06/12/2014 Bounty! Mad Marge & the Darkspur Cartel

06/12/2014   Bounty! Mad Marge & the Darkspur Cartel

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06/12/2014 – Bounty Hunt!      Mad Marge and the Darkspur Cartel

Mission objectives

Primary: Bring in Mad Marge, dead or alive

Secondary: Obtain useful information by any means necessary

The Crew

- Bessa, Jane, Korse, Kytex, Seele, Vallorin, Zakkery


Breakdown of the Mission

19:00 hours – Traversed the tunnel system from Thayd to Algoroc. Vallorin spotted anti personnel device planted in the tunnel. Bessa acted quickly to detonate the bomb without injury to anyone except her bot. The group proceeded through the tunnel without further incident.

19:30 hours – Jane picked up a heat signature on a scout between the tunnel and the first way point. Stealth was attempted to avoid alerting the scout to our presences but Jane is not known for being quiet. The group engaged the Cartel soldier and, in an exchange of heavy fire, took him down before he could broadcast a signal.

20:00 hours –  The group crossed the bridge which was guarded by three highly trained soldiers. Bessa and Zakk took up front line positions while Seele, Kytex, Vallorin and Jane spread to take control of the perimeter. Heavy fire was exchanged. Injuries were reported within the crew but no casualties. Bessa, Zakk and Kytex managed to inflict critical damage to take down the three henchmen.

20:15 hours – After busting through their main line of defense, the crew proceeded into the main camp. Orders were given to clear the area of all Cartel. Seele, Vallorin and Korse cleared the path to the main base where Mad Marge was reported to be meeting with her team.

Darkspur Ringleader

20:30 hours – The crew lay siege to the encampment and took out the majority of Marge’s guard without incident. Marge, however, was prepared for a fight. Some crew members sustained injuries. No casualties reported. It was decided by the crew to take Marge alive. Kytex and Korse were chosen to lead the final push to take her down. They were successful in capturing and detaining the leader. It was put to group vote whether to use brute force or negotiation tactics to extract any information from Mad Marge. The decision was made to use force since the crew needed to get out of the area before reinforcements arrived. Kytex interrogated Marge and was able to get her to give up a datachip hidden on her person.

20:45 hours – Review of the datachip revealed a holovid of a ritual or ceremony. Background in the video suggests it was a Sovereign initiation rite. Audio feed was choppy but it appears a new leader code named One-Eye has emerged within their ranks. Additional intel on the chip showed a map of Nexus with key locations highlighted but no indication of why the points are important.


The crew fought their way out of the camp with Marge in tow. She was handed over to the client after Jane negotiated for double pay for hazard duty. Profits were split between those who participated and the Malv treasury.  The datachip was turned over to the Malverine leader for further inspection.









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