We are BLACKSKY – The Sovereigns

We are BLACKSKY – The Sovereigns

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Its a kind of get out the vote week here in the blog, but instead of voting I want to raise awareness about the Factional System of our guild. Strange yes? We have Factions in a game with Factions? Why did we decide to even do that? Well, we wanted tell a story with more than just “good guys” versus the big scary Dominion. Over time the idea of what were kind of calling the BlackSky Sovereignty evolved and we began to kick around the idea of doing a circle. After a while a few of us got to talking and slowly the Sovereignty evolved further from a simple Circle and into a full fledged aspect of the guild.


Why did we add a dual faction system?

As I said back in the Original News Post about our new direction with two factions and the problems we can face were mentioned in our earlier blog, the Divide, were real world considerations before we went forward. Adding a dual faction system to the guild has led to worries from some that we are going to suddenly fall apart or deal with instability. That is a simple fact of any extension in a guild’s design and how it is run. So some people might be wondering then, why did we go through with it? Well, the first answer is this, “we wanted to do it”. To us adding the Sovereigns has expanded our story; it has added more depth to our backstory; and it has provided more story means for members within the BlackSky Community. When we created the story of the Reily and Talyn families were able to draw inspirations such as the Hatfields and the McCoys; the clash between the Hormunculi and normal humans in FMA; and also the rivalry between John Crichton and Scorpius.

We wanted to see stories that weren’t just a bunch of good guys fighting bad guys, but much more.


Art by kettyformaggio


Who are the Sovereigns if not the bad guys?

The Sovereigns can be considered antagonists compared to the Malverines, but in some cases they are not really “the bad guys”. The Sovereigns are professionals hired from across the galaxy from simple bartenders to highly trained assassins. Their job is to facilitate work for specific clients within the Dominion and use their contacts within the ICI and other Dominion factions to get the job done. Some of them are soldiers who act as mounted calvary and special ops. Others are workers who provide services to the other members and a means of business to fund the activities of the Imperial Agency altogether. Much like the Malverines HoverCycle Club the Sovereigns have their own hub (the Talyn Hunting Lodge) and their own culture.

Sovereigns are Dominion through and through. Their loyalty is first to the Captain of the Agency and then the leader of the Talyn family. After that they are loyal to each fellow Operative (a combat member of the agency) and Asset (a support member). At their core the Sovereigns are an Agency does their work for pay, for services offered, and to get a better life on Nexus. They can be stone cold killers, or just a Cassian trying to make a living. They are normal people dealing with the fact that the Empire now wants to make Nexus its homeworld and an ongoing feud that their backing investors have against the Malverines.


What can we expect from Sovereign Roleplay?

I’ve spent a lot of time talking about the Malverines and the BlackSky in general. As a player though we should tell you what you can expect from the Sovereigns as they are their own entity within the BlackSky and are not just a hollow side-project we wish to create. The Sovereign Rp will be just as rich and focused as that of the Malverines. You can expect a fully created hub (created by the work of the Sovereign Guild), that will be host to events and story plots. The Sovereigns will be directly involved in ongoing episodes and will have their own active stories equal to that of the Malverines. We are not seeking to again turn them into the antagonists, and that means they’ll share the spotlight. At the same time their story will be unique. Instead of hovercycle races they will attend business events, and likely deal with assassinations. They’ll hire themselves out to attack the Dominion, or simply get their cut on local criminals among the Imperial citizens or gaining new political clout among the aristocracy.

The Sovereigns will have a strong tie to the Eldan and will be focused on learning more about the ancient species.  Their heritage via the Talyn Family will deal a lot with the intrigue of the Saga of BlackSky. The Pinkertons were a lot of ways the foot soldiers in the war against the Unions and against the taming of the west. They fought for the railroads and they acted as the fist of the big name businessmen of the gilded age. The Agency in a way is very much like that, and yet they will have saving graces. They’ll learn more about the Eldan, they will explore, attack Exiles, and will be active in fighting for the new homeland that the Dominion has claimed.


Art by velvetgoldmineee

The Rogues Gallery of Refinement

Many blogs ago and as I’ve said before we aim to create a “Curious Cast” of signature characters, this will be the same for our Dominion guild. The truth is that this will be a Rogues Galley of refined evil, grey characters, and heroes of the Empire. If you are a Warhammer fan think Imperial Inquisition with a dash of Rogue Trader. If you are a Star Wars fan think some Hutt mixed up with the Imperial graces of the  moffs, and if you like Firefly, its the fucking alliance assassins (not the blue guys). There will be savagery, eroticism and so on and so forth like the Malverines, but it will be a different flavor. The Hunting Lodge will have companions, courtesans and fine events for the Highborn to fawn over their accomplishments. There will be hunts, there will be safari tracks, and exploration much like the golden age adventurers of pulp fiction stories! All of this will over time thus hone the Rogues Gallery of the and kill Exiles with style.


At the End of the Day

When the day is done and the events are over, the Sovereigns are still full members of BlackSky. Their story is part of the Saga and they add a new bit of grit and finesse to the original story of our biker gang. They aren’t the villains as much as they are a rival gang to the Club and their own Agency that seeks to make money, kick ass, take names, and chew bubble gum. The big difference is to them, the Sovereigns are down right classy and can shoot better! So grab a cigar, a bit of whiskey, and see you on Nexus cupcake!

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