We are BlackSky – Respect and Professionalism

We are BlackSky – Respect and Professionalism

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Today I want to talk about something that is dear to the meaning of Brotherhood in the BlackSky, and that is well professionalism. I want to discuss this as it is a core of how we do our best to weather drama, and bring about a healthy environment for our members to have fun in. It is a complicated issue though and will likely require more than one blog to cover. I shall do my best however to cover what I can. So let us begin:


Jokes and Friendship

In a way this is an extension of other ideals such as Brotherhood, Patience / Understanding, and simply treating everyone with respect. Assumption one of this guild is that everyone here and who is joining is an adult (note we are cynical, but not that cynical). The assumption is because we believe that we are a generally laid back, and friendly crew.  With that being said we have an attitude of always respecting triggers, and limits. Triggers specifically is not something you can predict, so if someone is triggered we try to diffuse situation as quickly possible. With that all being said our focus is on open communication so that people are aware of what each other can take. If someone tells a joke and another becomes offended we encourage people to say “Can we change the subject” or even “that offends me.”

Simply yet revolutionary (pardon if there is assumed sarcasm), as anyone will tell you communication is key. Hence the ideology of patience as you know this thing called language lacks tone in an electrical / digital environment. Which is a reason why we can’t just have patience we need a little wub. Or to put it a bit less analogically, things need to be kept in a manner where everyone can feel safe to a degree that what they say will not be reviled instantly, but also where people don’t have to listen to hyperbolic rants on potatoes every night.

Basically to build a sense of professionalism we have to define what that is. To the BlackSky, to be Professional means to maintain an equal respect to all members. This is where the second part comes about, Friendship.


Building Friendships

The thing about a guild is that you cannot always insure everyone is going to get along. In fact we kind of assume that there’s always going to be bumps along the road. The best way to minimized this is to create an inclusive environment where people not only find friendships, they find kinship. As we said in Brotherhood / Sisterhood we do our best to welcome as soon as we can. To offer opportunities, and to offer situations where things can propel them deeper into the BlackSky community. Part of this includes making sure we screen people properly using Prospecting as a means to base our recruitment not on building the biggest or baddess guild, but the most stable. That means our guild is built on solid foundations meant to weather the storms around us.

Our guild and our leadership need to be a solid rock for when morale goes low. When drama erupts in the community members need to feel, officers, and leaders need to feel that BlackSky has their back. A feeling that comes from bonds built over time with actions and being honest with each other. Its not easy to acquire, but once forged its a bond that builds a solid guild for years to come.


Cut the Hyperbole

One dichotomy that often see in communities especially discussion often turning quickly into ultimatums through the use of exaggerated or zero sum statements. “No one can force me to do such things.” “Why would someone roleplay that?” “That is ___!” However you want to play it, over emphatic hyperbole is not really useful in discussion unless your doing an end all statement. That is fine and dandy, but often over usage of these statements lend themselves more to a deconstructive attitude. If someone complains ask them to provide a solution, if a complaint is being given turn it into constructive feed back. If you do not like either respectively disagree, but do not antagonize the opposition.

As the old axiom goes, “Would you rather be right? Or Happy?”

There is no right answer in such discussions, and even if agreements cannot be reached doesn’t mean there is need to provide fodder for future drama.  So when we say cut the hyperbole we mean just say how one feels, if you have a problem think of some means to help, and if you disagree fine disagree, but do not personally attack people or demean their opinion. In subjective debate no one is right, because opinion does not equate fact. So spending time telling a person they were wrong to complain unless it breaks a guild rule, is time better spent finding a solution.



The final aspect of this entire concept is to at the end of the day survive. Remain stable, move forward, and keep our footing. Ever bump in the road as we said will come, but if we trip its not the place to break down and weep to the heavens :D You pick yourself right back up and learn from your mistakes.

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