the entire area has been put to the torch and its personnel either killed or scattered. The Head Researcher's (designation: Viralist Zarkin) notes were recovered manually before scorched earth was enacted. They have been attached to this document.

Scorched Earth Protocol was enacted with aid from the heavy artillery en-placed at both Gildgrass Manor and Fort Glory. Indirect fire from these locations utterly pulverized the camp and the intense heat neutralized the majority of the contaminants. Before-and-after readings on hazardous materials levels have also been attached to this document.

If there are any inquiries into this matter, contact me.

For the Dominion
For the Sovereigns


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