Good News This June!

Good News This June!

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Now that we’ve been up in launch for about two weeks now, we’ve had some time to look back. Things have been all clear skies, and rainbows. Learning has had to be done, as the guild lurches toward the end of the month of June. To be honest what we are about to talk about was suppose to wait till the end of the month. However, recent events have sadly done their usual thing and pushed those plans to the wayside. That all being said here’s a quick overview of the changes we’ve implemented to the guild.


New Systems, and Updates

Alright, so some of what we are changing is new, and some of it is more of an upgrade.


 A change to Prospecting

Guild Advancement has changed a bit to show people who they can actively rank up over the three month initial limit to gain their colors!  We geared this idea to slowly have Prospects emerge over time as mentors, and proactive figures of the BlackSky, while also giving people time to move their story forward in-character with pressure to rush along.



Yup, that is right, both factions now have their uniforms posted in the recently renamed Faction Datachrons (where you can ICly respond, discuss, and interact on the boards with your fellow Sovs and Malvs!). The Sovereign, and Malverine Uniform Regs are now up! Enjoy, have fun, and yes we’ll start working on gifting people the respective armor pieces as they gain rank!


Contracts and Achievements

Sovereign Achievements and Malverine Achievements have been fully updated with a full set of milestones to achieve the actual Patch. More will be added in the future as the game evolves. We have also added a simple and fun Contract aspect to the Achievement system. There is a new thread prefix (its the weird drop-down menu by thread titles) to tag the new Contracts. We encourage Prospects, Members, Officers, and Leaders to participate in forming and completeing contracts. Think of them as a simple RP Prompt to provide simple content for everyone in the guild :D


Recruitment Drive

We are opening the gates once again to boost our population as we prepared to move into the second month after launch! We’ll be launching Episode 1 soon enough as we reach a higher level of activity and participation!

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