Times are Changin’

Times are Changin’

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Did ya hear, them Malverines lost their Saloon! Something about a dirty Judge or something else!

-Random Stranger


The Folk of Algoroc were a type that had tried to settle the land for a while. A place where the loftite boom had given rise to the Algoroc Accord situation in the central town of Gallow. For a time that worked out great, but sadly the times were a changing. You see dear stranger, back over in Deradune those Sovereigns were kicking up a storm. Being defeated once at a train robbery they meted out a firm kind of justice upon those pesky Malverines like only Jack Shade himself could know.

Change had come to the Sovereigns and the Malverines equally. The problem was the two groups have yet to figure out what happened. One day they were both in the town of Motley, and then within a few hours the town was under assault. A strange mysterious force appearing to be made up of a crazed augmented band erupted against the wall and started to pound into the defenses of the Marauder stronghold. Both factions fled as the strange Eldan constructions raided the scene with a lone Mordesh agent getting away with a Key.


Ranking UP

Seems that Nymph wasn’t too happya bout what happened that day as not longer afterward a Message was issued by Nymphadora Talyn herself. Captain Samuel had gone missing so it was up to Clara Ftizroy as the new Hand of the Sovereigns. Meanwhile Cathal that crazy son of a gun elected to raise two new Deputies, Kaistiel Stormbreaker, an’ Coil Pulsar. Both brought on to help with the management of the Saloon, and Club overall. While Nymph’s hopin’ that the ghost Agent Clara will prove a might fine hand in building a Unit to be proud of.


New Blood

Its been three damn years since this fiaasco started on Nexus. Malverines and Sovereigns have come an’ gone. A new wave of Prospects have joined the cause, and the feud blusters on. Only when the seeping blood of the last Malverine and Sovereign makes the grass grow will the feud end. Maybe.


Dirty Judgement

An outside force is trying its best to get nasty claws in the works of the two factions. A man by the name of Alaistair Quazar has set his sites on working both ends of the Dominion’s War against the Exile settlements. With relatives on both side the Highborn lawyer set about carving up land in an imagined attempt to become the next Phineas T. Rotostar. Using his bought Judge, Gralk Bonebreaker, on the Exile side the man does his best to cause problems for both  Malverine and Sovereign alike.

Its Judge Gralk who meted judgement over a feigned suit on the deed of the Wild & Sassy that saw the Malverines lose their home. It was he who then filed warrants for the arrest of Malverine leaders causing the gang to flee to a secondary site given to the Clubs former crew members as payment for services rendered

Dominion side Quazar himself assailed the Talyn interested thus forcing Nymph to play her hand. The Deradune locale for her once great Lodge was gone, forcing newly ordained Hand, Clara Fitzroy, to find a new locale set closer to the outskirts  of Ilium.

Since then Quazar has remained quiet, as both factions have a more pressing matter to deal with. Finding out who the strange folk were who cheated them of their auction of Motley. A strange dark conspiracy being woven against them by a mysterious man known as the Executor.


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