Episode 2: Exo-Reaper Part 2 – Strigoi

Episode 2: Exo-Reaper Part 2 – Strigoi

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He’s in bed with the Darkspur!


Life is never good for them Malverines. Months after the Motley Incident in Galeras, a contact of the Malverines relays anonymous information about a squad of Mordesh Reapers near district falls. Heading in to locate them present Malverines Durnok, Zeza, Thorstein, Seele along with the Boss encounter a Ravenous outbreak. As civilians rush to the barricades the bikers hold off a few waves of the monstrosities. Finally, as the dust clears the Malverines find themselves surrounded by a pile of bodies. During the chaos the notice a band of black armor clad Mordesh led by a barechest heavily tattooed man. However, as the band of bikers begins to look for the Mordesh fighters, they find nothing. The search would require several more minutes as they follow a line of leaking vitalus to the backwall of the district.

Minutes later the Mordesh appear after freaking young Durnok, and an exchange occurs. Cathal reveals he has contacts, and a favor with the leader of the Strigoi, Vostok Kruschev. While the two bosses confer, Vostok’s second in command, Senya, sets her devilish eyes on poor Seele. Cathal questions the Grim Reaper for a few minutes until the man reveals the existence of a lockbox containing information the Malverines need. The box being located faraway in Sylvan Glade, Celestion, the Malverines ride off. Meanwhile back at the plot it is revealed that Gralk Bonebreaker has arrived along with the deed to the plot.

Riding alogn the way the Malverines rush to gather evidence demanded by Gralk to hold back yet another seizure by the dirty judge. Yet as they reach Sylvan Glade they are quickly pulled into a firefight with two well armed Darkspur Throgg. After the gunfight ends Thorstein evidentially knocks out the one living Throgg, and Durnok joins Cathal in gathering the lock box. The others then remain behind to heal up from shrapnel wounds.  Retrieving the Malverines head home. While resting for a bit in the Saloon Reggie scans the contents. Revealing three facts. One, Gralk is in bed with the Darkspur Cartel; two there are two gangs moving to take turf in the Algoroc, three fact only given to the boss himself to consider for future events.

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