Revelations Act I – Tristan

Revelations Act I – Tristan

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The wilds of Wilderrrun were not a place for the ill informed, or the weak of heart. A strain infestation had sprung up in the north, and along with the Osun of Kel Ulgar it was a dangerous place. Many had been driven by stories of the Everpool, and had come to find something waiting for them they could not have fathomed. To the Vigilant worshipers of the Talyn, the discovery lurking in the wilds of the jungle were enough to fracture the family.

Lights flickered across the bridge as Nymphadora Talyn spent the last hour surveying a datapad. Her crew was busy working away at the latest logistics to be sent down to Dondario and the Sovereign Officers. Abbigail’s death at the hand of some upstart woman had rippled across the entire Talyn machine. Family members back on Cassus were clamoring for reports. Her rival for seat of power, Dresdan Talyn was on the Destiny schmoozing with the local Luminai dignitaries and their simpering Highborn sycophants.

“Sir we’ve lost a squad in Grimvault, we surmise Strain infestation,” a bridge officer repeated. The woman read through the datapad again. Notes were being sent to her rampantly from all over the planet. Stories were welling up from all over about a mysterious force working behind the scenes and plotting something. Her thin eyebrows arched as the woman rubbed her whitening haired head. Another loss? So soon?

“Who was supporting them in the Legions?: a question came from her lips she barely registered.

“Dresdan’s niece, Sylvia Caligius,” the officer replied.

The Caligian family was once a servant of the Ghost Emperor, why Dresdan married into it Nymphadora would never understand. Another worry to toss on top of the growing pile. Already the Quazar family, a former Lowborn businessmen, who was aiming in a Highborn way, was at her doorstep. Her family was wrenching itself apart.

“File it away with the rest, send a message to Sylvia inquiring if she purposely send our men off to die across the Breach,” the Nymphadora, the Captain, said as she slowly stood from the Captain’s chair. Her long willowy frame already starting to show the vague signs of aging that were often hid through her families minute traces of Eldan blood. A fine roman nose and angular features made her look almost hawkish in the dark light. Long whitening hair (a genetic anomaly inherited by certain family members) was turning from dark brown to the color of new fallen snow.

It was time to retire. Yes, that was what time it was for her. The woman slowly left the command deck and walked the thin claustrophobic corridors of her ship. Even after three hundred years, the BrightStar, was still a top ship in the Dominion Navy. Constantly outfitted, rebuilt, and upgraded, it was the pride of the Talyn’s ever since the day their namesake, the BrightStar family, first arose back on Cassus in the days of the Commonwealth.

However, just as she was turning to leave the bridge, a young man with short cut cropped haired entered the room. Dresdan’s son, Nicolas. Green eyes like hers, and dark brown hair showing his Caligian heritage. Before she could say a word he drew his mag-pistol and aimed it directly at her head. Suddenly, tension crept into the room as every eye on the bridge was on the wanton mutineer. A Draken security guard was one of the first to move before Nicolas Talyn shot him. Nymphadora barely moved a muscle as she watched her nephew gun down a fellow crewman.

“Don’t move,” the boy-child told her. The gun was back pointed at her heart this time. From what she had seen his aim and practice were better than a few months ago. The Caligius-Talyn’s had been planning this for a long time. What was it though? A power grab? She closed her eyes, and took a deep breath.

“I said, do – not move!” the child soldier shouted. Nicolas was only a few years younger than her son, but he was far slower on the draw. Slowly, she opened her eyes and looked at the child. For that reason he had far more fear than she ever would.

“The clarity of mind,” her hand whirled the pistol into her hand and fired off before he could react. A blast of energy seared a hole into the child’s chest and blotted out his traitorus heart. Nymphadroa then continued as his body limply struck the ground, “to see past your fear.”

Two crewman quickly grabbed the body and dragged it off the bridge. No more time for rest, and to retire. With one mutinous broken mind out there more were likely to follow. The woman rubbed her brow while sighing. Another move made by factors in the Dominion, ones who wanted power, and she had become blind to them.

“Chart me a shuttle to Ilium, I am going down,” her orders came as she barked them to her First Officer. The aging mechari, Lexius nodded. A former tutor of Nymphadora’s the black and white mechari man had served her for decades.

“And after you arrive in the capital?” he inquired.

“Contact Dondario, have an escort ready for me, I’m going to speak with that Torine Deathbringer again.” Said the Talyn as she turned and decided there was just enough time for a cat nap. Might as well, speaking to mystical immortal women tended to take their toll.

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