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This blog is about the inspiration and influences that led to the creation of the Malverines. A mixed of media from James Bond, to Jessie James or even the infamous John Wayne.

Riding through this life.

All Alone

Romanticized Old West

At the core of the story of the BlackSky is the romanticized notion of the Wild West. Everything about Wildstar seems to beat with the American dream of the cowboy, the land of the stage coach, and the sing of the miner forty-niners. Truth be told anyone who reads up on the history of the settling North America will learn about the West and how in many ways its become a sort of heroic epic of the modern day. What is so cool about the Wild West? First, the Wild West was a time of not only upheaval, but of discovery and manifest destiny. It was a time of terror as the American government played Empire builder to create a new nation from the lands of the Native Americans. It was also a time when the South rebelled and slaves were set free. A time when the frontier kept growing and then shrank, and a time when people were likely to live in small shanty towns.

So let us begin. The Wild West offers up as I said, a -romanticized- notion of the frontier life. Anyone who reads the history of the US will know that the 1800s were a time of cultural change, the suppression of minority peoples and much worse.

God takes your soul,

You’re all alone.

But does this not also play into what we’re talking about? The Dominion in many ways is not unlike any colonizing power in the 1700 to 1800s. Much like the American government in the time of the Wild West it was the eastern titans of industry and the settled places that sought to ‘civilize’ the old west. Are not the exiles unlike the Homsteaders, the Native Americans, and other frontier folk who just wanted their own life? Its a dynamic we often see in the stories of the west.

The Cowboy represents freedom, an ideal of wandering a land that is truly untamed. Imagine simply jumping on your hoverbike and traveling across Nexus? Or taking a leisure hoverboard dive across Deradune? Our guild focuses on stories and experiences that are about exploration, freedom of the soul, and living apart. Seems a bit farfetched, but I’ll attempt to bring it home with a few more of our other influences, and one that ties back into why we like the Wild West so much.

 The Crow Flies Straight

A perfect line

On the Devil’s Path

Until you die.

Action Adventure

The first thing I want to mention is that the other primary influences for our storires are two iconic movie series, the first being Indiana Jones. Some might wonder, why Indie? Well other than his simply awesome hat, Indie represents a facet of WildStar that many of us love, exploration and discovery. Anyone whose seen him and Sean Connery in the Last Crusade can see the wonder of the mans culmination of research. Much of the reason we love stories like Indiana Jones (minus that fourth movie which I think is just not going to get mentioned here) is its sense of puzzle, adventure, and danger. We love Indie because he’s a archaeologist, but also because he seeks to find things that hold ancient knowledge and connection to our world.

Indie is also part of a series of scientists from Atlantis the Lost Empire to Evelyn in Carnahan in the Mummy. What about the terrifying discovery of the Mummy? How about how ancient terrors awaken to plague the living? The story of Imohotep in the Mummy is something we can all easily connect with especially when exploring Nexus. What were the Eldan creating? What were they doing? One dungeon may unlock a long dead menace who will rise again. Who knows! That is why Adventures are interesting, why they draw in the audience as they fixate on the sense of challenge, thrill, and achievement that can come from defeating the unexpected.


Imperialism Vs Rebellion

One of the primary and if not the most important theme in all of WildStar is the Imperialism of the Dominion set against the rising tide of the Rebellious folk of the Exiles. Both of our factions exist an epitome of either side, not outright extremists, but are embodying what either faction hopes to achieve or gain on Nexus. One way we do this is to go back to the west, and jump deep into the stories once told years ago in pulp fiction.

Over the years I personally have read several stories that not only encourage the imperalist ideals of Manifest Destiny, but also ones that encourage rebellion. A good example of the coming of man to a world of savagery is Pellucidar series by Edgar Rice Burroughs. The same man who wrote the Tarzan series. The main character of the books is an explorer who after discovering the world comes to rule it as a good king. He represents the taming of savagery that was all the rage back during the late Age of Exploration.

Where as the Malverines represent those that fall into savagery and revel in their freedom the Sovereigns are a bit different. They are the good folk who take up the sword for the Dominion and to make a living. In WildStar and in the Saga of BlackSky the Imperalism of the BSIA represents the agents of civilization. They might get their hands dirty, but they so for the greater good.

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