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Hey everyone! Life is so busy these days its been very difficult for me to come up with a subject for a blog. But after some thought and consideration I believe its time to discuss one of the key components of leadership and community in BlackSky, Patience and Understanding. Two words that seem to be pretty enough to comprehend, but I feel they are major parts of why BlackSky has come to be so stable and welcoming over the past year.


The Long View

Patience in decision making does not translate into being indecisive, what it does mean that decisions need to be done with a realization of repurcussions down the the road. Every time I make a major decision as the guild leader for the guild, I do so after discussing an idea with members, doing research, and looking into how other guilds or organizations fared after similar situations. Basically, the leadership of BlackSky only does major massive changes after consideration of what it could mean. The options are weighed carefully. In general we dislike to mess with something if things are going fine, but at the same time we are willing to change things up to fix a larger issue.

All that aside, the leadership and the officer team in general likes to focus on the long view. We constantly test the waters and discuss future ideas. Events are pitched when we can, and as a guild leader I’m often always thinking of a new Rp event, and we have a google doc dedicated to story. Basically you can surmise our look at leadership as a means towards¬†sustainability¬†meaning we look at ways of making things not only last, but also to keep them sustaining. If we make a change or if we decide to team up with another guild, its done with an aim to benefit the guild as a whole, not a select group of people.


Organic Interaction

As a guild we have belief in building our stories organically. Our storyline is created from a mixture of Officer planning, and the ongoing stories of our members. This means that when things get dry and Rp seems to slow we jumpstart if necessary. This is the same approach we plan to take to community involvement. We fully support and back the actions of the community, but instead of just plotting out an interaction we’ll likely rely heavily upon random RP and also the people we meet as the game evolves post-launch. Essentially, we will in time play a small wait and see game while assessing our relationships with current players in the community.

Our Roleplay in regions and areas will come from natural interaction. Of course we will reach out to other groups, but we want to do so on a common level. We’ll look for people we have started roleplaying with or who our members have encountered. As we see more of them lines of communication will be opened so both sides can get to know each other.


Handling Drama and Conflict

As we have mentioned in our blog on Conflict Resolution much of our conflict resolution deals with the realization that drama will occur, and how to mitigate it. In this we hold to the tenets of Patience and Understanding. In arguments if necessary we as a guild are willing to table a decision and even enforce a cooling off period so people may think about their thoughts, and even research points. The point here is not to hold back decisiveness, but to encourage cool heads and respect. If we can all learn from not only our mistakes, but avoid the problems in the future that is our goal. Little things are not what get us down, its the big things that matter. By encouraging patience and understanding we encourage people to look more toward repeat behavior rather than reacting to someone in pain or who is having a bad day.

The other point is to be patient with people because initial reactions to something may not always be what you assume. In our guild we realized that people have “triggers’ or simply can be triggered if the right circumstances hit them. This is one reason we encourage people to communicate with each other on a respectful level of what can trigger them. This way when a dramatic instance does occur we aren’t running around like chickens with our heads cut off. We have time to respond, to get in a breather, and then attack the situation in a concise manner.


Das Conclusion

So to conclude this massive wall of text :D

  1. BlackSky is a culture of Brotherhood, Adult Conversation, and Respect. We encourage patience in handling drama, in making decisions.
  2. We encourage strong communication and patience in what people say.
  3. In general we ask that people keep a cool head before running into things.


That’s what patience and understanding are all about!

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