Episode 1 – Part 1 – Exo-Lab of Druzrik

Episode 1 – Part 1 – Exo-Lab of Druzrik

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A Society to further explore the grand innovations, and scientific revelations of the Eldan.

-Druzrik, Order of Weavers


Seems that the Talyns are up to something, as once again things are getting a bit strange in the Dominion. After losing their original land in Deradune, the Talyns pulled back the Sovereigns to a plot much closer to Illium. Within the last few weeks the Sovereigns have rebuilt much of what they lost. Even though dealing with threats to the Talyn name, the BSIA was able to gain a secretive assignment from the ICI itself, to explore a hidden exo-lab of an Eldan Weaver in northern Deradune. After meeting in Bloodfire village, the small team consisting of prospective agents Zylla, Zukanga, Kleo while under the command of Jack Serpens, and Fahari headed north. During the expedition the team delved into a cave filled with Deathmite monstrosities. After exploring they located a datacube, and had to fight their way out.

Back at the Radiance, the Datacube was activate and revealed the owner to be one Druzrik of the Order of Weavers. The records on the cube soon revealed Druzrik’s growing frustration with the “divine work” on the Nexus Project. Going as far to form an esoteric cross-order society with fellow dissident, Nariel of the Progenitors. Known as the Forefather,s the group sought to work more on the discoveries of science, and innovation the Eldan had pioneered for years before.

Meanwhile, Cathal Reily, boss of the Malverines took new Prospect, Scout, to Whitevale to conduct business in Wiliwali Village. While entering the two encountered reigning leader of the Sovereigns, Abbigail, in the ensuing firefight the woman was killed by Scout herself. Cathal then delivered a teasing statement to the Sovereigns. Zukanga later appeared against orders and retrieved the woman’s body which then according to secretive protocol detonated after alerting the Talyns of their asset’s demise.


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