We are BlackSky – Content and Rp

We are BlackSky – Content and Rp

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Hello again everyone and welcome to the latest We are BlackSky. This blog will begin a series on various content aspects of WildStar and how we as a guild want to attack them. But before getting really into that I wanted to do an overview to lay some ground work :3 Much of what I will discuss here is still up in the air (as at the moment the game is not released for those who will read it in the future). As things come to light we’ll likely release new blog entries to discuss how the guild plans to tackle things.

So before we begin I want to kind of list off the topics I’ll be covering in this series. Note, this series will be evolving as it moves so not everything listed in this initial blog will be covered in later entries.



Roleplay and other Content forms go hand in hand.

One thing I want to clarify before I even begin is that at the end of the day BlackSky is an Rp guild, however we are also a gaming community. This means our primary goal is going to be the enjoyment of the members. On our about page we define our guild’s core concept as “Friends who game and roleplay together”. This means that our primary interest in WildStar is not -just- Roleplay, but also the enjoyment of the game itself. Sure we will have nights at the Saloon or Hunting Lodge, but in other cases we will be actively out conquering dungeons and leading assaults in Player-Versus-Player. I mean we all did not just buy WildStar for to sit around while there’s a world out there brimming with content right?

Will we be outright hardcore in this, not really, but we will care about content and also making it clear that no one in the guild is forced into completion. As a guild leader I realize that everyone’s got their own interpretation of what a good cake or pie is (to use a food metaphor) and not everyone’s going to like apple. Others will like blueberry pies or cheese cake.


No more Pie Analogies

BlackSky at its core once again is about fun, and Roleplaying is part of that fun. We want to be able to dive into Raids, have fun while doing them (maybe take them serious as in trying to complete them) and relish in the challenging content provided in Elder game. The BlackSky is a group that not only will have a deep connection to the Eldan and the world of Nexus, but both of our factions will be actively seeking their way in the new world they have come to live on. One thing we can actively do with Raids is if we accomplish them as a team then a new aspect o the story of the BlackSky Saga is revealed. If two groups are moving to compete over the raid then whoever complete it (or the Dungeon) gets the information first. Seems strange, but its a way to meld RP goals and the active goals of the game itself. So in many ways the point of us tackling content is not to lessen Roleplay, but to enhance it.

Why not use active mechanics in the game to find out new ways to run events? Many people have already began creating ideas to Roleplay towns and other groups using the housing system (we’re creating our own businesses). This should mean that if we decide to Roleplay out the war between the Dominion and the Exiles why not use PVP as a means to do so? We have a dueling system, lets use it and have a shoot out at high noon! Does this mean people have to use these mediums, no. But why not consider their usage?


We will do things casually, but we will take it seriously

This may seem strange, but our current plans for raiding, Warplots, etc do not include daily scheduled events. Like the Warplot will be something we as a guild tackle and complete as a community. We’ll then likely train and work together and take pride in what we can accomplish. For raiding we’ll theorycraft, research, and help each other out. But we aren’t doing raiding for lols we’re doing it because BlackSky wants to tackle challenging content and succeed. Same time though we aren’t just going to drop Rp! If we can tie any of these group events or even just random jumps into a dungeon back into the guild story we will.

At the end of the day we hope to tackle content as an advancement of Roleplay and a means for our members to have fun. Those who aren’t into PvP do not have to go to a PvP event (we will encourage them if we can), same with raiding or dungeons. Our guilds primary function is fun for our members via Rp or other means. So you can expect to see BlackSky rolling out awesome stories, and also tackling content in game!


See you next time!

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