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Contract Follow-up... IN SPACE!
08-27-2014, 02:54 AM
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Follow-up... IN SPACE!
Contract Name: Follow-up... IN SPACE!
Contract Type: PvE/RP
Deadline: September 2nd
Target: Secure the logs of the Ezram's Trail trader ship and it's captains' belongings.
Proof Required: Reply to this post IC announcing completion of the contract with a summary of what happened. Bonus Mission: Complete Shiphand: Salvage Rights!

Greetings, Sovereigns! The data collected from the Mordesh camp in Ellevar has yielded results. The Mordesh were shipping some of their experiments' results back to Exile territory through a contraband chain supply. The data is encrypted, but a surface decryption has yielded a few names, including one Ezram Traios, a low-bit lowborn smuggler, and his ship, the Ezram's Trail.

The Ezram's Trail doesn't dock in Illium, but runs supplies for Fort Glory in Auroria. Given the activity of Black Hoods in the region, it's safe to assume Traios has Mordesh contacts and uses his legitimate Dominion permit to smuggle materials for the Exiles.

Thing is... Fort Glory trackers report that the Ezram's Trail is behind schedule. My contacts with the Free Traders say that there's an X-82 cargo ship in decaying orbit, matching the Ezram's Trail profile and transponder, but not answering hails.

Your mission is to go to Fort Glory and talk to Captain Tolben, an Ekose trader; passage is arranged for you to join his salvage crew and board the Ezram's Trail. Get the ship's logs and any of Traios' belongings, and let the Traders take anything else from the ship. That information will give us a complete picture of the Mordesh's supply chain.

OOC Notes: This contract is based around the Shiphand: Salvage Rights mission, which you can find just as you enter Fort Glory in Southern Auroria. It's a level 20 instance that can be soloed, but feel free to take anyone with you, including non-Sovereigns! (You can RP that you have a mission in there). If you can't do the instance, feel free to fake it by reading up about what happens Smile

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09-02-2014, 07:19 AM
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RE: Follow-up... IN SPACE!
***Transmission Ping***
***Relay Station: UNKNOWN***
***Destination: Desk of "Zylla of Clan Shattersoul"***
***Authorization: E-43893***
***Transmission: BEGIN***

This is the compiled findings and accountings of one NAVIGATRIX concerning the recent events on the freighter designated "Ezrams's Trail" in Nexus orbit. These findings were made possible with the assistance of one ZYLLA of CLAN SHATTERSOUL (hereafter designated ZYLLA) and would not exist without her aid.

The bulk freighter Ezram's Trail has been suspected of aiding and abiding dangerous Mordesh revolutionaries and likely transporting hazardous cargo. As this vessel's captain often supplies Fort Glory, it is possible his actions threaten one of the most important Dominion strongholds in the region. Thus, Sovereign agents were tasked with investigating the ship under the guise of a legitimate salvage operation in order to ascertain the threat presented by Ezram's Trail and her captain, as well as identifying more conspirators.

Sovereign Operatives ZYLLA and NAVIGATRIX answered the call.

After securing transport to the freighter by way of Captain Ekose, the Ezram's Trail was easily breached and accessed with little difficulty and zero resistance. Sensors indicate that the Ezram's Trail was operating on automatic without a crew and was plotted in a decaying orbit, matching earlier assessments. Salvage teams were permitted access whilst NAVIGATRIX and ZYLLA were permitted to board.

Almost immediately after boarding, the salvage teams were attacked by several hostile, unknown lifeforms emerging violently from the ships ventilation systems. Taxonomy completely alien, and due to likely Mordesh involvement, artificial. Purple in color, possessing an armament of teeth and claws, and being extremely durable, these creatures posed a mortal risk to all surviving personnel.

The Operatives, using overwhelming firepower, scoured the creatures from the nearby common areas and corridors, sealing ventilation shafts and other breached pathways behind them. This, however, would later prove to be a temporary measure at best.

Upon reaching Cargo Area A, it had been revealed that the creatures had breached the exterior hull in a number of locations. Temporary repairs in the way of force fields were rapidly placed to avert explosive decompression of the ship, and a tide of the creatures was exterminated, allowing access to Cargo Area B.

Cargo Area B contained a single salvage crewman and a host of medical records. These records, which are attached, reveal that the organisms infesting the Ezram's Trail were of a parasitic nature, birthing from live hosts. While the transmission vector was unclear, it was clearly enough to wipe out the ships original crew. Also present was an experimental treatment of sorts. NAVIGATRIX opted to test this treatment on the salvage crewman present.

The outcome of this experiment was inconclusive, however, as the crewman was immediately attacked and devoured by a previously unseen creature baring similar morphology to the other organisms, but was far, far larger. Nearly the size of a boulderback and composed of a sort of mucus with bony projections. This creature proved significantly difficult to put down, but eventually withered under combined firepower. A sample (analysis attached) was taken from the creature by ZYLLA.

Backtracking to Cargo Area A, it was revealed that the infestation had re-asserted itself. Swarms of the lesser creatures and several of the larger were currently rampaging throughout the area. They were subsequently put to the torch. Several infected crew members were also present and promptly exploded whenever given the experimental treatment. It should be noted that the result was the same, no matter how many treatments were performed. Treatments continued to be performed, however, in the name of scientific rigor and data gathering analysis.

The captains "quarters" were located on an isolated platform in Cargo Area A, as well as several logs and the Ezram's Trail's main terminal. The captain himself was discovered dead and completely stripped of flesh to the bone, save for his eyes. The logs indicate that the creatures were part of a Mordesh experiment, and had gotten loose aboard the ship supposedly by accident. As the Ezram's Trail was scheduled to dock at Fort Glory, it should be considered a boon that the accident occurred where and when it did. Further password cracking and data-mining also revealed the next link of the Mordesh supply chain. It is at this juncture that the primary mission objectives were complete.

What follows was a simple, room by room extermination of all hostile organisms and their hosts. Of note during this process was a single, over-sized mutant creature of the larger type. This may have either been the next phase of the creatures life cycle, and if so, it is unknown how large or vicious the creatures could get. Introduction to the Nexus biosphere would have been disastrous.

The ship, having finally been purged, was left to what remained of the salvage crew, as per the agreement made with Captain Tolben. Captain Tolben is now held liable for any loss of life or release of hostile organism concerning the Ezram's Trail. Operatives NAVIGATRIX and ZYLLA departed for the surface soon thereafter.

It should be noted that simply knowing where to assign blame will be a poor comfort should the worst happen and one of these organisms is able to make planetfall.

One may draw several troubling conclusions from this contract. One is that the Mordesh are dealing with something so dangerous. These creatures may be evidence of biological weapons research and production. Countermeasures need to be researched as soon as possible. Second would be that unless they possess a kill-switch for their creations, the Mordesh are not above introducing a creature to Nexus that is capable of exterminating all complex organic life upon it. The Mordesh are clearly a threat beyond their conventional Exile allegiances, and rather calls into question how far the Exiles will go to have their way.

All supporting documents, including captains logs, crew logs, medical records and recorded ship telemetry have been attached to this report.

If there are any questions or comments, please contact Navigatrix.

***Transmission: END***
09-03-2014, 11:55 AM
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RE: Follow-up... IN SPACE!
Addendum: Apparently the security cameras were still working up to the point where we extracted the logs. Luckily I left a virus capsule that will destroy the last hour and our presence on the ship will remain unnoticed if anyone salvages that black box.

But man, do we look awesome in that footage!

[Image: tumblr_nbabhe1lx11qkky4zo1_1280.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_nbabhe1lx11qkky4zo2_1280.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_nbabhe1lx11qkky4zo3_1280.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_nbabhe1lx11qkky4zo4_1280.jpg]

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