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Brothers and Sisters of the BlackSky, it is time to reflect upon the past year.

A year ago I had the idea out of the blue to found a small, but friendly band of Roleplayers. An idea that just sprang from while I was writing. It was then that I spoke with my friends in the Ashenfold Cartel (my previous Guild which closed its doors last year) and some of us began to look toward WIldStar. Ideas were passed around and we came up with a solid idea. A biker gang.

What we did Right this Year

This year we learned a lot as a guild and throughout this entire experience the one thing I believe we have nurtured is a longstanding feeling of brotherhood. WE do not have the fastest recruitment policy, but even though we have seen faces move on we have kept brothers and sisters who consistently continue to contribute to our society. We have fostered a culture of fun, jokes, and respect. Malvs and Sovs are able to debate with each other and are able to find a family online. So in that context I say we are excelling!


Another thing I am so proud of is that no matter what, we are not a guild that encourages bad blood or disrespect to those outside. I have yet to hear someone in the community or rumors of “Them BlackSky” being elitist or worse. Hats off guys we’ve got a good thing going so lets keep it up! Respect to all Rpers all around is something we should constantly strive for, even if our forms of Rp do not agree with each other.

What we need to learn from

This is a section that is the hardest to consider, but is one that is necessary. We made a decision last year that not only expanded our guild, but has also created more work for the staff. This has been workable for the current staff, but as the guild expands we will be looking for members to step up and assist when they can. Another problem we faced was handling drama to a point, we had some issues with finding if people fitting our guild, and also how we as a guild deal with dramatic discussion. There were growing pains, and we sadly had some members leave our membership (we have since reformed good ties and are maintaining friendships with all those involved).


This situation led to a long amount of thought from me, and only served to reinvigorate slow personalized recruitment for our guild. Instead of trying to appeal to as many people as possible are our revels in the niche of our Roleplay while still keeping open ended possibilities for those who wish to join us.


Finally, the last thing we need to think of and consider is how we ran our stories in the past. As we’ve experimented with our ongoing pre-season the staff has learned more about running stories. This will be an improving process, but by launch we will have a greater sense of how to implement and maintain the active story of the guild. Much of what will be applied was learned from previous guilds, and will just require trial and error as we explore the backstory of the Harbinger and the Secrets of the Eldan themselves.


List of Updated Pages:

  • The About Page has some Minor Updates and now features the correct Sovereigns emblem!
  • The Rules Page, now has updated rules and a new content warning.


Upcoming Changes to the Rules

After a bit of thought; research about the subject; and some general discussion with a member or two I’ve decided to commit a few changes to our community rules. These changes include the following:


1. As a move toward greater professionalism and stronger community we have decided to take a clearer step in identifying ourselves as LGBT* Friendly, and Military Personnel. We will also be updating our harassment rule to include non-binary gender status, and age.


2. Update to our friendly environment rule in general to focus upon professionalism and a welcome environment to focus upon professionalism and yet be compassionate to fellow members. We are an OOC family we will be here to support each other within reason!


3. Content Update: We will be updating our content rules to include a clearer warning of content which will include violence and discussion of possible triggerable topics!


4. Limits Rule Update: The limits rule will be updated to include respect of triggers, and reminders that people need to record, document, and communicate limits with each other respectively. This means if you are not sure what your partners limits are, ask them! (Or look at their guild website profile ;3). We will also be updating our limits field for members to include a reminder to list out triggers.


Plans for the Future

After all changes we are instigating for the coming year, I would like to look toward the future. Launch is still unannounced, but we as a guild and a community I as a leader would like to focus on building a stronger bond among our existing members, and future members. With that in mind we will be doing our best to research and identify means of using the game to create a totally awesome experience. Its a big – big promise, but we believe it is possible with some gumption! After that we plan to build a stronger identity even more so with BlackSky so that even when people just meet us they can identify us for professionalism, and our friendly attitude :3

So here’s to another year of awesome Malverines and Sovereigns. Lets kick some Dommie and Exxie arse and tell some great stories.

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