Community Launch Address

Community Launch Address

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Hey everyone!

Time for another Address to the community covering our launch plans, and things that will be changing. Please note that we will only be highlighting the changes. You will need to go to the link areas themselves for the full changes. Launch is within the next few weeks, so we will be concluding changes to the guild to shift from our current status to one that fits with the in-game environment. These changes were made after weeks and months of consideration. They have also been made to better facilitate roleplay, and to fit how the game will change how the guild acts.


Rule Changes

Changes in the rules will include new policies on Alts, Prospects, and other rule changes across the board. All of these are clearly now stated on the rules page.


Alt Policy Basics

We are going to be requiring people to select one main from now one, and to label all alts appropriately by adding the <tag> to the thread or subject title of their character jackets. We are doing this to better understand our guild population and to encourage people to focus on one key character. In return we’ll be adding clearer rules for alts joining the guild, and they there will be a set limit of no more than four alts for now. We want to include as many characters as possible, but we need to keep it manageable so the Officers are not overworked from having to interview six new characters in a day.

More of this can be found on the Joining Alts to BlackSky thread. It should be noted that you need to roleplay on your first applied  character in the guild before applying for an alt (Exceptions may apply upon special permission).


Prospect Policy

As we are now moving into a real time game environment, we are making a few changes to how recruitment will be conducted:

  1. Prospects will have thirty-days to conduct their IC interview after completing their OOC interview.
  2. Prospects will have ten days to answer questions in the OOC interview before the application is archived. This will likely shift to a shorter time period if we are hit with a large flux of work.
  3. Prospects will have three months maximum to earn their colors, a full quick guide will be provided via PM with a fully updated page on IC and OOC advancement in the guild.
  4. If prospects do not pass the initial evaluation they will be given a total of six months to earn their colors before they are automatically washed out if they are inactive.
  5. The OOC and IC interview must be complete before you receive a guild invite.

Pending on population numbers we may be switching to a limited recruitment plan for the two factions pending activity, and the amount of people we can handle. We will continue to focus on building community bonds over large numbers, and quality over quantity.


Vault Policy

Policy for the guild vault is fully covered in the update rules on the rules page. Please read them and take time to consider them. They are to the point, and abuse of them will not be tolerated. The Vault is essentially a means of bettering and giving resource to the BlackSky Community.


Activity Policy

The only thing we are adding is a reminder that we love to have people join us on their alts, but they need to maintain activity and participation.


Rank Addition

We are adding an officer Sub-Rank, the Deputy, these individuals will have limited Officer powers and will be assisting with guild management! New lore for both ranks getting added today!


Recruitment Changes, and Lore Additions

We are switching over to a simplified IC Interview for in-game to cut down on the amount of work on the Officers. This will also mean we spend less time discussing the Rp, and more time actually doing it! We are as you noticed in the changes in Prospect Policy setting some hard limits to give people a clearer sense of what they need to accomplish. Our ongoing stance on new recruits has always to treat them as a possible brother or sister right from the start. No one is bad, if they do not work out we are just not the guild for them! In this we hope to create a simple, straight forward means of joining, that facilitates our laid back, and long-term mindset of roleplay community.

For this very reason we have added a new page on the guild site, this is the Rites and Rituals page. Its now under Expanded Lore for those who really want to know more. In a nutshell its a series of social rituals for marriage, promotion, and celebration. Rituals and lore focusing around event types we plan to hold continually in the future!

The Achievement system of the guild has also been updated, Badges are now known as “Brands” and cover a series of permanent markers ear as story progression for the BlackSky!


Launch Plans

More about launch plans for the guild can be seen in the Official Launch Plans thread, posted in the News and Information Forum!


Concluding the Pre-Season

We will be concluding the active Pre-Season for the guild, and posting a small lore update on the current status of both factions. Season 1 will be getting its own name for the upcoming arc, and much more. Dead Leaves, the current third and final episode of the Pre-Season, will be concluding later this month. For future lore updates on the in-game setting via roleplay click on the Chronicle between blog and contacts on the site menu.


Cleaning House

The thread that will be attached to the address in the forums will include a series of instructions it can be found

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