We are BlackSky – Creating the Mythos

We are BlackSky – Creating the Mythos

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Mythos or Mythology is something that is created through story telling. In BlackSky we not only have built our own mythos, we are constantly creating it. When we defined “the Saga” or the ongoing story -of our community- we also defined the backstory that would be constructed from that. In BlackSky all of our core lore is organized specific areas. Core lore being defined as the stuff people will read when they learn about the community in characterly or when they are learning about which faction they hope to join. The rest that is written or recorded is the Mythos or the mythology forged through our stories!


Backstory revealed over time

The backstory of BlackSky itself is laid out in our history which gives a basic outline to the various players and factions existing in our current Mythos. Over time we have added and will continue to add to this story be it through updates to the website, or in storyline reveals during episodes. The reason we want to do this is because we want to treat our guild as a source of interest and tension. Groups, plots, and plans carried out by NPCs or actual players will come to fruition or will fail. The point of this is like a good book we want to pace everything appropriately. If we drop a big amount of information at once no one really is going to have the time or the patience to read it. If we drop bits of information over time and have big reveals at opportune times.

Pacing in this regard will be key as it usually to a good story :D Now we’ve talked about the Saga and the basic underlining design of how we plan on progressing our story. But lets do a quick overview of the elements of our story.

  • The Tide – The Evolving currents of plot and ongoing story created by the roleplay of the members.
  • The Saga – The record of story recorded in our seasons and episodes. A chronicle of the BlackSky and its cast.
  • The Signature Characters – Individuals who mold our story with each character in our guild being a star in our colorful cast.
  • The Grey Line – The question of morality and ethics as part of our story.

With those primary elements in tow we then include the basic set up with the organization of our story into various seasons which are then split up into individual episodes. Episodes will are categorized into two types: the first being the story episode, the second being the member episode. Story episodes will be either agreed upon or officer deigned continuation of the current story arc of the Season (this can be a subplot or the primary meta plot). A member episode is what the name states, a member submitted story that can as a standalone story that may act as a means of characterization, filler, or simply letting people try out a new idea.


Our Collective Saga Molds Our Mythos

The major aspect of our story is that it is directed, discovered, and built by the roleplay of our guild. Like a good table top group our story is for the the result of direction from those managing the episodes and recording information along with the players in the story. This means in a way we’ll tailor our lore as it expands to the current story and allow that roleplay in question effect the lore. One week we may have a NPC faction waiting in the wings or some treasure ready for taking, but an action by a player could change all of that. The famous treasure might get stolen and thus the original introduction of it or even how it appeals to either the gang or the agency.

This sense of dynamics to us is an aspect of our story which we hope will bring a fresh feeling to when new things appear. Rather than one big directed story we’ll keep notes, and roleplay out how the NPCs, or other factors of the story react to decisions made by our players. This means that our story is rather adaptive to what is going on and our aim for this is to change our story to suit the current episode or the current major subplots created by the members.


The Record and Evolving Ideas

As I’ve said we record the story of our guild in our “seasons” with the actions, appearances, and the leavings of members forever immortalized in their actions in our history. To us just reading this history is fun as it shows us what our group has done, accomplished, and how we’ve failed. This record is “our Saga” and from this we can create a rich future story. A subplot or action done by someone in one episode might be drawn up for the basis for the next big bad or conflict for the next season. Or we might create an ongoing subplot for members to discover to reward those who pay attenetion which will then come to fruition farther down the road.

In creating our episodes we’ll consider a few primary elements.

  • 1) What have the members done since the previous Episode? (What kind of stories have appeared in the intermission?)
  • 2) What has happened in the over-arching season so far? Do we want to move forward with the meta-plot or do a subplot?
  • 3) What have been some ideas pitched to us for episodes by members? (Not ones they wish to run their own, but ones they’d like to see.)

Once an episode occurs its then recorded in the appropriate season page under the Season Stories tab of our website. The roleplay that follows it or the “intermission” that can then effect the next episode is also recorded.


Expanding and Writing the Mythos

After all this happens as new story information and devices become known to everyone or desired we’ll publish them as full articles. Likely not every long these pieces will however provide a greater focused look on the information that has been added to the Mythos. Our entire Mythos Lore Section is dedicated to expanded lore of our guild which although not -necessary- to read can provide some fun backstory on what the guild has gone through. In some cases we’ll add new articles, expand others or even retire information as it becomes aged or defunct. This is to represent the “living story” of our guild. A ongoing changing epic that is as we have said literally built by our members and the staff in concert with each other.

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